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Modern Day Hamilton: Eliza at The Winter’s Ball!

The first design in this design series was actually Angelica and Eliza was the last and the one I struggled most with because I really wanted each of the gowns to in some way reflect the characters. 

In a lot of ways this cap sleeved gown is a departure from the silhouettes and necklines I always want to go to when I think ‘evening gown.’ But I also think this is perfect for her because she comes across at the beginning as very sweet and gentle and even a little bashful considering she asks Angelica to go talk to Hamilton for her. All that made me think she would wear something that feels sweet and classic, but is unambiguously contemporary.

Eliza’s gown features a fittted bodice with light floral embroidery and sequinwork for just a bit of sparkle and a gathered chiffon panel down the center. The skirt is a floor-length silk crepe with a matching chiffon overlay topped off with a gold buckled half-inch belt. 

I threw in a little double starburst bangle because I wanted to throw in a reference to “Burn” but also something less heavyhanded than actual fire.

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