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inspired by ghiberti’s gates of paradise and dante’s inferno, an undulating doorway commissioned to be the entrance of a renewed decorative museum in 1888. when the museum project was abandoned, rodin continued to work on the sculpture until his death, leaving it unfinished in his studio. 

familiar figures from dante’s inferno shape in and out of this piece. the three shades at the very top point into hell and rodin’s the thinker acts as dante, overlooking the underworld. ugolino and his sons, and the doomed lovers, paolo and francesca, may also be witnessed. 

several replicas of these nonfunctioning gates have been made through casting and are displayed at various international sites while the original plaster model stands at musée d’orsay, the museum for which it was originally commissioned. the sculpture now functions as an expression of suffering, transgression and power of the human body.


Part ¾ of the comic I’ve been working on from @insanitysbloomings/ @insanitysscribblings ‘ fanfic, Back To Us, which takes place 7 years after the defeat of Hawk Moth and the heroes haven’t seen each other at all during that time.

In order for the conversations in the 4 parts to be more cohesive and make sense, part 3 is the shortest at only 5 panels.  Of course, despite its short length I still spent waaay too long on it because I wanted panel 5 to look cool and actually have a background.  Ehhhh, don’t look too closely at my poor attempt at a “cityscape.” But do appreciate that stupid gated viewing area!  APPRECIATE IT!!  (Just don’t look too closely or you’ll find lots of mistakes…)  ;)

(Part 1)  /  (Part 2)   /  Part 3 (you are here)  /  (Part 4) 

DAY 3432

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Aug 20,  2017                Sun/Mon 12:30 AM

Birthday - EF - Yogesh Pakash Pachange ….  Mon, August 21 .. जन्म दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ , स्नेह आदर और प्यार ; सुख शांति आपके क़दमों को चूमें , यही आशा है हम सब Ef की 

मूसलाधार बारिश , लेकिन स्नेह की बारिश कहीं ज़्यादा  ।।

Incessant rains can dampen the spirits of many .. not of them that come irrespective, to the gates .. this is beyond appreciation and beyond the love that I may have capacity to give ..

Deformed by birth, plague many about .. they are truly the gifts of the Almighty .. He takes away but gives back in abundance .. its truth reverberates throughout and shall ever echo in the elements .. they that have themselves struck by this fortune - ‘fortune’ I say, with the gift of that, which does not belong to any other - may rejoice in the difference that they carry ever, in their entire lives .. 

Their management capacity needs applause .. needs love and appreciation, but never sympathy .. they are no longer ‘viklang’ विकलांग ; they be ‘divyang’ दिव्यांग 

विकलांग ; viklang - the handicapped , the one with some physical deficiency ; now in absolute deletion, never to be used as a description of human .. they are never handicapped, they are ‘differently abled’ ..

they are not ‘viklang’, विकलांग , they are ‘divyang’ दिव्यांग , divine, celestial heavenly .. for they are the chosen ones from the heavens above .. they have capacity to challenge any other .. and they do ever ..

In their moments of solitude and alone, they do ponder and wish I assume, why, and why me .. or lament the normalcy that they see about , challenging themselves to be able to outdo them that profess normalcy .. but are they ever !

Are they that profess normalcy ever normal .. I would wager not .. never .. there is greed for more and better .. for the divyang though, it is always to be better as they are .. without frills and fanfare .. their brilliance peaking ever over other moment of time ..

That is respect and honour .. worth and independency from dependent .. 

Do I identify with them … YES 

Amitabh Bachchan


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“It’s true after sleeping with the captain she got job on the ship”Gates McFadden confirming our suspicions on twitter (x)

“Lying naked in the arms of Beverly Crusher”Patrick Stewart on how he would like to wrap up the character of Jean-Luc Picard (x)

2/16/14 Canada vs. Finland: John Tavares gives Jonathan Toews a friendly punch in the fistbump line

For monalisasnmadhatters. :)
The Walking Dead 6x09 “No Way Out” Reaction

Warning: Extremely long


“Your property now belongs to Negan.”

Daryl blowing the asshats up, saving Sasha and Abraham.

Gabriel volunteering to take Judith.

“…a man named dale…”

“…Maggie’s father Hershel…”

“…a woman named Andrea…”

“…a man named Tyreese.” 

When Sam starts to freak out.

Sam get attacked by walkers.

Jessie gets attacked and Rick starts having flashbacks,

Michonne kills Ron.

Knowing what’s going to happen next, but hoping it’s not true…

Then seeing Carl with only one eye.

“Please save him.”

Michonne kissing Carl on the head.

All them going out to help Rick.

Gabriel finally manning up.

Eugene finally manning up.

“Can you get the gate? Appreciate it pal.”

The super intense scene where everybody’s killing walkers.

“I want to show you the new world Carl.”

Carl holding Rick’s hand.

Honestly one of the best episodes.