So I think I’m having a gasteoparesis attack since I still have a heavy feeling in my stomach and I feel pretty terrible overall. About two months ago my stomach problems increased dramatically.

I still remember the burning feeling in my throat, I think I’ve even posted about it. The past two months I’ve been dealing with crazy heartburn and nausea, frequent gastric dumping and vomiting. I’ve increased my omeprazole dosis from 20mg to 80mg without success.

Luckily I have an appointment with my gastroenterologist on Tuesday. We are supposed to talk about the results of my bloodwork ( he didn’t want to tell them over the phone so maybe they’ve found something) and about my bowel issues, but I’m hoping we can change the subject to my stomach. My bowel problems can wait but my stomach problems can’t because I need to get some calories in my system and my meds dont work this way. So I’m hoping he will put me on different meds, prescribe a mattress wedge (i need to remind him of this) en maybe do an endoscopy to find out what’s going on. Also I’ve been thinking about an GI tube to give my body some rest. All the coughing and vomiting isn’t doing my body much good, and not eating isn’t either.


Theses photo’s are of 18 yr old Haley Stonehocker, she battled digestive tract paralysis in the form of Gasteoparesis and she also had pots. She died October 11th 2012. I have only read about her and seen a video online but it made me cry to hear that she had died, she battled hard against her condition even though she was mostly bedridden because of it, that didn’t make her give up hope. She was also involved in the fight against these devastating illnesses and supporting other people with this condition through Gutsy teen lounge part of G-PACT. And despite the fact that Haley is no longer here, her story and her hope and fighting spirit can still help people.

The reason that i wanted to tell you about her is apart from the story hitting so close to home because of the DTP. Is the fact that she didn’t give up, and neither can we. We have to fight, not just for ourselves but for other people that are suffering, for the people who are struggling, and for the people that no longer have the opportunity to fight, no matter what condition you suffer from. Every day you conquer another battle however big or small is amazing. And everyday is a gift. The other thing is You really don’t know what difference you could make to someone else's life.

Haley’s story really touched my heart, it reminded me that even though im so ill and exasted and sometimes get tired and tired of just the fight itself and feel like im not winning or achieving anything, and just want to give up. I am still here and i can’t stop hoping that something might change. So Keep fighting and if you can’t do it for urself, do it for the people who can’t do it anymore, do it for that one person who’s heart you might touch. its an amazing gift to be able to help someone. hold on to that hope. 

A little bit about Haley: