gates of rivendell

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Aéofen rode down the path, galloping at a mighty speed before coming to a halt right in front of the gates of Rivendell. The look on some of the elves’ faces indicated that they were unsure how he had managed to bring that horse to a stop so quickly.

Dismounting the horse and hitching it at the nearest post he entered the outpost. It was his first time here and he was not entirely sure where everything was or who he was even looking for, save for the fact that this person was the Lord of Rivendell. And that was precisely the description he gave the locals when asking for directions to this Lord of Rivendell.

He found his way up to a little balcony overlooking Rivendell. He leaned over to take in the sight. It was the first time he was this far north. It was also the first time he saw this many elves at once. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed an elven woman who had also been looking at the same scenery. 

Admittedly he was still lost and he decided to try his luck with this person. “Excuse me miss? I was wondering if you could tell me where I may find the Lord of Rivendell. I have a message from the King of Rohan for the Lord.” He said, offering a friendly smile.