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Aion 4.7 - Guide to Kaldor Siege 

This might be a little confusing because there’s so much information all over the place, I’m just going to break them down into parts.

General Information

- All kisks in or around the Kaldor fortress area will be automatically removed once siege begins (kisk OUTSIDE of the grey area)

- Kaldor’s siege last for only one hour and only occurs once every week. But in that one hour, you really have a lot of work to do if you want to occupy or defend it

- There are only two ways to enter Kaldor; firstly via the Shugo NPCs from Rubinnerk’s Farm (asmo) and Saparinerk’s Farm (elyos). The only other method is teleporting from Gerha, assuming you took the respective bases (more on this later)

- Kaldor fortress has an occupational limit of 2, meaning even if your faction is that capable, the same faction can only occupy it twice. The fortress would then automatically reset to Balaur ownership 5 minutes before the next vulnerability.

Capture Points

Even before siege begins, you really have a lot of work on your hands as mentioned. You’ll need to secure artifacts and camps that can aid your fight and allow a quicker access to certain areas around Kaldor fortress.

(see third and fourth screenshot)

The white gates showed in the second screenshot of utmost importance IF the fort is under Balaur ownership. You will need to capture all three to de-spawn the protective shield of the Balaur deity. Otherwise, if it’s under asmo or elyos ownership, capturing one to break a path into the fortress will do (remember, you only have an hour, can’t afford to waste it).

Take note that the Balaur guards will also respawn periodically in attempt to re-capture the gates.

tl;dr - You should be attempting to capture bases and artifacts before siege begins. The gates will only appear when siege begins and that should be your main priority.


There are only three of them in the region, two of which has the same function.

화염 지옥 (this is the artifact in the middle of the map)

- Inflicts 3300 magical damage (multicast 5 times), targets will also be momentarily stunned (can be used once every 15 minutes)

영혼의 절멸 (they are located on the northern and southern ends of Kaldor Fortress)

- Inflicts 2000 MP damage (multicast 5 times), reduces total flight time by 20%, as well as a reduction on movement and attack speed (can be used once every 10 minutes)

(yeah you read right, inflicts damage on your MP)

Balaur Deity

2 star legendary mob, likes to use a lot of AOE (some of them cone shaped) skills. Aside from the protective shield addressed, the rest is just mindless DPS and dodging his AOEs.

Defending The Fortress

The Brigade General of the legion that owns the fortress can hire mercenaries (by paying with Bloodmark tokens) and upgrade the gates (with spikes). If you played Ragnarok Online before, this whole concept might be easier to understand.

Siege tanks will also spawn in the fortress, these can be used to assist defending. However, they will not spawn if the fortress is under Balaur ownership.

Siege Rewards

Interestingly enough, you’re not fully rewarded for successfully defending or capturing the Kaldor fortress. The only direct reward is in the form of a temporary title which will be mailed to you after siege ends. 

(see here for information about the titles)

To redeem your Ceramium medals, GP, relics etc, you’ll have to complete weeklies which are available to you from the fortress. The quests are split into the following categories:

1. Personal quests (3 quests)

2. Faction quests (2 quests)

3. Legion quest (1 quest)

4. Failure* quests (2 quests)

*I couldn’t find another term apt for it

1. These are available to the participants of siege, remember that title you got in the mail? Well you had better not toss it, you need to slap on the title so that you can talk to the NPC who gives out these quests. You’ll be tasked to kill and/or collect mobs and their spoils around Kaldor (20 each).

Each quest rewards 1 Ceramium medal and 125 GP.

2. These quests are available to the whole faction (people who didn’t participate in the siege are not able to receive 1. quests). Similar to the previous, they’re just killing and collection quests of mobs around Kaldor.

The quests will reward (in total) an ancient crown bundle, 45 Ancient Coins, 1 Ceramium medal and 8 Bloodmark tokens.

3. This quest is exclusively available to the legion BG who owns the Kaldor fortress. As the BG, simply talk to an administrator NPC at the fortress to redeem a legion bundle.

This is the part where it could make or break the legion, because the bundle itself contains an overwhelming load of rewards and all of them are tradable (only to members of the legion).

I’m a bit conflicted to translate the list of rewards (see the last screenshot), one of them being 100 ceramium medal boxes.

If your legion BG is a greedy douche, well, sucks to be you.

4. Losers get something too! These quests are only available to the losing faction. The NPC at the respective strongholds in Kaldor will give these out.

One of them is a PVP quest, kill 6 of the opposing faction in Kaldor. This quest rewards 1 Ceramium medal and 4 Bloodmark tokens. The other quest is a kill mobs and collect quest that rewards an ancient goblet bundle and 23 Ancient Coins.