Helen Hollyman, truffle slinger, pastry chef, and radio hostess-with-the-mostess of ULookHungry and Lady Mary Crawley, I mean – oops, Emily Arden Wells of Gastronomista, at last night's Down"town" Abbey par-tay at New York Vintners. All to celebrate Hendrick’s Gin’s faboo Tumblr gallery of ladies in very fancy headgear

4 Delicious Cinco de Mayo Margaritas from Gastronomista

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite holidays of the year—mostly because there are margaritas involved. I love margs for any occasion, but they taste extra delicious when you know that summer’s quickly approaching after a long, cold spring. 

Today we’ve got four, yes four, recipes for Margaritas that will satisfy even the pickiest palates: The Mercadito with Jalapenos and Cilantro, A Smoky Ginger Mezcal Margarita, a Habanero Grapefruit Marg, and a recipe for A Perfect Margarita—none of which are dispensed from an icee machine. Cheers!

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3 More Valentine’s Day Cocktails

It shouldn’t surprise you to find that all of us at Birchbox are a bit cocktail-obsessed. While the lady eds were chatting up Emma Emerson, co-founder of the cocktail, food, and design website Gastronomista, about rose-colored tipples in honor of Valentine’s Day, the editors at Birchbox Man were plying the very same Ms. Emerson for handcrafted holiday libations. Clearly, great minds think alike—a mere few desks away. Check out our post on non-girly, non-cliché pink cocktails, then scoot over to The Guide for 3 more recipes. Happy drinking! 


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