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what is it with like these morgensterns….there’s valentine with his whole Gordon Ramsey professional chef kitchen fitted in the boat just hangin out making his fave spaghetti dish and now Sebastian with his fuckin bouillabaisse soup he learnt from some cook in Paris feeding it to sad shadowhunters like some friendly neighbourhood soup kitchen like genocide or gastronomical delights this family does it both

At Richard’s court, ceremonial was turned into an art form, an elaborate and complicated political dance with the King and his queen, Anne of Bohemia, in the starring roles. Deportment was compulsory, manners strict and pageantry, even when surrounding seemingly trivial everyday moments such as the royal family’s mealtimes, was constant. Bejewelled cutlery was introduced alongside gastronomic delights boasting the latest spices and recipes, as silent courtiers, decked out in ruinously expensive finery, watched their masters eat. Fashion at Richard II’s court was dedicated to showing off the male physique – tights accentuated muscles well-toned from hunting or jousting, high-necked robes complemented broad shoulders, while the arrival of the codpiece obviously drew attention to the most prized attribute. Queen Anne and her European entourage also pioneered riding side-saddle for ladies, as well as modish continental conceits like shoes for men that were so long and pointed they required golden chains buckled to the knees to hold their curls upright. Anne, shimmering from head to toe, was doted upon by her husband, who built her a bathhouse, a painted audience chamber and a new ballroom in her favourite home, along with a private lavatory decorated with two thousand painted tiles.
—  Gareth Russell, historian, author of “A History of the English Monarchy: From Boadicea to Elizabeth I” (2015)

Greece: the new home of luxury travel

When it comes to luxury, there are few countries in the world that can rival Greece for options. This, after all, is the original land of the gods, a place where the wildest fantasies of mortals came true.

The natural environment alone looks as if it was created in an image inspired by the fantasies of those same immortals that ruled the world from the top of Mount Olympus.

Modern day Greece has much to offer the visitor looking to escape the stress of everyday life and spend a relaxing break indulging themselves. Bathed in a spectrum of colour and light, from the vibrant blue of clear skies to the pure white beaches where turquoise waters lap at the shoreline, the country is an opulent feast for the senses.

Luxury comes in many forms; from top quality restaurants serving up some of the finest gastronomic delights to exclusive hotels providing unrivalled facilities and personal service, and luxury resorts with a mandate to cater for every whim and desire to places that manage to stretch the limits even further.

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New Zealand: Dine in the trees

Calling all adventurers! Looking to cross mile-high dining off your bucket list? This might be the exact spot you’ve been looking for. 

If you fancy spending the day in a sky-high treehouse, then look no further than the Redwoods Treehouse in Warkworth, New Zealand. Perched ten metres above ground in a redwood tree, the treehouse is technically not quite mile-high, but boasts commanding views of unspoiled woodland. Situated 45 miles north of Auckland on the edge of a peaceful redwood forest, the treehouse is perfect for travellers searching for an excursion away from the big city.

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A Day In The Life Of A New York City Delivery Guy

For you, the process is pretty seamless. On a dreary evening, you scroll through a menu online, tap a couple of buttons and voila: Hot food is delivered to your door within the hour. The only energy you have to exert is to get off the couch to open your door and grab your meal.

But that hot dinner doesn’t just appear at your door, as you know. There’s a real person who travels through traffic, rain, sleet and snow to ensure your Netflix binge is accompanied by something tasty – and when you really consider the effort it takes, you might rethink the amount of tip you add to your order.

Gabriel Martinez Rios is one of thousands of restaurant workers who are responsible for your gastronomical delight. He delivers meals to hungry New York City residents by way of his bicycle, spending approximately 40 hours of his week transporting orders for S'MAC, a New York City restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes. On a rainy afternoon shift in March, Rios strapped a GoPro to his bike helmet and captured what he says is a typical workday.