I think Ob’s autobiography would be subtitled A Series of Unfortunate Events. Every time Ob thinks something is going his way, things turn for the worse. Poor guy.

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath by Daarken

Ob Nixilis, the Fallen by Jason Felix

Ob Nixilis, Unshackled by Karl Kopinski

Altar’s Reap by Tyler Jacobson

Demon’s Grasp by David Gaillet

Ob Nixilis Reignited by Chris Rahn

Story art by Ryan Barger

Devour in Flames by Svetlin Velinov

Story art by Svetlin Velinov

DIY 4 Ways to Make Origami Hearts from Gathering Beauty.

Are you looking for an easy Valentine’s Day DIY? Gathering Beauty has 2 posts with lots of how-to photos for making these 4 different origami hearts.

For over 300 of the best DIY Valentine’s Ideas go here.

  • Top Photo: DIY Origami Hearts Tutorial from Gathering Beauty HERE.
  • Bottom Photo: DIY Origami Hearts 3 Ways Tutorials from Gathering Beauty HERE.

Or make these popular 3D Puffy DIY Origami Hearts from Life is a Party HERE.

Infernal Countdown, the black/red mythic from Xerava!

The wording’s a bit strange, but this kind of ability has never been done before and I was pretty constrained for space. Open to thoughts on how to do it right if this doesn’t work for whatever reason.

I just enjoy this card because it’s deliciously cruel and almost feels like some divine torture scheme. Sure, they can choose the order of the effects, but one might think that once you survive the final strike, it’s over. Nope! It just starts over again. Welcome to eternal torment!

Liliana Vess in SOI and EMN - FAQ

This FAQ will use official sources as bases for answers related to Liliana’s presence in SOI and EMN. If new facts appear, I’ll update it. Feel free to contribute with other questions and suggestions! 

I’m trying to keep this FAQ as free as possible from headcanons, so let me know if you disagree with anything and can point out a canonical source for me to correct it.

What I’m trying to cover here?    

  • Why would Liliana return to Innistrad if she already destroyed Griselbrand?
  • Innistrad’s humans and angels hate Liliana, right?
  • If releasing Avacyn was a good move for humans, why didn’t Mikaeus release her in the first place?
  • Why would a telepath like Jace need Liliana’s knowledge when he could extract it from her mind?
  • If Bolas helped her reach those four demons, if he even protected her mind, why didn’t she ask his help instead of Jace’s?
  • Why would Jace help Liliana after she betrayed him?
  • Does this mean Jace forgave her?
  • Why do people keep treating this villainess like she could be a protagonist, while she’s clearly an antagonist?
  • Why are you trying to convince me she’s not an *******!? / I hate her! / She’s vulgar! / I don’t like her, all things Liliana-related means bad storytelling… 

Let’s go?

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i was trying to figure out why the website suddenly made no sense

me neither

i was so lost because ive never heard of “eid the guardian” but it sounds like a real thing

apparently instead of the english website i was looking at the german website translated into english. i honestly thought the website editor had finally given up