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warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, slight exhibitionism, squirting

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“Y/N? Are you listening to anything I’m saying?” Taehyung uttered under his breath, dumbfounded that you were daydreaming once again, a reoccurring phenomenon apparently.

“Mm?” You looked up from your plate, eyes immediately locking with his brown feline-like orbs. The contours of his face seemed sharper than usual, which saying something as your boyfriend had a jawline sharp enough to kill a man; he probably thought you were ignoring him.

The two of you were sat comfortably at the dining table, having just eaten dinner. You met Taehyung by accident three years ago in a movie theatre, he saw your sky blue jumper and assumed you worked there, giving that it was a similar colour to the uniform employees wore. As soon as you turned to face him he became overwhelmed by your beauty, and by his impending embarrassment. He apologised profusely and bought your ticket, writing his number on the back of the small piece of paper.

Calling him that night was the best decision you ever made.

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Haunting Me (Chap. 6)

A/N: Hey loves, this is it! Chapter 6 is finally here after the long delay and it gets steamy as heck this time! ;) I’m super sorry for the long wait, this writer’s block is killing me haha! I hope you guys like it! Enjoy! -Delilah ❤️

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Smut. Swearing. Painful memories. NSFW. 

“How did you…?” 

You took a small step back, placing a hand on your chest.  

Bucky gave you a small, sheepish smile,before looking over at the paintings in your room. There were countless ones, strung up on the little clothes line you put up, on the walls, on numerous easels. And every single one of them was of one person: Bucky.

He walked towards a specific one, which was a painting of him wearing his old military uniform. He was smiling that old, dorky little smile he used to give you. Behind him, was the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. That was where you had your first date.

“You remember this?” he asked, looking over his shoulder at you with a smile. One that heavily resembled the painting. You nodded, feeling your cheeks heating.

“It was our first date, right?” you asked. He grinned this time, before looking back to the painting on the wall.

“I tried so hard to impress you that night,” he recalled as he ran his fingers over the artwork. “I kept trying to win that little teddy bear for you, but I kept missing every damn time.”

“You ended up stealing it instead.” You smiled as you recalled a very young Bucky as he hopped the counter when the man wasn’t looking and swiped the bear. You both ran so fast before the man could catch the two of you.

Bucky moved towards the next painting, which was one from the day you both made love for the first time. He was lying on his side, propped up onto his elbow as he peered down at you. The silver necklace you had given him was the only thing he was wearing, besides the sheets that were gathered around his waist. He was giving a lazy smile, his hair sticking up in random places.

“This was a really good night,” he chuckled; biting his lip as the memories of you withering beneath him came flooding back to his mind. He remembered exactly how you looked as he hovered over you, your moans filling the room as he pounded you into the mattress. And your breasts, man he loved those. He had seen all shapes and sizes back in his day, but yours were special. To him, they were perfection.

“You accidentally burned me with your cigarette right after that.” You reminded him, your eyebrow slightly rising. You could see the blush on his cheeks as he recalled the memory. Bucky loved to smoke in bed. Right after that picture, he lit a cigarette and forgot it was in his hand when the ash fell onto your shoulder, creating a dark scar.

Bucky slowly moved towards the last painting on the wall, which caught him off guard the most.

It was a recent one. He was sitting at the small table that belonged to the little rundown motel he had taken you to the day you were reunited. But this painting was different. Instead of him smiling, his face was set in a frown; his eyes were cold and lifeless.

“I take it you’re still mad about that night?” he asked as he turned around all the way this time.

“Well,” you began, stepping over some of the paint cans. “You did kidnap me and tie me up.”

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” he smirked. “You used to love being tied up.”

You blushed, giving his shoulder a playful punch as he laughed. For a split second, it felt like how it used to be: Bucky making you blush, while you both shared a laugh. One that you honestly hadn’t had in years.

The laughter slowly turned into cackles as Bucky jokingly poked your cheek. You giggled, crinkling your nose as you swatted his hand away.

You reached to his side and gently pinched his ribs, causing him to cackle and jerk away from you. Instantly, you let out another giggle.

“The Winter Soldier is ticklish?” You teased, smiling widely as he began backing away. He shook his head, his eyes wide as you began stalking towards him.

You lunged for him, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him down onto the tarp covered ground. You landed right on top of him with a dull thud.

“Y/N!” He laughed, his eyes crinkling from the giant smile he was currently wearing. “S-Stop!”

You ignored his pleas as you planted your fingertips onto his ribs and wiggled rapidly. He howled with laughter as you tickled him mercilessly. Truth be told, his smile did something to you. It made you want to sing every song in the world at the top of your lungs, or draw every thing that had to do with him. 

You were so lost in thought, you hadn’t noticed that Bucky had slid away from you, smirking devilishly. You blinked, looking over just in time to see him fly forward. He wrapped his arms around your smaller body and brought you onto the ground with him. 

You gasped as one of the paint cans tumbled over, splashing the both of you with lilac colored paint. 

You peered up at Bucky, who was hovering above you, watching you as if you were some interesting new discovery of some sort. He analyzed every single little feature on your face, along with your mannerisms. 

You smiled up at him, noticing the same one he gave back. 

Slowly, you noticed his paint covered fingertips brushing against your bottom lip, tracing the flesh lightly. You felt yourself leaning in, bringing your face near his as he did the same. It took him a second to understand, but when he did, he finally leaned in as well. 

For a split second, your lips touched and you swore you could feel the fireworks. The warmth in your chest. 

But this time, the ache in your skull was back, and from the pained look on Bucky’s face, it was affecting him as well. 


“Bucky,” you breathed.

Bucky hovered over you, his beautiful blue eyes soft with nothing but love. Love he had for one person only: you.

“I’ve never done this before,” you whispered, staring into his eyes. “I’m a virgin.”

Bucky’s lips slowly curled upwards into a smile as he watched your cheeks turn a dark shade of pink. You had never been with anyone before. You had been on a couple dates here and there, but in the end, it never worked out.

But Bucky, he was so different than the rest. He made you feel comfortable even in your time of need. He made you feel safe. Even when you were just holding hands, it felt so intimate not only on a physical level, but spiritually.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, sugar.” Bucky grinned, his voice growing soft. He reached down to you and gently moved a strand of your hair that had fallen upon your face.

“If it’s too much for you, tell me and I’ll stop.”

“But Bucky-” you protested.

“Y/N,” he clipped, his smile slowly turning into a frown. “This is supposed to be good for both of us, alright?”

You nodded, feeling your face heat up once more. You were so ready for this. You craved intimacy from Bucky, and now your wish was going to come true.

Bucky placed a small kiss onto your lips, his hand tracing your jawline, before pulling away from you. You watched as he pulled away from you and reaching over to his night stand and grabbing ahold of the condom.

Immediately, your heart began to race. Reality was hitting you like a brick wall now and you were realizing the seriousness of the situation. Bucky was going to make love to you. This was really happening.

He hurriedly slid the condom onto his thick length. Your eyes widened as you took in the sight before you. You had never seen that part of the male anatomy before, and you were extremely impressed. Also, you were a bit intimidated as well. Bucky…well, he was big.

Very big.

Noticing your shocked expression, he stopped his actions and peered down at you with a small, loving smile.

“What’s wrong, doll?” He asked, cocking his head to the side.

You gulped, your gaze flickering from his length to his handsome face. You put on a fake smile.

“Nothing, Bucky…” you replied.

He raised his eyebrows before hovering over you once again. He placed small butterfly kisses onto your cheeks, moving down to your neck.

“Please don’t hide from me.” He begged, peering back up at you with puppy dog eyes, ones that made your heart swell.

“It’s gonna hurt,” you admitted. “You’re bit bigger than expected, Bucky.” He let out a chuckle before kneeling between your legs once more.

“It is gonna hurt, sugar,” he confessed as he gently pumped his cock with his hand. You immediately felt yourself becoming wetter by the second. “But it’s gonna get better, I promise. A couple minutes in and you won’t even feel it.”

You nodded, hypnotized by his movements and the small sighs that escaped his lips as he pleasured himself.

“Spread your legs for me, baby.” He said. His voice was lower, raspy with want.

You spread your legs wide, giving him a full view of your glistening core. You were soaked now and Bucky had to breathe to prevent himself from diving right in.

Once again, he leaned forward and hovered above your smaller body, positioning himself between your legs. You felt his cock rub against your folds, separating them.

Your hands wrapped around his neck, gently massaging his scalp with your fingers. This was it.

Bucky have you a small peck to your lips before rolling his hips forward, entering your heat.

You gasped, removing your hands from his neck and wrapping them around his biceps as he gave another experimental thrust. It hurt, you’d admit. But at the same time, it was somewhat pleasurable.

Bucky let out a groan, his heart thumping against yours wildly. His eyes were fixed on yours, burning into yours with intensity.

“Does that feel good, baby?” He asked as he thrusted into you once again. Your breath hitched as you felt a wave of pleasure course through your body.

“Bucky…” you whimpered, your eyes staring into his. “Do that again. Please!”

You let out a little “ah!” when he began a steady pace, his hips rolling into yours expertly, his cock hitting deeper and deeper inside of you.

Bucky looked so fucking gorgeous. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him no matter how hand you had tried. It’s as if his moans and gasps were enough to make you orgasm.

