gasps to the heavens

I want to do
that will push me
out of my
comfort zone,
that will take me
far from where
I came from—
an adventure
that was like—
I’m walking pass
through the gates
of hell
but it feels
as sweet
as heaven
making me
gasp for air—

and yes,
it was
falling in love
with you.

—  ma.c.a // Should I fight my feelings for you?

A friends with benefits series─In which one of you falls in love with the other and confesses without needing the three little words to get your feelings across. ft. College AU

Warning: Some may contain mention of sex


Why People Fall in Love

Genre: Fluff
Words: 4.7k

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.


↪ [1/3] Make a Move.

↪ [2/3] Move, Made.

↪ [3/3] Sweet Serendipity.

Genre: Fluff and a pinch of angst
Words: 3.5k each

+ You’re closest to Hoseok in terms of friendship and flirtationship as per everyone’s painfully blatant knowledge ─ very much like the ‘he likes her she likes him and everybody knows but them trope’ with the exception you’re aware of your feelings for that boy. But what they don’t know is the existential violet bruises you keep fairly hidden underneath your complementary jackets and skinny jeans ─always all covered up head to toe, you might give the Sisters a run for their money.

The bruises made by Hoseok’s best friend, Min Yoongi.


↪ Along for the Ride


Three months into sneaking around, Taehyung pops up in front of your doorstep, this time without a semi hard on nor the intention of putting into use the pros of your friendship, and lays out a compelling initiative ─ Every Thursday night, you go on a date with him.

With a shrug, you agree too fast, too easily to Taehyung’s pleasant surprise. You’re just along for the ride but Taehyung is set on making it one of the best rides of your life.


all and more

Genre: angst
Words: 3.7k

At the age of 22, going to the most prestigious college in South Korea, learning the ropes to a bachelor’s degree in business management despite living and breathing the life since a young age and not needing a paper qualification to take over a multi-billion family corporate but still taking on the feat of a tertiary education like any other his age, moving out from his penthouse into a modest apartment near campus, going to frat parties every Thursday night, being early for his morning lecture the day after and still managing to be respectful to his friends and professors, Park Jimin has it all and more.

But all and more isn’t enough for the boy, you would know, you see the line he draws between him and the people around. Which makes him the perfect go-to for a good fuck.


↪ Behind Closed Doors.


You start taking an interest in Jung Hoseok because of his too-loud personality and cute, dimpled smiles.

One unforeseen event, as gasp-worthy as the resurfacing of 7 minutes in heaven among 9 drunken college students would be anyway, traps you and the boy with a megawatt smile and leads to a few too many times of you and him ending up in a room alone with your clothes strewn on the floor.

And you start falling for him because of the things he says behind closed doors.





Made: 11th june 2017
Update: [27th august 2017] - jimin’s part added
Reminder: Description is prone to change.

7 Minutes in Heaven (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hey I love your work! Can you do a jughead X reader were the whole gang is at Cheryl’s party and they end up being dared to spend 7 minutes in heaven and there is a looot of sexual tension. (Smut or no smut your choice) Thank youu xx 

A/N: Writing this in the car so lets hope this works well.

Warning: Light Smut (Literally Just A Makeout session)


7 Minutes in Heaven (Jughead x Reader) 

The blue fabric hugged your frame as Veronica pulls you into the main room.

 “Listen up, Bitches. We’re playing a classic and if you don’t play, well you know the house rules.” Cheryl’s voice cuts through all the chatter around you.

Her eyes scan the room. “And I mean everyone is playing this. You too, Wednesday.”

You turn and see your best friend leaning up against the wall with a scowl on his face.

“What game is it?” One of the mindless Vixens ask.

Cheryl claps her manicured hands together as her famous smirk crawls onto her face. “7 minutes in heaven.”

Couples after Couples were picked.

You sat praying that you wouldn’t get picked or end up with a douchebag.

