gate runner

Writing prompts for ya guys XD

I thought maybe is i gave some prompts it might be easier for you guys to send me stuff you want me to write :3 Keep in mind I don’t do smut or actor imagines. Thx guys hope you find something you like.

1. Oh my Gosh your bleeding

2. You know we could get arrested for this

3. Dude, Sorry… Dudette STAAAPPPP

4. Who doesn’t like cake?!

5. Babe, You punched him? That’s so hot

6. When in Rome….

7. You touch me and you die

8. Twilight, Really I thought you were better than that?

9. I thought I almost lost you… again

10. I didn’t know you danced

11. You have a nice voice

12. I’m dying

13. …Then who can we trust?

14. Merry Christmas

15. Guess what?

16. Were lost aren’t we?

17.  I’m not worried


19. Well I thought I’d never see the day

20. I regret nothing, ok, somethings… well, everything


22. When were you going to tell me?

23. Cake?

24. It’s four in the morning what the heck are you doing?

25. Its a revolution!

26. Homework must have been created by the devil

27. Put a shirt on, fool


29. Are you kidding me? Doctor who is awesome!

30. Get out of this room before I make you leave