His lips were red and swollen from the kisses you had given him, but you didn’t care. You wanted nothing more than to make them even more swollen. His hair -jesus, it was wild just like you liked it.

His shoulders flexed each time he fucked you, giving you a show of his muscular body. One of your hands trailed down his back, resting onto his perfect little ass and gave it a small pinch.

He gasped, his eyes flying open and peering down at you with a grin. “You’re such a dirty girl, Y/N.” he spoke, sending your heart soaring through the sky.

You curiously looked down between your bodies. You let out a moan as you watched his cock entering your core, glistening with your juices. His skin hitting against yours only made it even more dirty and you yearned to hear it as much as you could.

You spread your legs wider, gently pulling Bucky into you with your hands on his lower back. You were in pure euphoria, and you wanted this every single day. Even if you had to quit your job, you’d gladly do it for a session with Bucky. It was so addicting.

“Oh my god!” you gasped, feeling your thighs trembling uncontrollably. You felt the strangest sensation between your legs, building deep within your body and spreading like wildfire. Your breaths became shaky little huffs as you felt yourself growing closer and closer to the edge.

Bucky was lost in you.

He was staring down at you, his lips curled into that loving smile he wore as he rolled his hips into you forcefully. The headboard of his bed slammed against his wall, creating small dents in it, but you both didn’t give a single care.

“That’s it, baby girl,” he moaned, his lips parting as he fucked you harder. “You’re so fucking wet for me.”

You dug your nails into his back, resting your head onto his shoulder as his hips began to stutter. You could feel his cock twitching inside of you as he picked up his pace. A thin layer of sweat began to form on the two of you, but neither of you cared.

“Fuck, I-I think I’m….” You whimpered, feeling your body tense as the euphoric feeling began releasing throughout your body, shaking you to your core. You through your head back onto the pillows, letting out a blood curdling scream as Bucky fucked your first orgasm into you. Your mouth was open, forming a perfect little ‘O’.

Bucky’s hand went to your breast, kneading the soft flesh softly as he watched you release. He was so close behind you, he could feel himself growing closer and closer within each second. With a shout of your name, Bucky rested his head against yours and released himself into the condom, his body collapsing on top of yours.

You peered up at him with a smile, analyzing his blissed out face. He looked so beautiful like this, his hair messy and his eyes screwed shut from the immense pleasure you were giving him. You raised your hand and cupped his cheek.

“How was that, doll?” he huffed, his eyes half lidded as he gave you that dorky smile. You giggled, feeling nothing but pure love for him.

“That was…amazing, Bucky.” You replied. “I want this every day. I don’t care how tired I am.”

He let out a laugh, planting a kiss onto your cheek before rolling onto his back. He turned his back to you, reaching over for the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand and plucking one from the packet. He placed it between his lips before lighting it with the lighter he always carried around with him.

With a sigh, he rolled over until he was facing you. He propped himself up onto his elbow, giving you a boyish grin.

“So,” he began, taking a drag of the cigarette. You giggled and peered up at him, still lying on your back.

“So,” you repeated with a grin.

Before he could speak, a small piece of the ash from his cigarette, landing right onto your bare shoulder.

“Shit!” He spat, before reaching behind himself and putting the cigarette out in the ash tray.

You yelped before brushing the ash from your skin. It burned like hell.

“Are you alright, Y/N?” he asked, his eyes filled with worry. You nodded, sinking into the bed with a contempt sigh. , but you wouldn’t let that ruin your mood. You were still buzzing from the most intense orgasm he had given you.

You peered up at him, giving him a million dollar smile.

“i’m just peachy, baby.” 


*squeals* now we know how that whole thing went down ;)

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In Need [an Evil!Future!Barry Allen imagine]

a/n: i heard ‘In Need’ by Gert Taberner bc Sense8 and decided i try to write, if it sucks, don’t kill me

His stone cold eyes follow your figure as you walk at the same pace as him. You never look away. A malicious grin appears on his face and you gulp, finally stopping. He licks his lips, gazing at your body. He inhales a deep breath, tilting his upper body to the side. The storage room leaves you feeling eery and unsteady.

“No I can’t quit conceive what…all of this means…” he whispers, waving his giant hands around, still focused on you. “I might be wrong but, darling, can’t you see?” he muses,  stepping forward. You can smell his scent; the crisp smell you know when autumn arrives. “Can’t you see, my darling?” Barry repeats, chestnut locks falling just over his thick eyebrow.

The words get caught in your throat and your fists tighten at the sides of your jeans. It’s not that you don’t know what he’s talking about; you do. All too well. The evil speedster cups your cheek, rubbing his thumb against your bone. “This bond between us seems so special to me…. Some kind of clear unspoken chemistry.” he mutters, forcing you to look at him.

Your lip quivers as you unwillingly lean into his embrace. The black jacket he has on scrunches at his elbows and his boots echo when he comes closer to you. “You don’t mean that, Barry.”  you say sadly, watching a crease form in between his eyebrows. “You’ve never been interested in me.” you sniffle, referring to his 2017 self.

Savitar grits his teeth, squinting at you. “I always have! I was pathetic and didn’t tell you!” he retorts, raising his voice and taking his hand off your cheek. The speedster takes a deep breath before speaking again. “I tried to avoid all these thoughts inside… When you’re the only thing that’s on my mind.” he grumbles, setting his jaw.

Swallowing, you take a step back, wrapping your arms around yourself. You bite the inside of your cheek, eyes traveling down his face. Specifically, the side with the gnarly burns and light gray eye. It didn’t make him any less handsome. “Why are you telling me this?” you ask quietly, peering at the floor.

Yet again, a sick (but sexy) grin appears on Barry’s lips and he gathers your waist in his arms. His eyes focus on you for the most part. “I want you all to myself. I want him to suffer, so I can be born and find your love.” he explains, chuckling darkly. You suck in a deep breath, feeling yourself starting to melt in his arms.

The ‘god’ cradles you to his chest, repositioning his feet underneath himself. You gaze up at him, loving the way his full eyelashes flutter. “You’re the rope that holds me. I need you. What’s a god without his goddess?” Barry smirks, dragging his nimble fingers through your hair. “Come be mine.” he whispers, bending to your level; lips inches from yours. “I’m in need of love.”

Should you do this? Would 2017 Barry even notice if you left? Is this a part of Savitar’s plan? The message he’s sending is mixed. Taking a bold move, you press your lips to his, kissing him passionately, wrapping your arm around his neck. The speedster kisses back, lower lip attacking your upper one and hands on your waist.

You were in need of protection. He was in need of love.

Trained To Fight - Derek Hale Imagine

Characters: Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Stiles Stilinski, Werewolf!Reader.


Originally posted by expressivedolphin

“Stop. You’re doing it wrong.” Derek told you, lifting your arm with his foot.

You groan and sit up, swiping the sweat off of your forehead. “I’ve been doing it wrong for an hour, Derek. Let me move on.”

He squats down to your height. “You’ll move on when you stop doing it wrong. Now start again.”

You sigh and lay back on your stomach, pushing yourself up on your arms.

You were a newbie to the whole supernatural world but Scott had told you that you were doing better than he did. You were bitten by Liam. It happened right after Scott had bitten him and he’s apologized profusely since. Derek has been training you and Liam at separate times. He’s especially rough on you and it gets hard to cope with sometimes.

“Y/N, if you ever want to learn to control your change you have to do this right!” He shouted and you exhaled loudly.

“If I ever want to learn to control my change I should ask Scott to teach me! All you ever do is nag and tell me I’m doing it wrong! When we aren’t training you’re rude and cocky and I’m sick of your disgusting personality!” You stand up and grab your keys. You flip him off before walking out the door. You slam the door behind you and jog out to your car. You think of the expression on his face. He looked hurt, but all the things you told him were true.

After your training session with Derek you were supposed to be at Scott’s for a pack meeting. He told you it was okay to shower there and that Kira had probably left something there you could wear.

You arrive at his house and quickly shower. You wrap yourself in a towel and pad to Scott’s room. He’d laid out one of his shirts and a pair of Kira’s shorts. You changed and went back downstairs. Everyone had arrived while you were gone so you quietly sat on the couch. You noticed Derek standing in the corner, his eyes focused on you.

You made eye contact with him and then rolled your eyes, averting your attention to Scott.

Your pack meetings were never meetings, it was more of a large hangout with everyone in the pack. “Stiles, did you bring the beer?” Scott asks and Stiles nods.

“I just don’t understand why you asked the most non-threatening person here to do it. I can’t go all wolfy on anyone. Besides isn’t Derek 21?” He looks over at Derek and Derek shrugs.

“That’s none of your business.” Derek replies and Scott laughs. You and Stiles share an annoyed look.

“Hey, Derek, how’s training going?” Scott threw a look over his shoulder at Derek.

“Liam’s doing great, he’s picking it up quickly.”

“What about Y/N?” Scott smiles at you.

“She’s..not great. In fact she’s probably one of the worst I’ve seen.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you scrunch your nose, huffing as you look away from him. You catch his smirk from the corner of your eye.

“I’m sure she’s not the worst..” Scott tries to defend you.

“You should see her. It’s pathetic really.” You flick your eyes to him and stand up. “I’d be better if you weren’t so tough on me.”

Derek starts to walk toward you. “I have to be tough on you. You’re terrible. Now I get why you’re the only one who doesn’t get invited to fight.”

