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So everyone remembers when I did the sketch sheet for Vaega, right?(I like to think I’ve gotten better)

Meet Bonny Brixton, A little guy with a strong love for frills and all things cute. He’s a peppy cat with a strong accent and one of the quickest ways to his heart is with a piece of candy (and maybe a nice compliment).  He’s cheeky, a little childish, and sometimes shoves his nose where it doesn’t belong, but he means well. There’s seldom a time when there isn’t a smile on his face, and thus it sometimes seems like his tail is always curled and swaying in the air with approval. Along with his appreciation for sweets, and cute stuff, He is BEYOND enthusiastic about music and dance and the people who make those sorts of things their job.

When I first got to planning for Bonny, I pulled from a few different things, such as a really depressing graphic novel I read a while back (lol), and Queenie from the film, “Mythical Beasts and Where to Find Them”. (Don’t even try to tell me she wasn’t the fucking sweetest woman alive.) Also this song.

Regarding origins, I’m thinking some odd part of the star that has yet to be disclose to the WoL, such as Ivalice or some-such. (Bite me, I’ve seen all of you fools retconing for Storm Blood)

As for the feminine way he dresses, its simply a taste hes acquired over the years and it has little baring upon his integrity as a person; he’s still a young man with hopes and dreams and a healthy interest in love, he’s just more open to the idea of finding it in unlikely places.

You might make note that the common ‘tear drops’ on Miqo’te males are only visible on some sketches, and its quite deliberate- As someone who idolizes the feminine form and look, he’s come to see them as a very masculine trait to have, and thus makes use of cosmetics to cover his own.

That’s about all I have on him thus far, but you can BET you’ll be seeing more of him. Until then, here, have a fully rendered Bonny. *GUN FINGERS*

No skirting around - Circle Skirt Tutorial

I have made an amount of circle skirts in my days. Because they are just. so. simple. So I am gonna go through some different types of circle skirts and how I have used them in diverse ways for cosplay.

The Basics

A circle skirt is a circle, so in the basicest basic it will not have any side seems, which is great. Nowadays I mostly use elastics for my skirts since it is the easiest and so far, in my cosplay, the waistband is hidden so it does not matter. You can put in a zipper in a circle skirt quite easily, just like in any other skirt but it will not be covered here. 

For the calculations I used centimeters if nothing else is stated.

                                            Rest under the cut!

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