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Oooooh can I request one please? Can I request a gaston x reader for number 85, the coffee shop AU? Thank you!!!!!!

EDIT: it came to my attention that I should probably tag people who’d like to see future Gaston fics in this so they don’t miss it, so here ya go. 

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Okay, so I really want to make this a kind of Modern AU series type deal?? With side characters and character relationship dynamics and headcanons, the whole shebang, but I don’t know if you guys would be interested in that or not.

If you just want another one shot for this AU, I’d be more than happy to oblige, but I was just considering because I have sO MANY Modern AU headcanons and it would be Totally Tubular if I could get them all out there in One Fic, ya know? So, what do you guys want? Give me feedback on if you’d like a whole series (I’d still be doing Dazed and Distracted- new chapter should be up relatively soon) or what have you! Thanks for reading this little PSA! (Read below for a shitty synopsis of this proposed series) 

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