You shake your head as he nears. “You’re a terrible teacher. I could get better tips on controlling my change from a sidewalk crack.” You cross your arms.

You hear Stiles spit out his beer, laughing. “God, you’re great.” He mutters and you smirk back at Derek.

At this point you and Derek were inches apart. “I wish you were more like Liam. You’re so idiotic. You can’t and you won’t learn anything. You’re better off as an omega.”

You cock your head to the side and whisper. “Then kick me out of the pack. I’d rather be alone than have to spend all of my time with you.”

“If I could kick you out I would. God, I wish I could.” He grits his teeth.

You flash your eyes at him and you feel your claws start to poke through. “Go to hell, asshole.”

Derek flashes his eyes back, trying to tell you to back down. At this point you were closer than you’d ever been to him, your chests were flush. “I knew I should’ve let Scott train you. I tried to take you under my wing, I thought you had potential. Now I know you’re just a pathetic little girl. You’re a sad excuse for a werewolf and it offends me you’d even call yourself apart of the pack.”

You scoff. “All you do is sulk around. You bitch and whine about your family all of the time. Don’t think I don’t hear you. You are the absolute worst person I’ve ever met, and that’s saying a lot considering I’ve met murderous psychopaths. I may be a sad excuse for a werewolf, but you, Derek Hale, are a sad excuse for a person. I hope you feel better now.” You push him off of you and go up to Scott’s room.

You sigh into your hands, trying to fight off the tears. You looked up to Derek, you thought of him as an older brother even. That all changed when you were bit. He seemed even more unbearable when you were in heat. It had only happened once but he wouldn’t even look at you. He was disgusted.

You knew you couldn’t cry because everyone would hear you. You sat in silence for about an hour before grabbing your keys and going downstairs.

Derek catches you at the bottom of the stairs. “Hey, I-”

You put a hand up. “Shove it, Hale.” You spit and you push past him.

“Y/N, where are you going?” Liam pokes his head up at you.

“Home.” You mumble and head for the door. You remember you’re in Scott’s shirt and you have it off and tossed at him before you can process your thoughts. You had a sports bra on, so there was nothing to see but you still smelled someone. You scanned the room and tried to pinpoint who’s arousal you caught but you didn’t care enough to stay to find out. “Bye guys. Kira I’ll get these back to you tomorrow.” She waves as you close the door.

The next day everyone was schedule to meet at Deaton’s to talk. Deaton wasn’t even in town but you guys needed a safe place. You’d had a Tinder date planned for a couple weeks so you were obviously over dressed. You’d felt online dating was a bit of a leap at your age but you still tried it. You walked in, sporting a pair of red stilettos. You had a black dress on that gathered at the waist. You’d curled your hair and done a full face of makeup. You felt way better than you had the previous night.

You heard Mason whistle and you laughed. “Shut up. I just wanted to make an appearance.”

He laughs. “Well you did. Quite a great one too.”

You head to the back room and everyone’s head peeked up at your entrance.

“Hey I can’t stay long, I have a date but I was hoping you guys could fill me in.” You smile. “Sure, come over here.” Scott waves you over. Derek’s eyes follow you as you walk.

You whip your head around to look at him. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.”

“Who’s your date?” Derek blurts out.

“Why do you care?” You cross your arms.

“Here we go again.” Scott says under his breath.

“I’m just wondering. I uh..I just wanted to make sure you were being safe.” You see everyone exchange glances.

“Since when do you care about my safety?” You roll your eyes and listen to Scott as he tells you what plan they’ve come up with.

Your date was a bust. You’d worn your good thong for nothing and all you could think about was a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a glass of wine.

You walk in the door and you’re greeted by Scott. “What the hell? How’d you-”

“Not important.” Scott interrupts.“You’re into Derek aren’t you?”

You’re caught off guard. “What? No.” You try to say casually and Scott smirks.

“That’s all I need. Bye!” He walks out and your left in your empty apartment mildly confused. You spend most of your time wondering how, as a twenty-two year old woman, you spent all of your time with high school kids. They were all pretty mature, but sometimes they were a handful.

You didn’t want to go to training but you knew you had to. Derek never told you how bad you really were and now you feel like you need to prove yourself. You decide to dress up for the occasion. You wear a blue sports bra with matching athletic pants. You tie your shoes before leaving for Derek’s.

You weren’t sure he even knew you were coming. You were shocked to see everyone there when you walked in.

“Who’re you so dressed up for, Y/N?” Stiles wiggles his eyebrows at you.

“I’m not dressed up. Shut up.” You roll your eyes.

“Ready?” You ask Derek and he nods.

“I’m sure he is.” Scott looked at you two playfully.

You caught a whiff of someone and you sighed. You smelled arousal again. If you’d known everyone would be here with their hormones you would’ve worn a shirt.

“I’ll take you out back.” Derek mutters.

“As a matter of fact, he’ll take you anywhere.” Stiles smirks.

“Shut up, Stiles.” You and Derek said in unison.

“In my defense I was just enhancing the vibe.” Stiles throws his hands up.

“What vibe?” You cross your arms.

“Oh, you know..the overwhelming sexual tension.” Kira says casually.

You roll your eyes. You had feelings for Derek, yeah..but he didn’t reciprocate so why should you dwell on it?

“Oh, can it. All of you.” You shake your head. Derek leads you to the backyard and you start stretching. As you bent forward to touch your toes the scent of arousal grew stronger.

The scent was masked by cologne as a pair of strong hands gripped your waist.

“Relax. I’m just spotting you.”

“I don’t need spotted for stretches.” You stand up and grab a blanket, spreading it out before lying on your back. You pull a knee to your chest and Derek kneels in front of you, putting weight on it.

“You know what my mom used to tell me to make training easier?” Derek says, making small talk.

“What?” You switched knees.

“She told me to tell her a story. Usually I just told her about my day, but it made it more bearable.”

You move to your hands and knees, reaching back to grab your ankle. “It probably helps to have someone who loves you training you. Someone who cares about you.” You look over your shoulder at him as he pulls back on your ankle.

“You have that. You have that probably more than I did.” Derek replies. You drop your ankle and look at him. Did he just say he loves you?

“What did you just say?” You ask slowly.

“I think I just confessed my love for you.” Derek rubs his eyes.

“You…” You point at yourself as the two of you stand.

“It’s too late to change what I said now..but yes. I love you like crazy actually.”

You were going to milk this. “What do you love?” You smirk.

“God, what isn’t there to love? I love your smart mouth, the way you scrunch your face up when I annoy you, I love how you smell after you’ve been outside, I…honestly? I just love you.”

At this point you probably look like a cartoon character, when their hearts are pounding out of their chest. “I love you too.” You say quickly. You didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.

The both of you immediately are attached, your lips fitting perfectly together. You smell the arousal again, just now linking that it was Derek. You didn’t want to know before, because of how turned on you got when you caught the scent. You were afraid you’d be attracted to a high schooler.

Derek picks you up, somehow managing to stay in sync with your lips. You both pull away and lay your foreheads on each other.

“Why were you such an asshole to me?” You say quietly.

“I didn’t want you to feel obligated to date me if you knew I was in love with you.” He shrugs.

“Do you really think I’m as pathetic as you said?” You ask.

“Not at all, I just love when you’re mad.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry for comparing you to a murderer.” You laugh.

“It’s okay. It’s kind of fitting.” Derek laughs with you.

The two of you are torn from each other by the sound of cheers and applause. You see everyone on the porch clapping and you roll your eyes.

“For God’s sake, go back inside!” You yell and they laugh.

“We should probably go back to my place.” You whisper in his ear and he smirks.

“Fine by me.”

Shattered Heart

Prompt: 36 “Why did you choose her?”

Author Note: Alright so I based Theseus Scamander’s looks on the actor who is said to play him so I tried to get him to look right! Anyways here you all are If you guys like it and ask I may make the 2nd part.

Part 2: Causing Heart Ache

         The smell of cinnamon drifted through the air stirring you from your sleep. You squinted your eyes as the sunlight from your window stretched across the room. The sound of humming reached your ears and you smiled recognizing the voice as Queenie Goldstein. You nestled into the blanket comforted by the sound of Queenie’s voice. This was how you’ve been woken every day since you and Newt stopped by. The quiet and calm a blessing after all the trouble you and Newt always find yourself in.

           Heat spread across your cheeks at the thought of the magizoologist. The curly haired Hufflepuff and stolen into your affections but you don’t quite remember when it occurred. It’s as if he had always been the one you adored, though you knew that it was not the case.You nestled into the comforter sighing in contentment as butterflies flew about your stomach. To you, he was absolutely perfect. He was the only one for you the moment you met him it seemed.

            Suddenly an empty feeling gripped you as you thought of the times at Hogwarts. An aching feeling gripped your chest at the thought of what you lost for Newt. Something that you had treasured for a long time… Your memories slowly blanketed your mind taking you back to those years.

            It was your first year at Hogwarts. You shifted nervously in your seat as the train rattled on. Esmerelda, a young gray Kneazle with white spots across her fur, was curled up on your lap. Her ears twitching every now and then as she dreamt. You stroke behind her ears letting out a small sigh. “I guess It’s just us Esmerelda,” You mumbled watching the scenery outside your window blur past.

