gastrointestinal discomfort

rare herbal teas to help you through classes:

Bergamot (Italy) - anxiety, depression

Chamomile (France) - indigestion/poor appetite, insomnia

Grapefruit (Israel) - depression, fluid retention, cellulite

Jasmine (India) - aphrodisiac, menstrual cramps/discomfort

Peppermint (USA) - stomach discomfort/gastrointestinal concerns, memory/concentration

Lemon (Italy) - disinfectant, immune system

Lavender (France) - anxiety, insomnia

Geranium (China) - hormone balance, lymphatic stimulation, anxiety

anonymous asked:

no, the bayleaf isn't supposed to be there you patronizing jizz-gargle. Bayleaves are typically removed from a dish because, even when cooked extensively, the hard and fibrous plant material is not something we can digest. When ingested it can cause pain, discomfort, gastrointestinal upset, and pieces of the leaves have actually lacerated people's bowels. So fuck off with your bullshit.

I’m sorry for being so rude if you want me to delete the post I will! Thanks for telling me that and being so informative! Have a nice day! 

Love Jay