tauriel on the banks of the anduin, bidding goodbye to legolas (this is as far as he would come, too afraid to further defy his father)

tauriel stopping for rest in rivendell, and being welcomed by arwen undomiel herself, feeling very young and clumsy and wild around her noldor cousins. but there are men of the west there, and a child called estel whom admires the sheen of her hair and follows her like a pale shadow for days. she only draws him out with stories of spiders and dwarves and dragons, and he repays her by calling her naurfinel, the flame-hair, and making her feel less like a child herself.

(there is starlight on the bruinen when the lady arwen comes to her, and asks about the stone she carries. starlight is memory, the lady says, and tauriel feels an ache so deep her bones could shatter of it)

tauriel on the east-west road, staying again in bree–she likes the children of Men best, she discovers; something about their wild innocence, the untaught strength of them. (the elves of mirkwood have been at war too often, too long, for any children to have been born since legolas greenleaf came of age. watching bree’s children play in the street, tauriel mourns.)

tauriel first stepping in eriador, and thinking on the stories of the war of wrath, and how she walks in the lady galadriel’s footsteps.

tauriel coming to the dwarven stronghold in the blue mountains and pleading with the guard–dis the lady dis sister to the king under the mountain and mother of its princes I must speak with her I have sworn a promise.

tauriel told to wait, told that she may not enter without leave of the lady dis, and going to sit on a rocky outcropping–sitting there still as the stars come out above her, stars from the other side of the world, and she wonders if kili might have told her their dwarfish names, if it is not elwing’s wings and the anvil of feanor that he looked upon, if his had been an entirely different sky.

what do you call that cluster of stars, near the northstar? she asks, when a dwarf comes to sit beside her on the stone.

those are the seven fathers, the lady dis says. (she is of such a likeness to thorin oakenshield that she can be no other–but there is something soft about her mouth that reminds tauriel more of kili than his uncle.) why, what is your name for them, elf?

and tauriel holds the promise-stone, thinks of the starlight of other worlds and who walks in it now. says, we call them–we call them the tears of nienna.

she uncurls her hand, and offers out a stone.

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"You get to play as Corvo!!!!!" literally why would i unless playing as him means he gets to take a nap and maybe go buy some groceries.

In my dream version of Dishonored 2, Corvo gets to take a nice walk in the gardens and wander around the market and maybe learn to whittle, because he always wanted to learn how to whittle and retirement seems like a good opportunity to do so

Meanwhile Emily is off doing Void magic backflips and kicking ass everywhere, and Corvo’s just like, “my baby girl is all grown up i’m so proud MAKE SURE YOU’RE HOME IN TIME FOR DINNER SWEETHEART IT DIDN’T COME OUT OF THE GARBAGE AND I’M VERY PROUD OF MYSELF”

“I fell asleep?” Hawke mumbles, stretched out beside the embers of their campfire with his head resting in Anders’ lap, wrapped in a makeshift blanket.

“You needed it. I can keep watch alone.”

“No, that’s not how it works.” A protest that would probably be more effective if he sat up, but he’s too comfortable to move.

He tugs the ‘blanket’ a little closer, smiles as he recognizes it. Two layers of coat draped over him, black feathers and thick padding, heavy and warm. And Anders’ fingers brush the hair over his forehead and stay there, lightly petting, and definitely not making him feel inclined to move anytime soon.

He looks up at Anders, sitting in his shirtsleeves with the touch of a warming spell playing over his skin. Stark in the moonlight in those dark clothes. His staff lying beside him, bare of the red favor that used to be wrapped around it. The favor will be tucked away somewhere, but Anders has stopped wearing it where anyone else can see, and Hawke can’t figure out what to make of that.

He can’t figure out what to make of a lot of things lately. Camping out on the coast because Meredith thinks it’s his job to hunt down blood mages, for one. How has this become his life?

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need 2 know a lot more about nick/hancock in theory and in practice tbh

it’s the 80s buddy cop movie dynamic

he’s an old school gumshoe with a head full of memories that don’t belong to him, he’s a freewheelin’ Loose Canon out to clean the mean streets. together they are… The Boston Cosplay Crew.