             “You wouldn’t happen to want someone else in here… Would you?” You tensed slightly at the new voice and glanced up to meet chilling blue eyes. A slightly older boy stood in the doorway. His curly brown hair neatly combed to a side. He was holding a slightly worn suitcase and an air of confidence seemed to surround him.

                You looked down shyly and continued to pet Esmeralda. “I suppose… I wouldn’t mind the company,” You mumbled. Your ears turning pink from embarrassment. You heard him let out a chuckle before sitting across from him. You glanced up again and began to study him again. A Gryffindor colored tie was tucked neatly underneath a nice jacket. “You’re a second year?”

                  He grinned slightly and leaned back against the seat putting his hands behind his head. “Yeah trust me you’ll enjoy Hogwarts.” He studied you slightly before sitting up again and holding out his hand. “I’m Theseus Scamander.” You nervously studied his hand and once again glanced at his face. You hesitantly shook his hand giving a small smile in return.

                  “Hi, Theseus I’m (Y/n) (L/n).”

                   After that, well you and Theseus were inseparable. He may have been a year older, but you two were the best of friends. Of course, it was your 4th year when you met Theseus’s little brother. Newt Scamander had just appeared in your life one day. It was in the days of September that changed everything. 

                    “(Y/n) how’s transfiguration? Do you need help with anything?” You chuckled at Theseus’s concern flashing him a smile before grabbing a book from the library shelf. “Theseus relax! I know I struggled last year, but I’m getting the hang of it,” You stated while checking to make sure you grabbed the right book. 

                     Theseus leaned against the bookshelf scanning your face for any sign of a lie. His eyes softened and he smiled sweetly at you. “Sorry (Y/n)… I’ll stop worrying so much,” He stated. You looked up and noticed that his gaze was suddenly on something else. You followed his gaze and frowned seeming confused.

                       A boy, about a year younger than you, stood in the doorway. A mop of curly ginger hair laid on his head. He was wearing Hufflepuff colors and was fairly tall. You tilted your head slightly noticing that the boy kinda looked like Theseus. The boy made his way to a table and pulled out a book that looked like it was about magical creatures. 

                        Curiosity got the better of you as you started towards the boy. Theseus grabbed your arm narrowing his eyes slightly. “(Y/n) what are you doing?” He asked glancing at the boy once again. You frowned and pulled your arm away wincing at how tight he had been holding it. “I’m curious about that book he’s reading…. Is there a problem?” You crossed your arms defensively daring Theseus to test you.

                           Theseus glanced at the boy before looking back at you. His shoulders slumped slightly as he smiled apologetically. “No, I suppose not. Sorry (Y/n),” He replied. His voice suddenly quiet and meek. He ruffled your hair and turned away. “I better go I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

                            Your stomach churned uneasily as you watched Theseus walk out of the library. You didn’t understand why he suddenly had to go and some voice inside told you to go after him. Yet, you brushed the voice aside and walked over to the boy. You hesitantly sat down across from him and said very quietly, “Um excuse me.” The boy looked up and tensed slightly as if any moment you were going to turn into some monster.

                               “What book are you reading?” You asked tilting your head as you studied it. A strange beast was on the cover. It looked like a snake, but there were wings spread across the cover that seemed to be part of it. The boy looked down before glancing up at you. “You’re really interested in this?” He questioned. You smiled slightly and nodded. “Yeah, I’m really curious.” 

                              The boy replied nervously, “Well It’s about magical creatures.” You shifted slightly in your seat trying to ignore the odd feeling in your stomach. “Well, I’d love to hear about it. I’m (Y/n) (L/n) by the way.” The boy smiled and for a moment it reminded you of Theseus. “Hi (Y/n), I’m Newt Scamander.”

                           You sighed and nestled deeper into the blankets thinking about Theseus. The two of you haven’t spoken ever since that year. It was like the moment you spoke with Newt. He didn’t want you anymore. 

                           You shook your head pushing those thoughts aside. You smiled slightly remembering Newt promised to show you around New York today. You got out of bed shivering as the cold air reached you. You made your way into the kitchen a small smile growing on your face. Queenie was waving her wand setting things up for breakfast. The smell of Cinnamon was stronger in this room and a song hummed through the room. Her eyes met yours and a small smile grew on her face.

                           “Oh good morning sweetie! Did you sleep well?” You gave a nervous smile still warming up Queenie. “Yes, Queenie. Hey, do you know if Newt’s up?” You leaned against the doorway smiling slightly at the thought of where he’d take you today. A look of worry seemed to cross Queenie’s face but it was gone before you could be sure. 

                         She turned away continuing with her work. “Sorry Sweetie I think he’s still sleeping,” She said sweetly. With a wave of her wand, she set a few pieces of bread on a plate. “How about you eat? You must be hungry.” You frowned slightly and reluctantly sat down. “I guess I can eat,” You mumbled quietly. You tried to ignore the anxious pit growing in your stomach as you ate. Newt was usually up by now…

                           You quickly finished the breakfast glancing at the clock and frowning slightly. You stood up and stretched and gave Queenie a small smile. “Thanks for the meal Queenie… I’m gonna go check on Newt real quick.” You made your way down the hall not hearing Queenie’s protests. You slowly pushed the door to his room open. Your heart fell at the sight in front of you.

                            Newt and Tina were slow dancing a familiar tune drifting through the room. Newt’s face was red as he kept his hands on her waist. Tears gathered in your eyes, yet you couldn’t make yourself move. Tina smiled and had her arms around his neck. “Your getting pretty good Scamander,” She teased grinning up at him. Your heart was beating fast now. It felt like adrenaline but this kind burned and caused your throat to feel closed off. 

                               Newt gave a nervous chuckle before replying, “Well it’s thanks to you.” She smiled slightly studying Newt’s face. You watched as She kissed Newt… The one person you’ve ever liked. Tears were streaming down your face as you closed the door quietly trying to quiet your thoughts. But they kept swirling around shouting and mocking you. You let out a quiet sob and you quickly made your way to your room.

                                Why her? Out of everyone why her? You stuffed clothes into a bag the room becoming a blurr. You know why! She’s beautiful! Your just a friend. He doesn’t like you. You let out more sobs as your thoughts tore at your heart. Your chest suddenly feeling tight as if a boulder was crushing you. You grabbed your wand not even thinking straight. 

                                 Not caring about the consequences, You apparated all the way to a certain place in England.

                                  You cried out in pain as you landed. Pain shot through your leg sending another wave of tears dripping down your cheeks. You were sprawled out on a carpeted floor. You closed your eyes letting out another sob as your leg throbbed. Footsteps came from the staircase to the right of the room. You opened your eyes trying to take in the blurry surroundings.

                                   “(Y/n)!? Merlin’s Beard! What’s happened!” You whimpered at the voice as they came over. They knelt down gently taking you in their arms. You looked up and were met with concerned icy blue eyes. “That leg doesn’t look good (Y/n)” He scolded.

                                     Tears dropped onto his shirt as You clung onto him. “It hurts Theseus…” You whimpered. “I know I’ll fix it (Y/n)” Theseus said holding you closer.

                                      You were pretty sure that he didn’t know… And you were pretty sure that he couldn’t fix it…
Drive - Chapter 2 - by proantagonist
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A Victuuri road trip fic.

“What is Victor doing here, Phichit? I’m freaking out.”

Without waiting for a response, Yuuri goes into the bathroom for the eightieth time in search of something he didn’t find the first seventy-nine visits. A moment later, he comes back into the bedroom with empty hands.

Phichit’s dark eyes dance with amusement.

For someone who keeps protesting having dinner with his idol, Yuuri sure has gotten dressed in a hurry. He looks good, too—wearing black slacks and a vivid blue, button-down shirt he had to borrow from Phichit because he neglected to pack anything other than casualwear. The shirt is more fitted on Yuuri, the fabric stretching across the curves of his chest before gathering attractively at his waist. He’s put on a few pounds in the last two weeks thanks to some nervous eating habits, but the weight looks good on him, rounding out his cheeks (all four of them) with a bit of padding.

“Obviously, he likes you,” Phichit says, eyeing the impressive bouquet of blue roses on the table by the window. They’ve filled the whole room with an intoxicating fragrance. “That must have been some pole-dance.”

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bisexual-yamaguchi  asked:

Hey fabrickind! I wanna cosplay panty anarchy from panty and stocking with garter belt but I can't find any tutorials on how I can make her angel outfit, do you think you can help me out, please?

Hello there!

I found this breakdown of her outfit that you may find useful, though you may need to translate it into English. Keep in mind that you may not be able to find tutorials for the exact items you want, but that you can often find tutorials or patterns for similar items that can be modified or adapted into what you are looking for.

To me this looks like a draped top and layers of circle skirts with some draped detail at the waist. If you can’t find gladiator sandals like hers for purchase, you can create the straps out of ribbon (if you have fewer sewing skills) or out of strips of pleather or spandex that you sew into place. Here’s a leg strap tutorial

For the skirts, you can layer circle skirts that have been stiffened with horsehair braid, or you can create a very ruffly skirt like this one (though you’ll need to change the shape at the bottom slightly so it sticks out more). I’d use double circle skirts or even triple. It’s ambiguous here if the waist is gathered or if it’s just a LOT of material that’s forcing the ripples, so you can either create two or three circle skirts the same as your waist measurement and gather them down to fit, or you can divide your waist by two or three so that the waist is fitted. (I’d go with layers of gathered triple circle skirts myself, but I like a lot of poof.) The waist detailing appears to be a rectangle of fabric that has been pinched up into gathers and likely would attach with hooks and eyes or pins to the skirt, underneath the hearts. 

