Magic: the Gathering - Frog Food

Frog is a creature type used for cards that depict tailless, stout-bodied amphibians, including the smooth, moist-skinned frog species that live in a damp or semiaquatic habitat and the warty, drier-skinned toad species that are mostly terrestrial as adults. They appear in blue, black and green. The first creature to bear the type was Whiptongue Frog in Exodus, though Chub Toad from Ice Age was issued errata to become a frog as well.In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtype Toad (Morgue Toad) was incorporated into the Frog class. There are about 20 or so Frogs that have seen print with at least 4 of them showing (or suggesting) that humans are a preferred meal.

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With the potential for a TV series the strongest it's ever been, I wonder if anyone has ever been crazy enough to pour through the Wheel of Time novels and sort of "cut out" the visual content to get a scope of how long the novels are without it, which would give us a proper baseline for how long a TV series would last for the series since a lot of the books are taken up by visual descriptions that extend the length of them, but would be unneeded in a visual format?

You wonder right, as there is one guy who made an attempt to turn the books in TV seasons.

The Wertzone:   The Wheel of Television

Here is his idea.

Season 1: The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt
This season introduces the principal storylines and characters. Thematically it is Rand’s story of self-discovery as he uncovers the truth of his birth and his destiny and initially tries to reject it. Season finale: the battle between Rand and Ba'alzamon at Falme and the destruction of the Seanchan expeditionary force by the Heroes of the Horn of Valere.

Season 2: The Dragon Reborn and The Shadow Rising
This season sees Rand investigate the truth of his background and what he is fated to do. He decides to seize the reigns and take control of his own destiny and recruit his own allies. Season finale: Rand uniting the Aiel clans at Alcair Dal.

Season 3: The Fires of Heaven and Lord of Chaos
The turning-point of the series as Rand (and, to a lesser extent, his friends) become famous and major players in the affairs of governments as the continent falls into warfare and chaos. Season finale: the Battle of Dumai’s Wells, naturally.

Season 4: A Crown of Swords, The Path of Daggers and Winter’s Heart
Rand consolidates his gains and alliances, confronts the resurgent Seanchan and, ultimately, challenges the Dark Ones taint on saidin. Season finale: the Cleansing.

Season 5: Crossroads of Twilight, Knife of Dreams and The Gathering Storm
Rand’s journey into the heart of darkness and, ultimately, out of the other side. Season finale: Rand’s epiphany atop Dragonmount and Egwene reunifying the Aes Sedai in the face of the Seanchan threat.

Season 6: Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light
Rand finally confronts the Dark One. Season/series finale: the Last Battle.

Of course, if the first two or three seasons are successful it might be possible to extend the series to seven seasons and cover two books per season, which would be easier in many ways. However, the slowing of the pace in the latter books as the story expands to cover ever more storylines and minor characters and the moving away of the focus from Rand and the other core characters is something that I feel on TV should be avoided. Post-Dumai’s Wells, I also feel the story should start accelerating and moving decisively towards the ending.

With this structure, it should be possible to get the entire story of The Wheel of Time done in six years and 70-80 episodes.

Commander of the Week

Innistrad Special: Humans vs Zombies: Daghatar, the Adamant vs Sidisi, Brood Tyrant 

On Innistrad, Humans are bottom of the food chain again. Zombies are rife and humans are at a loss to protect themselves. Daghatar, the Adamant, leader of the survivors is a 0/0 for 4 mana but he enters with four +1/+1 counters and he has the ability to move said counters to other creatures. On the opposing side, Sidisi, Brood Tryant, leader of the zombie horde, is a 3/3 for 4 mana that mills the top three cards of your library whenever she attacks, then if one or more creatures enter the graveyard from your library, you get a 2/2 zombie token. 

Humans: +1/+1 counter shenanigans 

The human side have +1/+1 counters to help them to withstand the zombie hordes. Any humans that give themselves +1/+1 counters, such as Champion of the Parish, Champion of Lambholt and Unruly Mob are best. The abzan creatures with the outlast ability such as Ainok Bond-Kin and Abzan Falconer are must haves, because they have abilities to give bonuses to creatures with +1/+1 counters. Enchantments such as Cathars’ Crusade and Hardened Scales are also very useful allowing extra +1/+1 counters to be placed on creatures when other’s enter. Mayor of Avabruck is a good human lord in his human form and has the ability to sling out 2/2 wolves for extra support in his werewolf form. Mentor of the Meek is a good card-draw engine for weenie decks too so be sure to have one of those. 

Zombies: The Dead are Many 

It can be argued that the zombies far outclass the humans, having far greater numbers and some even try to take charge. Grimgrin, Corpse-Born is a great engine in a zombie deck acting as a sac outlet for weaker zombies and a heavy swing will surely follow, taking an opponents creature with it. Gravecrawler, Reassembling Skeleton and Relentless Dead as well as creatures with undying mean you will never be without a board state after a board wipe. Diregraf Captain and Vela, the Night Clad take advantage of zombies dying constantly, as do enchantments like Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos. Do the humans even stand a chance? 

A Glimpse of Hope 

 The humans do have some support. Angels such as Angelic Overseer, Angel of Glory’s Rise and Sigarda, Heron’s Grace do offer your humans some form of protection and can even exile the opposition. Mikaeus, the Lunarch can help to increase the power of his allies by donating his own +1/+1 counters to the other humans. Odric, Lunarch Marshal gives the other humans a cartload of abilities if any other creatures you control have those abilities. Zulaport Cutthroat can avenge the death of any humans by dealing damage to your opponents. If you have the mana, Mirror Entity can even make your creatures really powerful so that they can trample over the hordes of zombies. The humans may have a chance here. 

They Just Keep Coming 

Zombie tokens are really easy to produce, with plentiful spells that produce them (Moan of the Unhallowed, Shamble Back and Army of the Damned as well as Endless Ranks of the Dead). A horde of zombie tokens paired with equally powerful lords is not easy to deal with. What’s more their support is insane with Rooftop Storm, which allows zombie spells to played for free. Not to mention their eventual resurgence with spells like Rise of the Dark Realms, Zombie Apocalypse and Living Death. The dead just won’t stay dead. Reanimators such as Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Deadwood Treefolk just aren’t helping the situation, as well as access to magic such as Animate Dead, Victimize and Wake the Dead. Can these threats be destroyed before the humans are completely wiped out. 

The Last Stand 

So there we have it, two opposing forces with the potential to wipe the other out. Which one do you think will prevail. The humans with their ability to build strength quickly, or the Zombies with their ability to build numbers quickly. Please comment and leave feedback. I do hope you have found these both helpful and interesting. Until Next Time, Happy Deck Building.