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Flare care box

Idea (necessity) for Ibs, Ibd and other gastro effecting spoonies.

Keep in or very near your bathroom the following items, in a box or other easily accessible and movable location.

- an empty bottle or cup to be filled with water or electrolyte fluid.
- electrolyte sachets (any pharmacy or supermarket should have some)
- baby wipes (trust me, your bottom will thank you)
- Some form of soothing ointment for your bum. (Barrier cream or something. You’ll need it. Trust me)
- A small snack (and few biscuits/muesli bar or something. You could be there a while or need food to take medication with)
- 1 spare toilet roll. (Always have a spare for a midnight flare
- extra medication (you might be in the bathroom for a while, don’t want to miss a dose. Also, pain killers and nausea meds)
- a small stool/cushion/rolled up towel. (You’ll need something to put your feet on. raising your legs stops them from going numb, and is generally more comfortable)
- A book/puzzle book or other time passing hobby that is acceptable to do while on the loo.
- phone charger. (don’t lose your life line)
- a cardigan or small blanket to wrap around your shoulders (being cold and sick are a bad combination)
- sunglasses (I know this seems strange, but migraines are pretty nasty when you’re in a bright white bathroom and can’t reach the light switch.)

Add any more as necessary.
Happy Pooping!
Love and spoons xxx


So I was going through my copy of the Assassination Classroom databook, Roll Book Time (because I have nothing better to do), and I decided to put these profiles through Google Translate because they looked interesting and I love the villains (somehow I always like villains better than the actual protagonists). They’re all the pros that E-Class has encountered so far.

Please keep in mind that I know almost no Japanese:

Shiro (Class S)

Gender: Unknown
Born in: Unknown
Affiliation: An unspecified organization
Weapon: Pressure beam, Anti-Sensei fiber clothing, Anti-Sensei powder bomb
Assassination Method: Unknown (it is assumed that he’s only a mediator)
Weakness: Unknown
Additional Information: He’s involved in the effort to destroy Korosensei (referred to as super-destructive organism?). His true identity is still under investigation.

Lovro Burofski (Class A)

Gender: Male
Born in: Eastern Europe (uses Slav language)
Affiliation: Killer Mediator? (I think that means assassin dealer)
Weapon: Personal connections
Assassination Method: Various
Weakness: His grandson (aww!)
Additional Information: He’s the one who introduced Irina to the Japanese government. Currently retired from the front lines.

Red Eye (Class B)

Gender: Male
Born in: Unknown
Affiliation: Freelancer
Weapon: Sniper rifle
Assassination Method: Sniping
Weakness: A close-range target
Additional Information: His track record is 35 kills. Employed to kill destructive organism (aka Korosensei).

Gastro (Class B)

Gender: Male
Born in: France
Affiliation: Freelance
Weapon: His favorite handgun
Assassination Method: Shooting his targets dead
Weakness: Something about seasoning his gun
Additional Information: Hired to carry out Takaoka’s plans for revenge. He ascertains the condition of his gun by taste. Unusual personality.

Smog (Class B)

Gender: Male
Born in: Japan
Affiliation: Freelance
Weapon: Poison gas, poison
Assassination Method: Poisoning
Weakness: A nose that can sniff out his poisons (?)
Additional Information: One of Takaoka’s hired killers. Specializes in poisoning. Also possesses disguise technology

Grip (Class B)

Gender: Male
Born in: Denmark
Affiliation: Freelance
Weapon: His own body (mainly the grip strength of his hands), poison gas (borrowed from Smog)
Assassination Method: Coming in from behind the target, cervical spine fracture
Weakness: [Unexpectedly] Cannot write well
Additional Information: One of Takaoka’s hired killers. Began to desire “pure killing” (I guess that means a good fight). Can break glass with bare hands. Often ends his sentences with “nu.”

Akira Takaoka (Class A)

Gender: Male
Born in: Japan
Affiliation: Ministry of Defense Secret Unit -> he brought out the secret funds
Weapon: His authoritarian education
Target: Korosensei, Nagisa Shiota
Hobby: Giving his subordinates the “carrot and stick” treatment (a system of reward and punishment). Then, something about visiting pastry shops
Additional Information: Dispatched by the Ministry of Defense secret unit to speed up the process of killing Korosensei. At first glance, he seemed like a nice guy, but in reality, it’s the reverse. After going against Class E at the beach resort, he was forced out of commission by Nagisa.

God of Death (Class S)

Gender: Male
Born in: Unknown
Affiliation: None
Tricks: His invisible Reaper sickle (a 10-caliber gun in his index finger, which can punch a hole into an artery), a training knife, training needle, and a wire. (Note: I’m not sure if the word is “training” or “preparation.” I can’t make sense of the characters 仕込み )
Assassination Technique: Clap Stunner
Skills: Disguise, presence assimilation (can blend seamlessly into a crowd), hacking, bondage (not that kind), hand-to-hand combat, precision shots, sniping, human pathology, booby trap installation, animal training, professional flower decorating skills, first-class architect, etc., explosives, poison, monitoring, eavesdropping. More than ten thousand assassination skills.
Weakness: None (we got a badass here)
Additional Information: The best assassin. His real face and the way he kills without leaving a trace is shrouded in mystery.