Here’s the difference between you and the average billionaire: You will go out in nature and say, “these trees are beautiful!” The billionaire will follow that up with, “Now scoop ‘em all up and mail that shit to my house!”

Take Bidzina Ivanishvili, the wealthy former Prime Minister of Georgia (the country, in case you’re wondering when U.S. states started electing Prime Ministers), who likes to collect giant, ancient trees. So, he’ll see one, and then crews will have to dig them up and float them upright, King Kong-style, along the coast to his private villa which already includes his own waterfall and menagerie of exotic animals.

This is much, much harder than we just made it sound. In 2016, Ivanishvili paid to have a 135-year-old tulip tree barged to his property, though it was so heavy that it almost caused the boat to sink, so they tried to build a road instead, which kept collapsing. In the end, it took almost a week to drag the massive tree just 40 kilometers and plonk it down in his cartoonish trophy forest.

He does insist that he will grow new trees to fill the space of the ones he’s taken, and that his acquisition of these historic trees is actually saving them (it’s like an animal sanctuary, but for trees!), which so far hasn’t done much to quell the tide of criticism. But what are they going to do? They can’t vote him out again. Checkmate, assholes!

5 Billionaires Who Pulled Some Monstrously 'Rich Guy’ Moves

Wanna One’s Hyung Line as Shrek Characters + Gifs

Well here’s another #WtfRUWriting #BullShitPost 

Other Wanna One WTF R U Writing Bullshit Post (as Construction Workers

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flintings  asked:

ok so im rewatching s1 and the bit where gates says the crew won't be happy with $8 each and ok so i did some maths and thats the equivalent of around $640 USD in today's money, or around 600euro, or £520 like thats not a bad amount assuming they make semi regular hauls like that (and assuming thats at the lower end of their usual haul considering gates' displeasure) like wtf are they complaining about they aint got phone bills to pay they aint got taxes to pay pirates are greedy bastards

im laughing so hard

flint: im gonna give u 5 million spanish dollars


flint: well thats a little unrealistic. this is hard work. 

hey uhh, quick question. why the fuck do ppl hate aces so much??

okay i did the math

assuming that medical indistry is the highest paying ethical salaries one can get, the average salary for an orthopedist in 2014 was 413k

the top 1% salary for 2014 is 465k

doctors aren’t even in the top 1%

the only people making more than a fucking doctor are CEOs and entertainment (and if u count overseas examples, royal families), none of which is involved with saving human life so wtf?

bill gates is worth 89 Billion. i mean, i dont know how much he made in 2014, so i cant make a fair comparison, but even assuming that he only makes 1% of his worth every year still leaves 89 Million. thats 191x more than the minimum required to be in the top 1% in 2014. thats 215x more than an orthopedist made in 2014.

like, sure, bill gates has the gates foundation which is a pretty awesome charity, but 89 Billion?? thats more money than there are people on earth. he could give everyone ten dollars and have some left over. imagine what we could do if 89 Billion wasnt personal property - funding cheap (free, even!) food to reservations, building hospitals in poor areas and building universities to staff them. free education. free water. building a solar panel forest in the desert for sustainable, free energy. i just looked it up and apparently americans spent 11.8k on bottled water. we could give everyone in america free bottled water for 8 years. its probably a thousand times cheaper to just have free tap water and free construction to provide clear, safe, healthy tap water to communities that still lack it (looking at you flint)

anyways im tired and pissed goodnight