Here’s a tutorial on the hearts. The link itself is sadly broken, but the image should give you an idea of what they did. You can also cast them in resin, or shape them from clay (I’d use a mold if doing clay so that you have even sizes and shapes).

For the top, if you can find this pattern or one similar, something like view A would be nearly perfect. You can also modify a pattern for an empire waist draped dress with a halter neck (just don’t make anything below the underbust seam), or use another halter bikini top pattern. (In the US at least, we’re getting into both prom and swimwear seasons, so these types of patterns might be a little easier to find.) Make sure that your pattern doesn’t have too low of a V in front, and that it has a wider band than just a string tie. Those are going to be the most important design details here.

Check out our wings section for wing tutorials.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

One Word: Rivalry - Sirius Black

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“Excuse me?” you start in a fake shocked tone. “Which of us was on the house Quidditch team again? Oh, right, me.”

“Please,” Sirius scoffs, earning a hearty groan from the werewolf next to him. “We both know I’m the better flyer, if I had wanted to be on the team, I would have been.”

“Yeah right, like you would have missed an opportunity to be in the limelight. If you had the skills you would have been on the team, Black, everyone knows that,” you retort quickly, 

“Come on, we should leave them to this,” Remus sighs standing up to usher Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny from the room. “They’ll be at this for hours.”

“Don’t crush the beans,” Sirius berates, shooing you away from the potion ingredients with a frown. “If you snap them it allows the juice to flow without any of the actual bean coming with it.”

“I know what I’m doing, Black,” you mutter under your breath, attempting to get back to what you were doing.

“If you knew what you were doing you wouldn’t be getting it wrong,” he states, the smallest hint of an amused smirk playing on his lips as you mockingly mimic his words.

“Maybe it wasn’t him,” Sirius pipes up, drawing a familiar groan from both Remus and Tonks as they await the no doubt insensitive words that were bound to follow.

“Excuse me?” you ask, eyebrows raised defiantly, almost daring him to continue that line of thought when you were obviously already rather upset from your failed date.

“Maybe it wasn’t that there wasn’t a spark, maybe you just don’t know how to kiss,” he replies, the corners of his lips curling upwards as he leans forwards, bracing himself against the edge of the table.

“I know how to kiss,” you reply, your tone sharp and cutting. How dare he think that was the reason there was no spark? There was no spark because there wasn’t enough attraction, or you weren’t as compatible as you had hoped… whatever the reason, it wasn’t something you were to blame for.

“Prove it,” he smirked, moving towards you only to edge himself between the table and your seat.

With a fierce determination to show not only that he was wrong, but to prove that in this crucial matter you could certainly out do him, you stood with a fire in your eyes. With a hand cupping either side of his face, your lips meet his with a passionate force behind them. His hands gather at your waist, pulling you forwards as he runs the tip of his tongue slowly, almost tauntingly, against your lower lip before deepening the kiss.

Suddenly, and without warning, the tone changes. The fiery determination in you melts away as something calmer takes over. No longer do you want to prove yourself, you simply want to enjoy the moment, and, without understanding why or how, you feel exactly what you had missed earlier that night with your date. A spark, strong and clear, runs through you both as your lips move in tandem.

Confusion pulls you apart perhaps earlier than you might have liked, but as you lean back slightly, catching your breath, you notice a genuine smile on Sirius’ lips, no mockery in sight.

“You were right,” he nods gently, not letting his hands leave your sides. “You definitely know how to kiss.”

The Contest - Chapter 2

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

  Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 2 continues with the slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Language, NSFW, Diary Products, Pillows, Bucky Barnes
Word Count: 3,323

Chapter 3

A/N:  To everyone who sent me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged after Chapter 1 - THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Yours were the very first I have ever received and it means a lot.  I hope I remembered everyone and my apologies if my replies got lost in the void (my devices don’t seen to like sending replies) 

To my twitter babes: thanks for the support. I love you almost as much as I love Sebby ;)

Chapter 2: The Morning After

The next morning you wake slowly, head pounding and heavy with a hazy recollection of how the evening ended. Lying in bed, eyes still closed, you search your memory only to find it overloaded with images of Bucky.

The last coherent scene in your head was a rather lively game of pool with Bucky and Steve. You remember Bucky, when he wasn’t busy running his tongue over his lips to distract you, going to great lengths to ensure you had a perfect view of his ass whenever he leaned over to line up his shot. You repaid the favour by taking every opportunity to smack his ass with your pool stick and by bending over the table a little too deeply so that he got an eyeful of your cleavage. Between the flirtatious smack talk and flashing of body parts, you remember Steve walking away, grumbling something about being a third wheel.

Everything after that was a blur except for the vague memory of two strong arms carrying you to the elevator, but you couldn’t be certain if that was real or just a dream. The whole night seemed like a dream, just too good to be true.

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A Maria Gallenga stencilled persimmon velvet medieval inspired gown, 1920s

Un-labelled, printed with repeat gingko leaf shaped repeats in silver and gold, the fagotted shoulder seams inset with wide coral glass beads, the long sleeves with pointed cuffs adorned with gold crochet bauble buttons, curved lightly gathered waist side seams, trained hem, lined in matching crêpe, with matching draw-string purse

thetourguidebarbie  asked:

"both of us are trying out for the same chaser spot on the quidditch team and once it's clear we're the best there by far we start doing progressively crazier stunts to outdo each other" au

This went way off from the prompt! I have such a hard time with high school age sexy times, hence why they’re not in school.

No Time For Common Sense

Caroline’s limping when she makes her way out of the shower stall, her flip flops slapping loudly on the tile floors. The locker room is quiet since the other women trying out for the team had been quicker than she was. She liked them all, which was a bonus. They’d made plans to get together for brunch over the weekend, to compare notes about their tryout experiences.

She’d heard them file out a half hour ago, talking and giggling, while Caroline had still been wincing through shampooing her hair. Her left side feels like one continuous bruise and her knee is screaming bloody murder courtesy of a rough landing. She’d barely managed to pull out of a spin before crashing into the ground, had been thrown from her broom and hit the grass in a roll.

At least she’d managed to keep a hold of the quaffle.

That seemed like a small victory now that Caroline can barely bend her leg but she’d take it. Stairs are going to be a bitch tomorrow. She’s dreading the lecture she’s going to get when she drags herself to Bonnie, one of Caroline’s oldest friends and current mediwitch in training, to get it looked at.

It’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with before over the last few weeks. Tryouts for the New Orleans team are notoriously brutal, sabotage not uncommon. There was one chaser spot open this year and Caroline was determined to get it but she wasn’t the only one gunning for the position. She’d already made it through two cuts and there was only one other person left in the running. The worst possible person.

In addition to being a giant pain in the ass Kol Mikaelson was also the brother of the team’s captain which was why Caroline was pushing herself, and her body, to such extremes. She knew she was better than Kol, that she would work harder. She only had to convince Klaus.

And she would.

A throat clears, startling her, and Caroline hand flies to the knotted towel at her chest, checking it’s secure. Her jaw drops for a moment when she sees Klaus lounging on one of the benches, looking perfectly at ease despite the humidity, the tendrils of steam floating around the room. “Can’t you read?” Caroline hisses before she can even think about reconsidering. “This is the women’s locker room.”

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I’ll Make an Exception

A/N: A request from @summerinavonlea for a Derek x Reader where the reader is really into that retro swing look (think Candyman by Christina Aguilera). One night, she invites the team out to a bar she goes to because they have theme nights and they’re doing swing dancing that night. Normally, shy and reserved, the team is surprised to find she’s a really good dancer. Both she and Derek like each other but have never said as much. When guy after guy asks the reader to dance, Morgan gets a little jealous. Many members of the team dance with her throughout the night, including Morgan. @coveofmemories

P.S. Here’s the dress and shoes I pictured!


“Okay, I have to ask,” Garcia said, walking out of her office after a long day cramped up in her tiny, but terrific office filled with computer screens. Y/N had been working at the BAU for nearly a year, and every single Friday they were home, she had a separate bag from her go-bag. No one had any idea what was in it, and until now, no one had ever asked. 

Y/N turned around, realizing that the statement had been for her. “Have to ask what?” She smiled, her red lipstick perfectly reapplied after an entire day of downing cup after cup of coffee. For months now, Derek had had a hard time keeping his feelings for Y/N off of his face. She was his opposite, shy and unassuming, but she was also vastly intelligent, kind and funny. They were just such opposites, he always imagined she’d be more into Reid than him. Garcia looked at her bag and motioned toward it. “Oh this? Well, any time we’re home on a Friday, I like to go to this bar downtown, Harbor Q. They have dancing and drinks, and they do theme nights.” She started to blush; she hadn’t intended to admit how much she enjoyed the themed dancing they offered, but she had been working with them for a year. 