When Reggie and one of the Vixens came out of the closet, Cheryl turns to you with a grin. “Your turn, (Y/n)!” She grabs the empty bottle and spins it.

“Lets see who the lucky person is.” Her eyes twinkling a little.

It spins and spins.

The glass dragging across the table when it stops. 

On Jughead.

Your heart stops for a second. There’s no way he’ll agree to it. Right?

“Oooh. Donnie Darko!” Reggie laughs and stands up. “If he won’t do it, i’ll gladly take his place.” His eyes trailed up and down your body.

You feel a hand tug you farther from the jock.

“Lets go.” Jug’s voice low and a scowl still on his face.

A few cheers fill the room as Cheryl shuts the door.

“You two can’t come out until something happens.” She says through the door and you hear a click. 

She locked us in.

You turn and see Jug with faint pink cheeks. “We don’t have to actually do anything, Juggie.” You touch his cheek as he steps closer.

His body blocking you in against the door.

A burst of confidence shocks his body and he leans in with a smirk.

His eyes travel down to your lips and he says in a low voice. “What if I want us to?”

You felt your body heat up as one of his hands touch the cool wood behind you and the other skim down your check to the base of your neck.

You let out a small whimper as he places his lips on yours in a burning sensation.

Your hands go to his raven hair and his leave a trail of fire wherever they went.

Pushing you up against the door, you both let out a groan when your bodies collide.

His fiery lips leave bruises in their wake as he makes his way down your neck, leaving you gasping as you feel heat pooling in between your legs.

He bunches up the fabric against your skin.

You tug at his shirt trying to take It off while keeping contact.

“Time’s Up, Freaks!” Cheryl’s voice cuts through your blurred thoughts. His fingers skim your thighs.

“Another time?” He breathes against your neck.

You shake your head and let out a small whimper as he tries to pull away.

“No. My house? Now.” He digs his nails into your flesh producing another gasp from you.

“I thought this was 7 minutes in heaven? Not 7 minutes in heaven and meeting up after?” His voice teasing.

You grind your hips against his, feeling his own problem.

“We never did fit in.” You pull away and fix your dress as he searches for the beanie you had thrown to the ground.

“I never want to.” He kisses you one last time and opens the door. 

A/N: Sorry it’s so short but I just wrote this up while in the car! 


Jace X Reader


Requested by @jiiiiiill

“(Y/N) come on, if we don’t hurry we’ll have to explain where we’re going?” Izzy muttered and you rolled your eyes, grabbing your stele as you hurried after her.

“Do you have an outfit for everything?” You chuckled and she twirled for you as you stepped out of the front doors and headed to Brooklyn.

“Sweetie I must look fabulous at all times, also I love the new jacket, very tough chic.” She tugged at the collar of your new jacket and smirked when you shrugged and followed her into a building.

“Oh, trust me Izzy you always do.” You sighed and pushed through the crowd, dropping back when you spotted the vampire you were looking for and let Izzy charm him into following her round the back.

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Bon’s Informal Screechings (3x02) (SPOILERS)

and, as always, “informal” means: TYPOS 

Originally posted by sam-heughan-daily

  • Aghh, yessss, more wanted posters!!! (OH SHIT WHAT IF THE POSTER SURVIVED THROUGH TIME) (FIC FIC FIC FIC FIC)
  • FERGUS and the LallyBoy squad!!
  • Oh, and he’s such a little jamie, talking about how knives are the only brave way to kill. Bless
  • Ohhhhh interesting, a Scottish redcoat. Such an interesting angle
  • AHHH there’s the woodsman shot! Um, Jamie, could you maybe KEEP YOUR DISTANCE WHEN THE RECOATS ARE ABOUT
  • Ooo pretty deer
  • CLAIRE SHOT CLAIRE SHOT…..awwwww her sweet, sweet smile….awww his little bereft face when he realizes it’s only Jenny. GAH. Hang in there, JimJam—there will come a day!!!
  • Jenny: Oh my god, SPEAK WORDS, JAMIE
  • Jamie: Nah, I’ll just sit here, whacking my meat in silence. Over and over. Just pounding all this raw, untouched meat until the day I die. 
  • Jenny

