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Cassandra Clare is hinting us a secret project and one of them contains Jocelyn and Luke with the title Little Red Riding Hood. Could this project possibly the tales of each of the Circle members twisted with children’s bedtime story, with twisted ending?

If so, these are my theories about the secret project: there will be ten tales, of the Circle members, all leading up to the point where TMI began.


Let’s start with:

Beauty and the Beast

Did you watch the movie with Emma Watson? If so, I’m about to tell you the saddest Beauty and the Beast story. I believe the perfect Shadowhunter version of Beauty and the Beast is a triangle love story about Jocelyn, Luke, and Valentine. Jocelyn as Belle, Valentine as Gaston, and of course, Luke as the Beast.

On the real story, Belle ran away and almost killed by the wolves, while Beast saved her and brought her back. But, Jocelyn only spend a few moments with Beast, and ended up still marrying Gaston/Valentine, while he led the villagers/Circle members marching onto Beast/Luke’s palace and (tried to) killed him. Ouch.

The Little Mermaid

Amatis = Ariel, Prince Eric = Stephen, Some random princess = Celine. The King (Valentine) found out that Amatis’s sisters(brother) are mermaid(werewolf), and is considered unworthy to marry a human, let alone a prince. So, Prince Stephen told her to return to the ocean and to let him live his brand new life with the princess. Amatis, brokenhearted, return to her palace and never saw Prince Stephen ever again, while Prince Stephen and Princess Celine had a son and lived happily ever after.


Guess who’s the lucky blonde? JACE!

Jace as a Cinderella totally makes sense. Little baby Jace, should’ve had a happy family, instead he’s adopted by the evil step-mother, or in this case, evil adoptive father, who abused him and an evil adoptive brother. And then, one night, the fairy godmother came, a.k.a. Maryse, and picked him up to the Castle, a.k.a. New York Institute.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty could possibly refer to Jocelyn, as she fell asleep because she drank the vial. However, I think this story is more related to Clary as she is ‘asleep’ for seventeen years, and true love’s kiss woken her up, a.k.a. her kissing Jace on her birthday.

But the Maleficent here is Jocelyn, seeing as she’s the one who puts Clary to ‘sleep’.

Ok, I’m running out of ideas.

any suggestion???