Wanna see what happens when Gastrodamus is left to the wits of his stomach? Pecan ice cream topped with homemade caramelized bacon bits and pierced with freshly frozen pomegranate seeds doused with chocolate hardshell. Most beautiful part: takes only 10 minutes.

I had no choice but to post this on his behalf, his humility did not want minds to be blown so early on a Sunday morning.

-Braised Bombshell

A good friend of mine (who is quite brilliant) wrote an entire cookbook devoted to cooking in cast-iron.

From fried chicken as scrumptious as Grandma’s to spicy exotic Palak Paneer, the recipes will satisfy all year long. The cookbook guides you though purchasing, seasoning, and cleaning your cast-iron pans. Cooking with cast iron proves what once was old is new again!

If you love delicious home cooked meals, click the chain link icon when you hover over the photo! :)