Originally posted by lifetimetv

  • Oh i think she’s
  • OHHHHHHHH, HEAVENS, YES.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Originally posted by everythingstarstuff

  • GAHHH BREE’S BUNNY!!!! (i love this for fic reasons, especially) 
  • You go, Claire, don’t let the fuckers keep you from reading the globe. 
  • WHO might that casual Irish history mention be for?  Hmmmm…..
  • I’m so fucking obsessed with her talk-to-baby voice and mannerisms. Like OH. my. GOD. TOO CUUUUUUUTE. 
  • Ughh Jamie looks so scared when he walks up to Mary (possibly like he needs to shit) (like… a sadness shit.) (Yep that’s it) 
  • BABYCHILD FERGUS DINNA SHOOT THAT BURD- (although actually, that’s clever. I always thought it was unfathomably stupid for Jamie to have risked such a thingin the book )
  • Oh but Fergus you dum dum, that was not good
  • ….Nice shot though! 
  • AWWWWW, HI WEEIAN! His little weee faaaaaaaaaaace 
  • Redcoats redcoats redcoats 
  • Gah, I’m so glad they didn’t put Jamie in the wardrobe. That always felt a little unrealistic. 
  • ((ohhhhh Jenny must be remembering Black Jack. This isn’t the first time redcoats have barged into her chamber)) 
  • WHOA, MARY WTF! TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM, GIRL! That was very cool of her. (I really liked that adaptation choice. Gave her character so much more depth. I mean, that’s exactly something Claire would have done).
  • Ohhh i love that Claire’s the one to initiate the sex. It would make me so uncomfortable if they’d gone the route of Frank pressuring her
  • Oh, I see those eyes closed. Its about her and her body, not about Frank 
  • OMG THEY DID IT ON PURPOSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

  • another good adaptation choice, though! underlines the cruelty of those post Culloden years
  • Urgh,, jamie breaking down, crying for Fergus
  • “You remind me i have something to fight for”. “There you are, milord.”
  • “I have always trusted you milord”

Originally posted by nikkiiklebold

  •  “I miss my husband” 
  • Fireplace sex: Oh my that was quite a groan Claire (i may have LOLed)
  • Ohhhh not opening her eyes again 
  • oh shit 
  • ooooo it hurts so good, this marital strife

  • A pain in a part of ye that’s lost
  • “…and that’s just a hand….Claire was your heart” 

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

  • Ooo shaving! Hallo again, pretty baby
  • I LOVE that they changed mary’s line to “something we BOTH need” 
  • Hell to the yas @ that tasteful fade to black. Collective sigh of relief. 
  • From where I’m standing, they handled the Mary stuff BEAUTIFULLY 

IMPORTANT: Neither Jamie nor Claire can open their eyes during sex anymore

  • MED SCHOOLLLLL!!!!!!!!
  • “Gentlemen” (FUCK YOU) 

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Another great episode, guys!! 

Hiraeth | Pt.2

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 |

[!] Contains mature and graphic content, mentions of blood + death. 

Words: 7,694.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

A/N: Inspired by The Last of Us. 

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{synopsis} dallas winston asks you for a lighter, igniting more than just his cigarette’s flame

{warnings} sex god dally in all his naked glory, fingering, dirty talk, smoking, drinking, smutty smut smut, get out your bibles kids, oral sex (fr), literally the whole package, sensual dally, dom!dally

{pairing} dallas winston x fem!reader

{word count} 1526

   The night was cold, bitter, and dark. Your eyes shifted from the lit cigarette in your hand to the velvety black sky above, the expanse of it adorned with tiny white lights. The pounding music from inside Buck’s had given you a splitting migraine, and even as you took drags from your cigarette your head was dizzy. You peeked back inside the red-lit room, watching the dancing bodies move together along with the beat. Your eyes widened, though, as the people began to part for a darkly dressed, stumbling figure. He was tall and shaggy looking, chestnut colored hair sticking out at all angles from his head. He had pale skin and a mischievous smirk on his lips, a sign of trouble you didn’t want to deal with.