“Tonight’s theme is swing dancing,” she finished, looking quickly around the room at her friends. “If anyone wants to come, I’d love it. I’m sure you’d all have fun.” Immediately, Rossi and Hotch said they were in. Given that they were the oldest on the team, they had an appreciation for that kind of music even more so than the rest of the team. Garcia quickly said she wouldn’t miss it and darted out of the BAU to go get changed into a theme-ready outfit. After JJ found a babysitter for Henry, she said that she and Will would absolutely be there, and soon after, Emily, Spencer and Derek agreed as well. Derek wasn’t really the swing dancing type of guy, but he didn’t want to miss a chance to see Y/N out of the office doing something she loved. He imagined she’d be even more beautiful than normal.

“Cool, I’ll see you all in a little while. I have an outfit in here so I’ll get changed there.” With that, she left, thinking about the adorable outfit she’d change into once she got to Harbor Q.


Within an hour and a half, the team managed to assemble themselves and make their way to Harbor Q. Y/N had texted them to say she was already inside. When they walked in, Derek nearly stopped in his tracks, causing Garcia to walk into his back. “Just ask her out, Hot Chocolate,” she laughed. “I’ve never seen the Derek Morgan have it so bad for someone and not say anything about it.”

Just ahead of him, Y/N was dancing with someone he didn’t know, dressed in a red, swing-style dress with black and white polka dots on the top and bottom. Her shoes were black and white too, and her hair was pinned up. “Wow, you have it bad Baby Boy,” Garcia laughed, waving toward Y/N as she caught her eye. “Ask her out. She’s single. I’ve asked.”

“I might just have to,” he said in a daze, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been dancing (pun intended) around his feelings for too long. “But right now I just want to watch her dance. She’s actually really good.” She was great at basically everything, so he wasn’t sure why he was so surprised. It was probably because she was exceptionally shy inside the office. Here though, here she seemed like she was in her element. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say she wasn’t the same person. In the office, she was shy and reserved, here she was animated, her smile as wide as the sea as she twirled around in the hands of her partner.

Minutes later, the song concluded and she walked over to the team. “Hey guys,” she said sweetly. “I’m glad you came.”

“We wouldn’t miss seeing you dance like that,” Emily said as she pointed toward the dance floor. She was stunned, as were they all.

Everyone stared at her in awe. It was unlike the woman they knew. “Where did you learn to dance like that?” Reid asked.

“Well, my grandmother was always really into this type of music, and then she bought me a pair of shoes like this,” she said, turning her ankles toward them. “At that point, I started listening to swing music all the time, and when I got a little older, I asked my parents if I could take classes. Throughout high school and college, I did it all the time, until the very end when work, school and dancing became too much, but I still do it as often as I can.”

Rossi especially loved this kind of music. He was a little more into smooth jazz, but he appreciated the carefree nature of swing music. “You’re exceptionally good at it,” he said. “Is everyone here trained?”

“No,” she laughed. “That’s Connor.” She pointed to the dance partner they’d seen as they walked in. “He is, but most others aren’t.”

“Well then,” Rossi said, straightening his jacket and making his way up to Y/N with his hand extended, “I won’t feel bad asking for a dance. You have to teach me how you’re so light on your feet.”

A pang of jealousy rang through Derek’s stomach as Y/N took his hand and ushered Rossi, JJ and Will, and Reid and Emily onto the dance floor. Apparently, she was going to try and teach them as well. Why was he jealous? God, he really needed to just take Garcia’s advice and ask Y/N out. It was killing him to sit idly by as she flitted around with everyone else, even his own teammates - though he had no reason to be jealous of them.

He couldn’t help but laugh when Rossi started tripping on his own two feet though. Rossi may have claimed to be a smooth-talking Italian, but he undeniably had two left feet. Derek was about to go ask Y/N for a dance when the song ended and she switched partners with Emily. Now, she was attempting to teach Reid how to dance, and surprisingly enough, he had an easier time than Rossi. 

Garcia had been floating between the bar, where a very handsome gentleman was making a movie (to which she was very receptive considering she’d just broken up with Kevin), the dance floor, and Derek’s table. “Are you sure she’s single?” he asked as she approached him with his drink. “She looks like she’s into Reid.”

“No,” she said firmly. “She loves Reid, but it’s more of a best friend kind of love. She’s actually been trying to set him up with one of her good friends from outside the office. Ask. Her. Out.” Again, he was about to get up as the song concluded, but she pulled Hotch from nearby and made him dance with her. Rossi was catching on quickly, dancing circles around Reid who was now tripping over his clumsy feet. 

Nearly 45 minutes went by, with Y/N switching between members of the team, including the ladies, and other men in the bar. Every time Derek wanted to go ask her to dance with him, she’d go to someone else without giving him enough time to even move from his table. Alright Derek, he said to himself. Get up. 

“It’s about time you showed up out here,” Y/N said with a smile when Derek finally made his way to the dance floor. “I have to know if the incomparable Derek Morgan is as light on his feet as I think he is.” She grabbed his hand and twirled into him. Without missing a beat, he gathered her by the waist and started moving his feet in time with hers, catching on much more quickly than any of his friends. 

“Since when does my sexy Chocolate Thunder know how to swing dance,” Garcia asked, reaching her hand toward him. Playfully, Y/N slapped it away.

“He’s mine now, Garcia!” Everyone paired up again, except Rossi and Garcia, who paired off with people they met there. “I’m glad you came.” Although it had taken over an hour to get a dance with her, Derek was glad he’d come too. Now to actually say something and not draw the attention of his teammates. 

“Me too,” he said, placing his hand on the small of her back. “You look beautiful by the way.” Red really was her color. It made her eyes pop. “And I had absolutely zero idea you were as talented a dance as you are an agent.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, Derek,” she winked, her tongue pushed up agains the roof of her mouth. “And thank you. I fancy myself a great agent, so that’s quite the compliment.” 

“Y/N…” he started. “I was wondering if sometime soon, you might want to go out…just the two of us.” When he looked up, he could see Garcia giving him a wink and a thumbs up.

“I’d love that, Derek,” she replied as the music started to slow down, a much more mellow tune blasting its way through the bar. “I was wondering when you might ask me out.” Reid, Emily and Hotch looked on, knowing exactly what was happening, but they paid them no mind.

“Am I allowed to have two dances in a row?” Derek asked cheekily, feeling better now that he’d gotten his feelings off his chest. She’d danced with each member of the team more than once, but never two in a row, so despite an upcoming date, he wasn’t sure if she was going to move on to someone else.

“I normally like to switch it up,” she said, looking up from where her head was leaning against his chest. “But for you, I think I’ll make an exception.”

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Scoups window smut plz


“Wanna come over to my room when the dinner’s over?” Seungcheol asked, leaning a bit towards you with his voice low and his hand resting on your thigh under the table. You swallowed and turned to look at him, placing your glass of wine down slowly.

“Come over?” you asked, half to get a clarification to what he meant with his invitation and half to make sure you heard him correctly in the first place. He grinned and squeezed your thigh lightly, which made you bite the inside of your lower lip.

Seungcheol leaned closer to you, so that he could whisper to your ear. “As in, wanna come over and let off some steam?”

You got flashbacks of the numerous previous times you and Seungcheol, colleagues at a fairly successful company as well as lovers on a couple of levels, had “let off some steam”, because between the two of you that usually meant sex of any kind. It could be you giving him a blowjob while he fingered you, it could be him eating you out while jacking off, or it could him fucking you until the only name you could remember was his - sometimes it was everything in one long, passionate night.

A small smile spread to your lips as your lower lip remained caught between your teeth, and you squeezed Seungcheol’s hand on your thigh. “I’d love to let off some steam with you.”

He gave you a playful wink before retreating his hand from you and returning to the conversation your boss and a couple of others were having. You excused yourself and went to the restroom to collect yourself quickly, and to do a quick check-up on how you looked, just to make sure nothing was off.

You were on a business trip to Japan, and the day had been rather stressful with meetings and creating connections, and a whole other kind of frustrating with Seungcheol walking around in that nice suit of his that made him look sinfully good. Not that he usually didn’t, of course, with his work clothes usually consisting of tight black jeans (you had once asked him why he insisted on only wearing such tight jeans; he had smirked and said that he liked seeing you all hot and bothered) and a button-down, most of the time either white, black or a pastel color, with its sleeves sometimes rolled up and the hem tucked into the jeans. Other times he wore a simple suit, but no matter what he wore, you could always count on him to give you something to appreciate with your eyes.

Fortunately - or unfortunately, you weren’t sure - Seungcheol’s attire on the business trip you were on wasn’t quite that, but a neat black suit with a white shirt underneath and a red tie around the collar. Thinking back to the way he looked in it when he was loosening the tie and grinning at you from the other side of the meeting room you had been in earlier that day, you took a deep breath and tried to ignore the way your thighs were pressing against each other suddenly, right before you returned to the table in the hotel restaurant.

“Oh, Y/N! We’re just about to leave” one of your female colleagues said with a smile, and Seungcheol gave you a meaningful glance. You nodded at her and picked up your purse.

“It’s been a long day, hasn’t it,” you said with a small yawn; your words were true, but you weren’t quite as tired as you wanted to seem.

“It really has,” Seungcheol said nonchalantly, and everyone in your group agreed as well. You moved to the elevator and got on, most of you getting off at the floor Seungcheol’s (and yours, and most of the others’) room was in. When the two of you stopped at his door, your female colleague raised her eyebrows in surprise.

