gastonmanion answered your post: I am so excited about the Nancy Drew M…

yes, but i feel like the matchups are unfair? pitting super old vs. more recent isn’t a fair fight, imo

Yeah I noticed that too.

But they did set it up so it’s kind of folded in half… so it’s not the very oldest games against the very newest–they are always about halfway apart from each other on the game timeline.

Also, I mean… they’re all going to have to be pitted against each other eventually. I guess we’ll see how it goes! Maybe nostalgia will end up winning out against a lot of the newer games. :)

deumbridgeway  asked:

maybe kara lindsay will be the new miss honey since that is how the world works apparently. can't wait 2 see corey cott star as mr. wormwood

what the fuck are you talking about

corey cott will be taking over the role of matilda full time

matilda carries the banana through it all

deumbridgeway  asked:

ok this is going to sound very strange but hello this is sassydrew on my main account and i wanted to see if you followed me on there so i put in your name and it said "specified tumblelog does not exist" and i'm just like ???? no i'm p sure it exists it JUST showed up on my dash wtf SORRY this message is strange i'll go now

Ohh this is probably because karenplaysnancydrew is a side account. I think you’re actually in the same boat as me…I just checked to see if “sassydrew” was following me but it said you didn’t exist either (the account gastonmanion is following me though.)

My main account is crystallinedemons so that’s the only blog on which I can follow people!

(ps I wasn’t following you previously but I am now!)