We Gon Have Our Freedom - Khaled M Speaks

We sat down with Khaled M recently and discussed the shituation in Libya. Khaled has a special inside view to share with us since he spent most of his childhood on the run in America; hiding from Mu'amer Gaddafi.

Khaled is the voice of his generation; who are filling the streets of Libya; and demanding their freedom. Have you ever heard of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya - NFSL ? Listen up as Khaled lays down the real facts straight from Benghazi.

we discuss the romanticized lie that Gaddafi calls his Jamahariya. If only he knew how deep we’ve dug into his crates. Mama ASID reveals the shocking revelation about Where Gaddafi Was Really Born - and It Wasn’t In Libya.

listen in as we discuss the spaghetti junction of payments Gadaffi has made to many African governments; and then their mercenaries to support slavery and keep wars going. We also delve into the Slavery and Racism Issues which have made this such a selatious item.

Trust us, He’s Burning the Bodies Right Now..

How much do you know about Colonel Gaddafi’s relationship with Silvio Berlesconi;  and that key to the backdoor of the villa ? Yeahhhh we got the dirt from Italy on the Catwalker. so this is one podcast you don’t want to miss.

We highly suggest you get a cold drink and settle in for a very different view of who this mixed up warmonger really is. Khaled and Mama ASID don’t hold back so this is truly history for the listening.

This International Bombshell soundtrack contains such hits as :

  • Can’t Take Our Freedom
  • Lights Out
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  • Aywa

The background soundtrack to the interviews is from Lil Armenia by Bei Ru.

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May Allah be with Libya

so I don’t really talk about politics nor that I was ever interested but what is happening now can’t be looked over! Yes I watched it from the start since Tunis protests! but I was never feeling sad and bleeding inside as much as now!

Gathafi the retard has topped all corrupted politicans! Today I read a joke about how Hitler is asking to be called an angel compared to Gathafi! at First, I laughed but then it is not funny, a criminal is still a criminal despite how bad his crimes were!

Hitler is History now, people should stop and just do something about today! if I can kill Gathafi with my own hands, I would! it hurts me to just see many people die and I am sitting here unable to do anything!

now first, I would find this unforgivable and hurtful if it was any other country outside middle east. But seeing fellow Arabs living a horrible thing by themselves with not so many arab countries doing something about it is just disturbing, it hurts me as an arab even more! I may not show how awful I feel about this.

But like today, I opened the newspaper when I was in some shop and starting sobbing when I saw the pictures of dead bodies!

sure we didn’t forget about the suffering of Palestine and Iraq, but it’s different with Libya!

Try imagining yourself in a country where your own president kills you and you can’t be sure or believe in safety anymore! Insecure, not knowing who would help you!

In Palestine and Iraq they’re fighting an enemy, In Libya they’re fighting their president! their retarded president!

I just read on Aljazeera twitter that Gathafi burned all dead bodies on the streets to make his crimes disappear! what kind of an idiot is he?

Crazy people belong in mental hospitals, crazy and criminal people belong hideously murdered in their grave!

It’s just sad! painful to live this history! but I hope someday when I tell my kids about this I would end it saying “and then all the corrupted politicans in the arab world disappeared and Gathafi was brutally murdered and his body was burnt in front of millions of Arabs”

all we can do now is just pray hard for those people! for the grand kids of the hero “Omar Almukhtar”

I believe in Allah then them, they will win, inshallah


BBC interview with Gaddafi in 1976.

It’s amusing how the interviewer grills him on 60-day detention when in Britain we have 72-day detention.