In Ghana, people are often buried in ‘fantasy coffins’. The Ga people believe life in the next world continues in the same way it did on earth, so carpenters honor the dead with custom coffins that represent their dreams, personalities, occupations, vices, or obsessions. Source Source 2 Source 3

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My headcanon of the three gods that got corrupted by Bolas. 
Each representing one aspect which later becomes a perversion of who they were.

Qumat > Scorpion God, from someone who creates to someone who destroys.
Basam > Locust God, Locusts eat crops
Hasamat > Scarab God, creating a ‘family’ of eternals.

Never chase a Man. If He wants you, He will come and get you.

Men are natural hunters; they go for what they want. If a man wants to be with you, he will pursue you and make you his. If he wants to marry you, he will propose. The right man will never leave you wondering if you are a priority. Men go hard for what they want, if he isn’t going hard for you then you aren’t what he wants. The right man will do everything in his power to keep his woman happy and by his side.

Griffin: Have you guys listened to our Magic the Gathering podcast? It is… not very good.

Travis: McEl-Magic?

Griffin: McEl-Magic is what it is called, yes Travis.

Justin: We do not even have a rudimentary grasp of the rules.

Travis: No. And Griffin keeps shuffling Pokemon cards into his deck.

Griffin: I tap two swamp energy, and then it’s Charizard. And the Charizard’s fighting a Blue Eyes White Dragon. Bye everyone, see you in two weeks.

Clint: Here on Dork Patrol.

Kell Maresh from @veschwab ’s A Darker Shade of Magic. I finally drew a dude who’s hair isn’t dark, about time! Also yes, I’ll be doing Delilah Bard too because she’s just too awesome.

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About Nicol Bolas and body plans…

Here’s a representative image of Nicol Bolas:

MaRo says that Bolas is not humanoid, despite constantly being posed in bipedal stances, and likens it to a bear standing on their rear legs.

Here is a bear on their rear legs, with their arms outstreched to about their limit-

There is a stark difference in Bolas’ shoulders and a bear’s shoulders.

Even feline shoulders don’t act like Bolas’-

You can see the limited range of motion in a quadruped carnivora’s skeleton-

(Domestic cat skeleton)

The shoulder blades are too perpendicular to the rib cage.

But there’s an animal that mostly moves on all fours, but has a much larger range of motion in their shoulders, and stands on their rear legs with a similar bend as Bolas’ legs.

Here’s their skeleton-

Do you know what that is?

It’s a squirrel.

Nicol Bolas is a giant, scaly, winged squirrel. Your move, squirrel-hating, pastry-ignorant people on the Magic Creative Team.

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