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fic where lydia keeps up the meek act for a good long while because she thinks she's learning her lesson she's finally being the sister lizzie wants to be around she's fixed she's been put in her place and she puts up with this for like six months then EXPLODES LIKE A WHITEHOT TEAKETTLE OF REPRESSED FURY and gigi darcy winds up roped into the worst roadtrip idea she's ever heard of in her entire life

Don’t give me more fic ideas.

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I was hoping to answer this after I was done with the show, but Netflix didn’t have the last season of this, so I’ve been kind of stalled.

But oh man do I love watching something that was written by one woman. With this show, you can tell that she cared and knew everything there was to know about all the minor characters, and that those characters weren’t there to die to up the stakes for the “real” characters. Those people who you would have expected to be killed off immediately have stuck around for ages afterwards.

Like there’s four burly chimera guys running around right now, and I keep expecting them to be killed for minor drama, but they keep… surviving. They keep having lines. They went into their angst about being chimeras, separate from humans. One of them just took out a big boss?? I don’t know what I’ve done right in my life to deserve these adorable buff kind of dumb minion characters that don’t die, but it feels really good.

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gen/attolia, highschool AU.

1) anna died. anna died. anna died MERELY AT THE THOUGHT. 

2) 3 sentences of excited giggling

3) he saw her studying him from across the cafeteria, and he tipped back on his chair and grinned. she thought, he couldn’t make that grossly smug face if i were kissing him, and she smiled back. his chair wavered.

au where the whole company is under the misguided impression that prince kili needs help courting ambassador tauriel (the boy might be a prince of the line of durin, but he’s hardly a catch–too skinny, doesn’t even have a full beard, can barely smith chainmail) so they all pitch in and help in their own fumbling ways

some work (tauriel does appreciate the ceremonial axe that bifur smiths for them, with the traditional runes for binding on the handle) but most of them really really don’t (one in particular resulted in tauriel finding three naked dwarves in her bed and none of them the naked dwarf she likes finding there) and kili has to apologize a lot with kisses and star gazing

(…does thorin give her The Talk I bet thorin gives her the If You Even Think About Hurting My Nephew Remember I Defeated A Dragon Once talk I bet he screws it up so badly she wanders out of the throne room totally confused and he just sits back in his throne and thinks by aule I am such a good uncle)

(legolas is vaguely horrified by the proceedings)

(legolas is mostly horrified by how charmed tauriel is by the proceedings and tells her so often)

(…legolas might be jealous that tauriel is collecting this ragtag family, of people who might not be elves but love her and support her nonetheless, legolas is so jealous he can’t breathe and doesn’t stop being jealous until he joins the fellowship)

(tauriel and dis get on famously, by the way)

(do tauriel and kili build something like a hobbit hole halfway between mirkwood and erebor I bet they do I bet they have a lover’s nest half in the ground and half out of it and on clear nights they sleep outside under the stars)

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i am trying so hard to picture deacon/danse but all i can see is deacon laughing hysterically probably while being choked.

this is exactly it

uptight meets a different, more annoying kind of uptight

alternately a known pillow prince suffers through conquering mt danse, who turns out to be not the obedient service top he was hoping for but is in fact also a pillow prince who claims to have ‘earned an appropriate rest’ because he defends freedom all day.

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for all its twee indie preciousness, at its core is still something very raw and earnest and real. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game that so beautifully captures how messy it is to be a teenager right on the cusp of adulthood: how people expect you to act like an adult but continue to treat you like a child, how social connections can become your everything and the hiccups inherent to changing friendships can feel like the end of the world, the worry that everyone is looking at you or maybe that no one is looking at you or maybe even BOTH, not really knowing which is worse, the utter certainty of knowing EXACTLY what you want to be while simultaneously worrying that maybe that’s not what you want at all…

I’m An Adult, and I’ve been An Adult for a pretty long time now. I’m so far from wee teenage Patho that she might as well live in another universe by now. but I can still remember what it was like to be so utterly boiling over with EMOTIONS all the damn time (often related to things I’d probably just shrug and laugh over now), and now I’m much older and feeling very tender towards my dramatic younger self, and I’m also feeling very tender towards these fictional kids who insist on making bad decisions because they probably don’t know any better