With spring time in the air, we’ve been craving something a bit more floral than usual.  Maybe it’s something about all the magnolia trees a-bloom, or the spring time bulbs bursting from the earth, but we’ve got spring fever, and we’ve got it bad

We recently discovered the recipe for Violet Gin Fizzies, and now we are obsessed.  Light and frothy, the aromatic flavors of Hendricks Gin play nicely with the Creme de Violette and orange citrus oils.  It’s a lovely spring time drink - and it’s gorgeous purple hue sure goes nicely with all those fluffy blossoms outside!

Get the recipe over at Gastronomista!

From Whiskey Crystal to Dark & Stormy, we’ve got a few cocktail-inspired shades in our collection. So in proper holiday spirit, we called upon our friend Emily Arden Wells of the award-winning cocktail blog @gastronomista to concoct their deliciously drinkable counterparts.

Impress your friends (and yourself) with @gastronomista‘s take on the Toronto Cocktail:


Gastronomista is a lady-run, beautifully laid out website devoted to all things food. My first introduction was when my lovely lady friend, Helen Hollyman, announced on her website that she was honored to be a guest contributor on the Gastronomista blog.

Since then, she has also endured many a meatball and brought the hard core details to you here.

I love to be able to support my friends, but I love food even more, so I added Gastronomista into my Google Reader. These ladies were responsible for the introduction of bacon lettering last week and have upped the ante this week with home decor.

Enter Pop Chart Lab and a post about what do do when you’re craving chocolate but just can’t decide. Instantly hooked, I quickly search for what else is out there to geek out over and I’m overcome with possibilities in the print department!

Wishing now, more than ever, that I had my own permanent space and not this purgatory of a house, these posters would be fancifully displayed like the perfect art gallery. Possibly a chair or bench nearby so you can sit and stare, with a cocktail in hand, and educated yourself on all there is to be known. Or I could possibly start a hotline where my friends could call in time of need. I could rush to the appropriate image and settle their worry in no time.

These are all on my christmas list now.

To kick off summer I’ve been making Pisco Sours - but my dad’s variation with a smoky touch of The Bitter End Memphis BBQ Bitters and Porton Pisco made in the Andes mountains of Peru.  

 Although it seems like it wouldn’t work, the BBQ bitters were a stroke of genius.  They compliment the bright and zesty cocktail with a surprise of spicy heat, smoke, and that BBQ sweetness we all love so much.  It’s almost as though the cocktail had spent the entire day over the smoker with the ribs and then was miraculously served chilled to perfection.  

Get the recipe on Gastronomista!

4 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Margaritas from Gastronomista

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays of the year—mostly because there are margaritas involved. I love margs for any occasion, but they taste extra delicious when you know that summer’s quickly approaching after a long, cold spring. 

Today we’ve got four, yes four, recipes for Margaritas that will satisfy even the pickiest palates: The Mercadito with Jalapenos and Cilantro, A Smoky Ginger Mezcal Margarita, a Habanero Grapefruit Marg, and a recipe for A Perfect Margarita—none of which are dispensed from an icee machine. Cheers!

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From Whiskey Crystal to Dark & Stormy, we’ve got a few cocktail-inspired shades in our collection. So in proper holiday spirit, we called upon our friend Emily Arden Wells of the award-winning cocktail blog @gastronomista​ to concoct their deliciously drinkable counterparts.

Class your next holiday party up with @gastronomista​‘s Stormy Negroni:

3 More Valentine’s Day Cocktails

It shouldn’t surprise you to find that all of us at Birchbox are a bit cocktail-obsessed. While the lady eds were chatting up Emma Emerson, co-founder of the cocktail, food, and design website Gastronomista, about rose-colored tipples in honor of Valentine’s Day, the editors at Birchbox Man were plying the very same Ms. Emerson for handcrafted holiday libations. Clearly, great minds think alike—a mere few desks away. Check out our post on non-girly, non-cliché pink cocktails, then scoot over to The Guide for 3 more recipes. Happy drinking! 


Flying solo on Valentine’s Day? Check out guest blogger Jessica Dang’s single-girl rituals

Gastronomista/Tumblr Food & Drink, "Holiday's On Ice" Radio Special.

Drumroll, please.

(Photo via Fashionsmostwanted)

Today, Thursday December 13th, 2012 marks a historic day on U Look Hungry radio… 

I’m sure you recall that lovely U Look Hungry radio interview (from last summer) with two (out of the four+) tour de forces at Gastronomista? If not, let me jog your memory.

We’re well underway into the holiday season, which can involve mass hysteria, too much eggnog, and severe exhaustion from trying to locate the perfect cat sweater for Grandma. Take a deep breath, relax, and step away from Pinterest’s trending gift guide section.

So with the help of today’s guests, Gastronomista Co-Founders, Emily Arden Wells (Emma Emerson) and Jennifer Pelka (who has moved over to Gilt Taste and most recently, Tumblr), we bring you AN HOUR LONG HOLIDAY RADIO SPECIAL. 

Like the anxious anticipation of a fireside chat (hopefully accompanied by a glass of warm bourbon), we present to you The U Look Hungry/Gastronomista/Tumblr Food & Drink mash-up special, “Holiday’s on Ice” episode of U Look Hungry radio, only on the Heritage Radio Network.

For this hour long special, expect the following crash course in holiday entertaining, gift giving, party tricks, and so much more:

*Holiday decorating tips (that won’t accidentally light your dog on fire in the process)

*Entertaining accessories (red lipstick is always a must)

*Holiday survival tricks (did someone say bourbon?)

(Photo via Gastronomista)

*Favorite dishes and holiday traditions

*Gastronomista’s ultimate gift guide/gifts for the hostess with the mostess/table gifts

*Tumblr Re-Blog gifting 

(Photo via Tumblr re-blog gift guide)

Here’s what you need to do:

Turn up those speakers to the proper audible level and tune in to U Look Hungry radio show on the Heritage Radio Network LIVE at 6 pm (EST) today, Thursday December 13th, 2012. 

If you’re in the middle of whipping up that homemade eggnog recipe (I hope that you haven’t developed carpel tunnel as a result), take your time and listen to the episode at your leisure by downloading the free iTunes version of the episode.

Feliz Navidad, ya’ll. Happy Channukah. Happy Kwanzaa. Can’t wait.


I’m having a recent obsession with herbal digestif cocktails - there’s something about the complexity of herbal liqueurs that balance so well when mixed with a little sweet and a little sour.  At this year's Manhattan Cocktail Classic I was introduced to the Zwack, the Hungarian spirit made from a secret recipe of more than 40 herbs and spices.  The process also remains a bit of mystery, some of said herbs are part of the distillation process, some are macerated into the spirit before the blend is aged in oak casks for six months.  I was intrigued. 


Intrigued to try it out in a cocktail, and behold, The Tempest.  Zwack Liqueur, Barrows Ginger Liqueur, Fresh Lime juice, Basement Bitters, topped with Ginger Ale.  Delicious.  


Get the recipe on Gastronomista