“Y/N, you’re not going to your room?” she asked curiously, luckily oblivious to how Seungcheol’s hand was already resting on your lower back, and you shook your head with a small smile. Seungcheol smiled at her, although it did remind you a lot more of a smirk.

“We still have some work to go over, but I’ll let her out early enough,” he said with a small chuckle, and the female employee giggled.

“Alright! Don’t stay up too late,” she almost sing-sang before continuing her way to her own room, which was beside yours. You nudged Seungcheol with a smile tugging at your lips.

“She could’ve seen your hand,” you whispered to him, and he shook his head with a smirk, his lips soon pressing to your temple for a mere moment.

“Doesn’t matter, because in the end she didn’t,” he muttered while opening the door and leading you in by his hand that was still comfortably on your lower back. You rolled your eyes and turned around when he had gotten into the room with you and closed the door behind himself.

You pushed Seungcheol against the door gently, taking a hold of his tie and looking at it before moving your eyes up to his, which were staring right down at you. “Why are we keeping this low-key, again?”

“Because they don’t need to know we fuck?” he asked, a small, playful smirk on his lips, and you bit your lower lip as you tugged at his tie.

“And because they don’t need to know you like me?” Your lips were already brushing against his as you voiced out the question, and you smiled at the puff of air that hit your face when Seungcheol snorted. You had never quite defined what the relationship between you was exactly, but you had acknowledged that the attraction wasn’t only physical; the more time had passed the more you both found yourselves thinking fondly of the other and had a growing desire to spend more time with each other with clothes on.

“That, too, baby, just don’t forget that it’s mutual,” he snickered and kissed you, one hand on your lower back and one a bit lower, grabbing your ass through the fabric of your dress and the tights you wore underneath.

You smiled against his lips and rested one of your hands on Seungcheol’s chest, the other moving up to his hair that you started playing with. “I would never.”

Grinning, Seungcheol kissed you more passionately and pulled you better against himself, allowing you to feel his body on yours. Both of his hands moved down your thighs as his lips moved against yours, and he ran them up your legs so that the hem of your dress came up with them.

“Anxious to get the tights off?” you mumbled against his lips, moving your hand from his chest to the front of his suit pants and so that you could rub him through them. He took in a sharp breath and slid his hands into your tights so that he could cup your ass for a moment.

“You know I’ve never liked tights, except looking at them.” As soon as his sentence was finished, Seungcheol began sliding the piece of clothing down your legs, breaking your kiss when he had to go low enough. You stepped out of the tights after you had gotten your heels off - they weren’t particularly high, but still - and looked at Seungcheol again.

“Yeah, they can be a bit of a pain to take off, huh?” you asked with a grin and pressed better against him again, your lips on his jawline and your hand on his crotch. “Can’t say the same about pants like these.”

Seungcheol chuckled, but his amusement was quick to die when you started kissing your way down his neck, loosening his tie and unbuttoning his shirt as you went further down, until you were on your knees in front of him, having pressed kisses on his body all the way to the waistband of his boxers.

His eyes were full of lust as he looked at you while getting his suit jacket off, as it was finally getting unbearably hot to keep it on. “You do tend to really… enjoy yourself whenever you take them off me.”

“Can’t deny that,” you mumbled, looking up at him with your mouth on his half-hard cock through his boxers, merely breathing hot air on it and finding the outline with your lips, your tongue wetting the fabric a little. Seungcheol hissed when your lips were pressing against the very tip of his length, and you smiled when you felt his hand in your hair. “Patience, Cheol. Nothing good comes without a bit of waiting.”

He chuckled in amusement, only to groan quietly when you pulled his boxers down and licked his cock from the base to the tip as soon as it was free. You felt yourself gradually getting wetter than you had already been with him hot and heavy against your lips, so much of his body already bare for you to appreciate and his mouth releasing such filthy, hot sounds that went straight to your core.

“You might want to keep it quiet, taking into account that it is a door you’re against,” you grinned up at him as he got his tie and shirt off and you moved your mouth sideways on his length, letting your tongue glide against the soft skin. His breaths were quick and shallow with the effort to remain quiet, and he nodded.

“If it only was strangers,” he mumbled rushedly, his hand tightening a little in your hair and his other hand clamping down on his own mouth when you wrapped your lips around the head of his cock and sucked lightly. “Oh, God, Y/N.”

With one hand on Seungcheol’s hip and one slowly moving down on your body, you started swirling your tongue around him in your mouth, then began moving your head down as you took more of him into your mouth. The hand you had on yourself felt almost shaky when it reached your womanhood, wet and almost achy by then, and you gasped around Seungcheol when your forefinger pressed against your slightly swollen, sensitive clit.

He let out a muffled groan and looked down at you, bucking his hips up a little both at how amazing you looked with his cock in your mouth as well as the hand he saw disappearing under the hem of your dress that was gathered around your waist; he could easily guess where your fingers were.

“What was it about patience again?” he asked, voice a bit shaky but definitely amused, and you looked at him with a grin of your own, sliding your tongue on the underside of his length as you moved your head up.

“Do you want me to stop, then?” you asked back, focusing on licking the head of his cock with your eyes locked on his and your finger massaging gentle circles on your clit that almost made you shake. Seungcheol shook his head and petted your hair.

“Definitely not.”

You sucked him off until he was fully hard and leaking pre-cum that you eagerly swallowed, and eventually stood up again, bringing your wet forefinger and middle finger out of your pussy, which they had been in. Before you had been able to do as much as even suggest anything, Seungcheol had gotten your fingers into his mouth and began sucking on them, his hands starting to lift the hem of your dress up to your chest. You whimpered quietly at the way his tongue felt as it slid around and between your fingers, and looked at Seungcheol needily when he let your digits go.

“Dress,” he mumbled and gave you a quick kiss on the lips before you turned around and showed him the zipper at the back. Seungcheol pulled it down and lifted the dress off you, revealing the thong and black bra you had underneath - those came off rather quickly, too, and you had no complaints.

Having stepped out of his shoes and pants, Seungcheol pulled your bare body against his and brought your lips together in a sloppy kiss, his tongue exploring your mouth and his hands running up and down between your ass and shoulder blades.

“What’s our game plan?” you asked against Seungcheol’s lips, and he opened his eyes to take a look around his room. The bed was always a safe choice, and the two of you had had sex in… well, quite a wide variety of positions and places, but there was something he was dying to try that you had yet to.

Grinning into the kiss that he then broke briefly, Seungcheol pointed behind you. “How would you feel about that?”

You turned around to look at where he was pointing, and the only likely thing for him to be referring to was the double-layered window revealing the busy nightlife of brightly lit Tokyo. “The window?”

Seungcheol hummed a positive answer and got one arm around you so that his hand held your breast snugly, and slid his other hand slowly down your stomach to your wetness, merely teasing your outer lips before dipping in. You moaned and bucked your hips against his hand while leaning your chest into his touch, which made him grin as he subtly ground his erection on your lower back and the top of your ass. “Just think about it. Seeing all the people as I fuck you, some potentially seeing you, the cool glass against your…” Seungcheol tugged lightly at your nipple for emphasis. “…pretty little nipples.”

You whined, your hips moving rhythmically against his hand by now, and nodded almost desperately. “Fine, fuck, just fuck me, please.”

Seungcheol smiled as he kissed you on your neck. “Anything for my princess, since you asked so nicely, too.”

He retreated his hands and you walked towards the window, looking out of it in fascination. With his hand soon returning to your pussy, though, Seungcheol kissed you by your ear.

“Doesn’t it look fascinating?” he asked, voice husky, and eased two fingers into you slowly - you were soaking wet and had already fingered yourself with two digits of your own, so it wasn’t particularly difficult for him to do that.

Biting your lip, you nodded and eagerly pushed against his fingers, sighing contently when they were fully inside of you and began pulling out, only to push back in. “It looks amazing.”

Seungcheol chuckled lowly and smacked your ass with his other hand, then taking one of the cheeks into his hand to knead it a little. “It’ll look even more amazing when I fuck you.”

You moaned and turned your head around a little, so that you could see his face; his lips pink and slightly parted, his jawline and nose well-defined and his eyes dark and lustful as he turned his gaze from your ass to your eyes. Biting your lip playfully, you giggled. “I bet.”

He leaned closer to kiss you, continuing to finger you with two digits before moving on to three, with his thumb massaging your clit as well as it could and his other hand alternating between kneading your ass and massaging your breasts.

“I,” you gasped, your legs shaking underneath you as you held back your orgasm, “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop, so–”

“What if I want you to cum?”

With that and his fingers pinching your clit gently, you were thrown over the edge with a mewl leaving your lips, muffled a little by his, your legs squeezing his hand between them and your whole body shaking with the intensity.

“Fuck,” you moaned quietly when you had ridden out your orgasm with Seungcheol’s three fingers inside of you again. He grinned and pulled away from the kiss, soon retreating his fingers, too.

“How was that?” he asked, moving to the hotel nightstand to get a condom from the drawer before returning to you once he had the wrapper off. You took deep breaths as you still tried to calm down a bit, your inner thighs feeling a bit too sticky to your liking, but you knew you’d have a shower fairly soon.

“Pretty damn good,” you almost purred, pushing out your ass a bit as Seungcheol stood behind you. He let out a low chuckle and ground against your ass for a while before putting the condom on himself.

