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I'm gay and I'm 100% with what you said about YOI I am so fucking sick of people trying to gatekeep or trying to police who is and is not allowed to enjoy certain types of media. Especially when they invent fallacies in order to push their narrative. You are absolutely right.

Thank you, friend, this means a lot to me. <3

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it should be noted: If you're throwing out gay aces because you hate aces, one could argue you're being homophobic in addition to aphobic.

Gatekeeping gay people because they don’t meet your standards for being gay “enough”??? Definitely a form of homophobia

Oh yeah, so if you guys wanna participate in the ball but don’t have any nobles for the princesses, feel free!

Alternatively, if you don’t have nobles in your clan, clan leaders count too! And they can always send emissaries if they themselves can’t make it. The clan’s been really reclusive up to this point so they’ll be none the wiser if you fudge your way into the party.

I said over two years ago that media style guides precluded major newspapers from calling something racist.
Then I asked around and professional media people told me that there isn’t a style convention on this matter so much as an informal culture. The general rule, I was told, is to never call anything racist and certainly to never call anyone racist. At best, they might quote someone calling something or someone racist.
The implication is that there is no such thing as objectively racist. Racism, according to many mainstream media producers and gatekeepers, can only be subjective.
—  Tressie McMillan Cottom at tressiemc. Racism With No Racists: The President Trump Conundrum

Also, people complaining about AOS Kirk’s hair in Beyond. 

Come on, we all know what Shatner’s hair is like (and I LOVE IT ALL WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE)

Why can’t people just…let others enjoy things. Never let these people tell you how to enjoy Star Trek. Inclusive Trek is the best! Gatekeeping…Well. We can leave that to Gul Dukat I feel.

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I honestly don't get why ppl get so riled up about ace discourse? Like of course aces are valid and good and they deserve their own spaces and protection but none of that makes them lgbt and there's nothing wrong with that?

THATS WHAT WE KEEP SAYING LMAO but ppl are like ‘oooo big scary monster gatekeepers HATE all ace & aros’ and its like,,, chill

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The LGBT doesn't even support people inside the acronym anymore. I'm a trans guy and I still feel excluded from the (largely gay/lesbian-centric) community. It's a really toxic place filled with gatekeepers and I'm tired of it lol

[CONT.] and in regards to the “queer is a slur” issue: I’m technically a “”“"straight”“”“ man, but describing my attraction as ‘straight’ just feels wrong. I’m a non-passing trans guy! my attraction will always feel queer because of that.

Honestly, the ‘community’ irritates the hell out of me because it has all these special hoops you need to jump through in order to be considered a ‘valid’ member. Trans individuals have to either pass at all times (which, 1: that’s genuinely really painful for those who have to bind, and 2. incredibly expensive and inaccessible if you look at how much top and bottom surgeries cost, not to mention the cost of various other things, such as binders for trans guys or makeup and waist shapers and various other undergarments for trans ladies, and 3. nOT EVERYONE EVEN WANTS TO ‘PASS’ AT ALL TIMES OR AT ALL AND THAT STILL MAKES THEM VALID, and 4. not passing puts trans individuals at such a higher risk for violence and harassment and it is ‘the community’s’ responsibility to be there for you guys but it just throws y’all under the fucking bus and that pisses me the hell off) or they aren’t ‘trans enough’. Bisexuals need to pick sides and aro/ace individuals are considered ‘basically straight’ and lord help everyone who identifies outside of those sexualities because ‘the community’ will turn around and act like we don’t even exist. Like

let me tell you man, ‘straight’ refers to people who are

1. Cisgendered


2. Heterosexual


3. Heteromantic

So a cisgendered, heteromantic asexual individual? Well, they’re asexual. They have a place in the community. But does the community consider it that way? No.

Cisgendered, heterosexual aromantic individual? They’re aromantic and have a place in the community. But does ‘the community’ see it that way? Nope. 

A trans man who is attracted to women? Has a place in the community. Does the community consider it so? No.

And, frankly, ‘the community’ has no fucking place ASSIGNING sexualities and labels onto people. If someone identifies as queer they are fucking QUEER, leave them the fuck alone. 