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They’re still in the tavern.

Everyone has gone away and only few candles are alight, casting long shadows on the walls.
After the boisterous laughs and drunken mess of a moment before, now there’s a sober stillness that gives Lefou a certain… almost disquieting feeling.
He stole a glance towards Gaston.

He sat there, a forgotten pint half drunk in front of him on the table. His face was partially hidden by a shadow, and the warm light only enhanced the strong line of his jaw. He seemed deep in thought; apparently still brooding over something.

Lefou got up, wobbling slightly, and took his overcoat. Time to call it a night, he supposed.

“You all right?” he asked, breaking the silence.

He thought he had managed to cheer the man up with his– frankly brilliant - improvised song.
Gaston didn’t reply. Instead he stood up with a loud screech of the chair. Lefou stood still, blinking at his friend.
He came near him humming quietly.

“…say it again, who’s a man among men”

The deep rumble of that voice sends a shiver down Lefou’s spine.

“…who’s the super success”
Lefou went along with him, a much slower (and maybe tipsier) version of the tune.

He felt the sudden warm weight of Gaston’s hands on his shoulders and stilled immediately. Gaston circled him and went on, still humming, until he brusquely pulled Lefou against him from behind.

For the second time that evening Lefou found himself against that strong and compact chest, and his mind went blank. He felt a warm breath on his ear, and shuddered closing his eyes.
He didn’t know what’s gotten all of a sudden into Gaston, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to complain. It all felt rather like one of his dreams. Maybe it was.

“…Don’t you know”

Hearing that deep baritone from so close and being able to feel the vibrations of it on his back did things to him. He opened his mouth but no sound came out. Gaston’s hands travelled from his shoulders down to his sides, and gripped hard.

Pressed like he was against his body, being kept firmly in place by those muscled arms and powerul hands, Lefou felt warm all over, he wanted this dream to never end… not a dream though, supplied one tiny part of his rational mind.

Maybe he should stop this. Maybe Gaston was joking. But it didn’t seem like that. He never did such things, not with Lefou at least.
What if…

“Can’t you guess” Gaston growled lowly in his ear, then nuzzled in his curled hair.

“G-Gastoooon…” his own voice was a high-pitched and strangled exhalation.

“Mmmh, that’s right.”

He could feel Gaston’s smirk on his neck. His legs felt like jelly and Gaston’s arms locked firmly on his waist.
The candles’ light danced before his eyes, the room started to wobble.
Oh no. It wasn’t the room. Lefou gasped and a low moan escaped him. Gaston was oh so very slowly swaying with him, left and right, humming still, back and forth, an hypnotizing rhythm.
But he needed to know.

“Isn’t- isn’t this a bit too much?” he asked, already fearing the response, the inevitable laugh and rejection.

Gaston breathed him in, rubbing his nose on Lefou’s neck. He nipped it lightly, his teeth sharp on his tender flesh. The man had really an obsession for bites, he thought amused. Seconds of cosy warmth and soothing rocking passed by.

“On the contrary, my little Lefou.” Gaston nearly purred, his voice was so low. Lefou gasped and felt a familiar electric pull on his lower belly.
Oh sweet heavens. Did he dare hope?

“It isn’t nearly enough.”


( Part 2 )

Slumber Party

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, detailed smut for all my fellow sinners, unprotected sex (I shouldn’t have to say this, but wrap it before you tap it.) oral sex (female receiving) and I think that’s it.

Word count: 2749 (this is an apology for not posting a lot)

Sorry to my followers; I know I’m shit at updating and posting but i hope you accept this sincere apology on my behalf. Enjoy the sin.

