I know I’m late with my new years posts but whatever. I actually spent the night in with my honey and the mingster, in comfy pjs watching scary movies and downing champagne. Midnight was rung in with a ‘mrow’ from the cat and a hug and kiss. Twas perfect! If I were to have gone out, I would have worn something similar to this. Dark, black, and sparkly.  I found this dress at Rethreads, a vintage thrift store here in Wisconsin that nearly always has something in my size (shocking!). I don’t recognize the designer, but it’s a 2X from the 80’s that is flawless. The details in the beading make this $15 dress extremely worth it. I ripped out the shoulder pads and added a belt and voila. The shoes are from Clarks, a brand I love because I can actually walk in their heels. I’m a huge proponent for thrifting and finding unique items. It’s harder as a plus size lady, but I suggest perusing ALL the racks. Sometimes a stretchy medium becomes a new favorite bodycon.  Posing is also something I’m still working on. Being in front of a camera is always a little awkward, aaaand you can tell…Thank the lords for my friends! They make me laugh, be comfortable, and groove. Beyonce was definitely played during this shoot. I hope everybody had a wonderful New Years celebration (however you may have celebrated), and I wish good things to everyone in 2014. Cheers! More outfit details on my blog here

No. 4 ‘Leather and Sunshine’

Gato del Sol 

This was probably the last day of sunshine that we had before we got 6 inches of snow, which came with negative degree weather. Now I look at these pictures and sigh. Oh well, I love Wisconsin, I wouldn’t stay if I didn’t :) I’m obsessed with these wet look leggings from Forever21+. While I love wearing black, I definitely love color more. I had to get that emerald green in there somehow.  Happy holidaze everyone!


Gah! How awesome is this Avengers bodycon dress from wet seal+? Also check out the teeny tiny kitty around my neck. Lovely presents from myself, to myself. Feeling good today, and embracing my curves in the nerdiest way possible.

For Asgaard!

Dress from wet seal plus
Necklace from etsy
Lips are stiletto by Kat Von D
Excitement via joy of new awesome avengers dress


The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 have been really good to me. The first snowfall was really pretty in Milwaukee, I won a pineapple at a mustache contest at Stonefly Brewery, and managed to paint my nails in a seasonally appropriate manner. I interviewed for a new position on campus, finished a successful semester of grad school, and started posting here. Here’s to a happy rest of 2014!