“Are you ready?” he asked, leaning against your back and guiding you a bit closer to the window than you were. You looked right out to the busy streets, taking in the beautiful view joined with the cool glass that your nipples were against, as well as Seungcheol’s cock that you had rubbing against your pussy.

“So ready,” you breathed and let out a satisfied moan when Seungcheol pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your shoulder and aligned himself with your entrance before pushing in. His hands were tight on your hips as he let himself get used to just how hot and pleasantly tight it was inside of you, and you bit on your lip to keep at least somewhat quiet, as much pleasure as you were feeling while still shaken by your orgasm.

Before Seungcheol was able to start moving, you began moving your hips already, whining quietly at how good it felt, and feeling your nipples harden further against the window they were pressed on. Seungcheol grunted and finally gave you the first thrust that definitely took you aback, making you let out a rather high-pitched moan at the sharpness of his movements.

Shit,” you hissed, shutting your eyes tightly and clenching your hands into fists on the inset in front of the window as Seungcheol began thrusting, hard and just deep enough to have you moaning with nearly every thrust. He groaned and moved one hand from your hip to your chest, taking one of your breasts into his hand and warming up the cool nipple with his fingers.

“Keep your eyes open,” he said huskily, smirking when he saw through the reflection on the window that your eyes were open again. You took in the sight again, with Seungcheol’s chin resting on your shoulder. “Doesn’t it feel nice, knowing there could be someone out there looking up here and… “

There was no mistake in the way his hips stuttered a little and his breath hitched - he, definitely, was a fan of that thought. Then again, you did feel yourself clenching around him, too.

You nodded with a quiet moan. “Do you often get off to the thought of someone seeing you?”

“Do you?” he asked, sucking on the skin of your neck lightly with both of his eyes looking out of the window, scanning both the streets and the windows of the other tall buildings nearby. You shrugged, pushing back against him needily. He felt so damn good, thrusting into you in a way you knew only he could, and playing with your breast just the way he knew you liked. He wasn’t too gentle, nor was he too rough on either area; it was all just right.

Okay, maybe there was some room for improvement.


“What?” Seungcheol hummed, slowly letting go of your breast and moving both of his hands to your waist. You gasped at a particularly sharp thrust he gave you, your knees almost giving in.

“Fuck me harder,” you whined, your voice easily giving away just how desperate you were to get your second orgasm, and Seungcheol took in a deep breath, your words going straight to his cock.

Mumbling something incoherent against your shoulder and placing one of his hands on top of yours on the window, where you had moved it. With your fingers more or less intertwined, Seungcheol began fucking you with all he got, much to your pleasure. His thighs were strong and you had thanked all higher powers for that, and that time wasn’t an exception, with him delivering you hard thrusts and making you move against the window a little, too, your nipples rubbing against it pleasantly. You were glad it was, indeed, a double one, and had a fair amount of plastic mixed with the glass; at least it wouldn’t break no matter how much your breasts would be pressing against it.

Seungcheol grunted by your ear with almost every thrust because of how good you felt around him, and he smirked at the high-pitched, almost breathless “Yes!” you let out when he hit your sweet spot. Your eyes were shut again, but he didn’t care, and instead focused on hitting your spot with every perfect move of his hips. Your hand was balling into a fist underneath his as your orgasm began building up, and you almost screamed when it hit you, with Seungcheol pushing in deep and biting down on your shoulder at the same time.

“Seungcheol,” you gasped, your legs shaking underneath you as your pussy milked his cock with the intensity of your orgasm, and he kept thrusting for a while more, until he was releasing into the condom, too.

With the two of you standing there, him still inside of you as you both took your breaths and he stroked your arm soothingly, you turned your head a little.

“Would you say you’ve “let off steam” now?” you asked with a grin and got a kiss from Seungcheol, a lot softer and gentler than any of the previous ones, although they had all been pleasant all the same. He smiled.

“I guess, but something’s still missing…”

“Such as?”

He pulled back and pouted so cutely that you almost wanted to squish his cheeks.

“Cuddles,” he stated matter-of-factly, and you giggled, hissing quietly when Seungcheol pulled out of you and took a few steps towards the bin to discard the condom. You turned around and looked at him with warm eyes, taking in every small curve on his body.

“I do assume that includes a shower?” you asked hopefully, walking to him and hugging him with your arms loose around his neck. He gave you a soft smile as he leaned down to kiss you sweetly.

“A shower, a massage, maybe something small to eat, and cuddles,” he listed, his smile only growing wider at each thing he mentioned. You grinned and looked at him excitedly when he pulled away from the kiss, your fingers playing with the hair at the nape of his neck.


Admin Scooter

“Please let me in!”

Of course it was her.

“Get in quick.”

Katara rushed past him, and he locked the door behind her. Zuko leaned against the wall and raised his eyebrow at her. Katara opened her mouth at the same time he did,

“What are you doing here?”

“I, a lady, am in the ladies’ lounge, Fire Lord,” she said, a smile tugging the corner of her mouth, “what are you doing here?”

“I, the Fire Lord, am… exploring.”


He smiled, “Okay, fine. Hiding.”

She smiled wider, “There we go. Why don’t you tell me all about the poor Fire Lord and his huge problems.”

She walked over to the mirrors and pulled water from one of the basins next to her. For the first time, Zuko noticed the splotches of dark liquid on the side of her dress, and on her sleeves.

“What happened?” he asked as he made his way over to the loveseat in the center of the room. He made a mental note to speak to the chief of staff. There was no way women needed this many pillows and chairs in a bathroom.

Katara let out a frustrated sigh, “You know, nothing new. Conspiracy nuts just love it when I visit.”


“The usual,” she shrugged, but her smile had gone, “I’m a witch, long live Ozai, down with women, whatever. Take your pick. They threw fruit this time.”

Zuko leaned forward, his arms on his knees, “Well I’ll be sure to show up at their hearing. That ought to scare them off for a while.”

Katara waved him off, grabbing a towel and soaking it in water, “Oh, they weren’t arrested. I told your men to let them go.”

Zuko pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes, “Of course you did.” He heard her wring out the water in the towel, and nearly yelled when the cold, wet fabric hit his face.

“Warm that up for me, will you?” she was grinning. He just knew she was, “The stain won’t come out with cold water.”

Zuko exhaled steam and chucked the towel back at her. She caught it in one hand, and began dabbing at her dress, “Your turn. What was so bad that the Fire Lord had to go hide in big, fluffy pillows?”


“And then he starts talking about how flexible  Su Yin has been after her lessons- Katara, he’s her FATHER-”

“Ha! Was that before or after he stopped kissing your royal butt?”

“It’s not funny. It’s the opposite of funny.”

“Poor little Fire Lord. Too many girls chasing you. Life is HARD after the war, isn’t it?”

“Oh, shut up. Come here, you missed a spot on the belt.”

She walked over with her eyes mid-roll, and he stood to take the towel from her hands. If asked, he would’ve said that no, he did not remember that she smelled a little bit like panda lilies, or that he could tell she tried to sleek down her hair with cherry oil.


“You can’t be serious.”

She braced herself against his shoulder, “Oh, I am. He told your Uncle I was chewing in code to threaten him.”

He nudged her hip with his elbow, “And to think I was JUST starting to warm up to his daughter.”

“You’re such a liar. Anyway. Today he comes up to me, in front of everyone, mind you, and asks how dare I wear this shade of lipstick.”

Zuko looked up at her, and caught sight of her smile. He turned his attention back to the belt. Or rather, the very stubborn stain he had gotten on his knees to eradicate, “Lipstick?” He asked.

“Mhm. He said that the fact that I’d worn pink and not red was a clear sign of my intentions to dissolve the Fire Nation’s government.”

He laughed lightly, and got up, “This is impossible. Lift your arms.”
He found it just the slightest bit interesting that she did as he asked with no objections, and did not question him when he began undoing the belt at her waist. He gathered up the fabric in his arms and she grabbed his shoulders for balance. It was like he was hugging her without touching her, the way his arms circled her body and came back around to her middle. He could feel her hair on his jaw when he leaned in.
She was in the middle of a story about her brightest student, a delicate bloodbender who came from a former Fire Nation colony, when Zuko finished removing the belt. He stood in front of her, listening and smiling, until she finally lifted her hands from his shoulders.

“I give up,” he says, once her story ends, “you’ll have to take this to our seamstress. Maybe she can salvage it.”

Katara folds up the cloth in her hands and sets it aside. “Thanks, Zuko.”

Maybe it was how close she stood. Maybe the fact that this was just like camping together as children. Maybe this was just who they were together, when no one else was around, but Zuko finally saw the punchline to all of Uncle’s jokes written plainly on Katara’s warm skin, scattered in faint freckles across her cheeks that had not been there when they were younger. He saw why Sokka had always “kept watch” around them back then. He saw it in the way his hand was reaching to wipe away some water from her cheek.

“Anytime,” he said, just to see that smile one more time.

Niall elevator lovin’

           When you arrived in Niall’s dressing room prior to the show that night, he was busy chatting with Harry and Liam. He did a literal double take when he saw you and his jaw drop was almost comical. The other boys, who were originally turned away from you, followed his gaze and were equally awed by your choice of outfit. The other pair greeted you with hugs and cheek kisses before leaving you and Niall alone. Both boys gave Niall a knowing glance on their way out. You patted yourself on the back for your choice of dress.

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