When Fabrice Tarrin was a young teenager he sent his comics to Dupuis for critique and he received a reply from the legendary André Franquin!


“Your drawings aren’t bad at all. A little too "Belgian school,” maybe. You’ll find your style little by little…

“Ah! Your caricatures have a good likeness, especially Gainsbourg and his daughter.”

“Do you do any life drawing? It helps with with developing, you’ll gain a memory of forms. Plus it’s fun.”

“Girls are hard to draw. Sketch girls!”

“A good BD (comic) artist is some who draws a lot, passionately, to the point of madness!”

“Actualize your characters a little. Observe the clothes of your era. Draw them. Look at catalogues.”

“That goes for everything in your era… and BDs of your era.”

“Franquin (what a chatterbox!)”