Like, I’m fucking tired of this shit, too. Your gender and sexuality is valid and as a trans man, you deserve to have a place in a supportive community that recognizes that the label of ‘straight’ does not sit well with you and that, by all means, you identify as QUEER and thus BELONG IN THIS COMMUNITY. 

But, honestly, at this point: fuck ‘the community’. 

Y'all act like George W. Bush (who went to yale, harvard), Bill O'Reilly (who went to harvard), Glenn Beck (who went to yale), and Mitt Romney (who went to harvard), etc. are anomalies among prestigious universities.

These people are not unintelligent; these people are not uneducated.

Acquisition of higher education isn’t the same as not being willfully ignorant. You can be highly educated and say ignorant shit, it’s actually pretty common: hence this blog.

Stop putting your faith in our education system to rid our society of systematic oppression. Higher education actively encourages oppression.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: it comes down to whether you want more false positives or more false negatives. Do you want to have such stringent requirements for ‘counting’ as lgbtqiap that some people who many consider lgbtqiap get left out? Or do you want more lenient requirements so occasionally someone may ‘count’ who some people within the community think shouldn’t count, but get included anyway? 

I am always going to err on the side of false positives and inclusion, because that’s the kind of community I want to be a part of. The potential negative impact of having a ‘faker’ or something in lgbtqiap+ spaces is far outweighed, in my mind, by the persistant negative impact of this sort of aggressive, vigilant gatekeeping that causes people to have to prove their oppression and hold it up to some shifting standard of what’s ‘oppressed enough.’ 

A community built on that kind of code doesn’t feel safe for many of us whose lives don’t fit a very specific narrative. Hypothetical false positives are far less damaging to our sense of community and inclusion than this sense that any of us could have our lgbtqiap membership revoked whenever gatekeepers come up with a good enough excuse to exclude us.

reiterating so that my position is once again perfectly clear

ace and aro people are LGBTQIA

ace and aro people have a place in LGBTQIA spaces

yes even heteroromantic ace people and heterosexual aro people

because not all LGBTQIA spaces either can or should be solely reserved for same-gender attracted people

an example of a space where all LGBTQIA belong is Pride

you are fully allowed and welcome to make spaces that are SGA-only, but do not call them LGBT, LGBT+, or LBTQIA, because those acronyms include people who might not be same-gender attracted either solely or at all (BTQIA) and the current practice of reserving these spaces, all of them, without warning, for same-gender attracted people

to the point of telling bi people to leave their different-gendered partner at home or forbidding them from talking about/acknowledging their different-gender attractions at all

to the point of policing people’s gender identities to ~make sure~ they’re not straight or in a “”straight”” relationship

is gross.

Your sign told them this was a safe space, so for the love of little purple posies stop lying.

“Stop excluding LGBTQIAP people from the LGBTQIAP community,” because I am 1200% done with this gatekeeping bs.

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Being quizzed on something that I’ve already told you I love does not endear you to me, no matter how many winky emoticons you include. It’s insulting and will always merit an automatic delete. If you are the type of person whose first instinct is to test me on my nerdiness, I am not the nerd you’re looking for.

One of the more perplexing habits of LGBTA gatekeepers - and I’m thinking of anti-bi/ace gatekeepers in particular - is their use of the word “ahistorical”.

It seems like they’re trying to position the community’s present boundaries - or their interpretation of those boundaries, at any rate - as some sort of eternal status quo, and dismissing any evidence to the contrary as “ahistorical”.

But… those boundaries have always been in flux.

Within my own lifetime, lesbians have gone from being regarded as outsiders and unwelcome parasites in the gay community to being so normalised that the very notion they wouldn’t count as members of that community would be regarded by most as faintly comical. During that same span, trans folks have been kicked out and (grudgingly) readmitted on multiple occasions. Indeed, just a couple of years ago, the very same crowd who are now railing against “cishet ace invaders” were loudly proclaiming “A IS FOR ASEXUAL, NOT ALLIES”.

The status quo is an illusion of the moment.

That thing you’re calling “ahistorical”?

That’s history.