gatling gun to your vag

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to let you guys know your 'thrust' tag isn't working! On the same note, could you show us your favorite thrusts and body roll moves/moments?

thanks for letting us know about the link! its all fixed now :)

here’s some select few moments that had us p much on our death beds:



ya get it

“like a gatling gun to your vag” - claire, 2013

and lets not forget this entire era of time:

literally felt a quiver in my vag

yaaaaassssssss infinite yaAAASSSSssSs

best ever.



Donghae: Talk. About. Force. This kid is like a category 5 hurricane to the vagina. It would be so great, but you’re totally not going to walk right the next day so don’t make any plans. Maybe for the next week, just to be safe. His goal is to make your lil lady fireworks shoot off in orgasm. After he’d cuddle your crippled body on the bed. It would go on for hours. It’s like a marathon. It’s his olympics, and you should treat it as your own by weeks of training and stretching. 

Like a gatling gun to your vag. Sweet.