“Hey Seb, where’s the Bailey’s?” You yell down the hall of your friend’s apartment. You had just gone through a break up, and you wanted some drinks, and comfort. It’s not like it was a bad breakup; it was mutual, but you still didn’t want to be alone. And who better to be comforted by than your lifetime friend, Sebastian?

Plus, he has really good booze.

“There is no Bailey’s! It was just Christmas! You expect there to be Bailey’s left after Christmas?” He yells back, clearly amused at your obvious lack of thinking. Of course there’s none left.  

With a sigh, you plopped down onto the couch, waiting for Seb to get into his pyjamas to start the movie. You had settled on Star Wars episode IV, because neither you or Seb had seen it in ages. And if felt right, because Carrie Fisher was one of your favorite actors ever, other than the one and only Sebastian Stan. Obviously.

If you’re to be brutally honest, you were too busy spacing out to notice Seb had joined you, until a pillow hit you in the face, causing you to jump.

“Oh, is that how it is?” You ask, a smile creeping its way onto your face as you grab the pillow he just threw at you.

“Oh, that’s how it is.” He replies, and instantly jumps onto the couch to attack you. He has his signature smirk on his face, and you have plans to wipe it off. With a pillow.

Since you are a lot smaller than him, you have a bit of an advantage. It’s always been like that. You usually jump on his back, and slightly smother him with the pillow, but this time, its different. He has been training with Don, and he is a lot stronger than you, so when you jump on his back, it barely affects him. Instead of trying to throw you off, he just flops down onto his back, crushing you.

Hey; it’s not like you care. You can feel every muscle through his exceedingly thin shirt, and you’re basically in heaven.

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anonymous asked:

For the papyton thing, do crying?

#11: Crying

Kind of a long post. Less of a comic, more of a My Thoughts™

Papyrus is like the physical manifestation of optimism. That entails that he is always looking on the bright side of things. He’s sensitive to the emotions of others, but somewhat aloof with his own outside of abject enthusiasm. 

Maybe sadness to an optimist is kind of a double edged sword? (I mean I’m a huge optimist so) It’s harder to come to grips with negative emotions, but you know you need them in order to get better. There’s a place of naivety, but there’s also a place of understanding.

I think something surprising and unexpected would have to occur for him to really cry. Something tragic maybe, like losing a friend. Then the tears come before the realization.

His crying would be strangely quiet (as opposed to hid general loudness). There would be rolling tears, quivering chin, maybe a wavering breath. A self hug for reassurance. He’d be a little embarrassed but he’d be open to comfort from his friends. 

Mettaton would be a master at the Hollywood sexy tear. No facial movement, a single rolling tear, sparkling eyes. He could do it at will, whenever people need someone to look sad but beautiful. 

 That said, I’d like to think that his real, genuine crying is actually pretty messy. 

I’m talking full on leaky tears and runny nose. Smudged makeup (oh heavens the mascara!) gasps interlaced between sobs would be sniffling, perhaps a cough here or there. Maybe even hiccups if he’s really agitated. 

Mettaton would do his best to hide it. First sign of heartache, nope! He’s leaving the room. He has to go, he can’t let anyone know there’s a huge crybaby underneath that fabulous facade. Or, if he can’t leave, he bottles those pesky tears right up and expresses negativity through high intensity pettiness. 

I think time spent around Pap would help him let others in. It’d be good for him.

Soldier Boy

Pairing: John Laurens x reader
Word Count: 2,261ish
T/W: Smut
A/N: You asked, I listened. (Special shout out to my Groffsauce Anon♡)
Tags: @justfangirlingaround ✨  @iworshipmusicals ✨  (I remembered!)

Today was the day! You were picking up John from the airport. He was coming home to you after two long years! His military service had him deployed half way across the world from you. He got to call and occasionally facetime, for christmas and special holiday, but it wasn’t the same as physically having him home. You constantly worried if he was safe or if he was alive, but the worrying was over! You made plans for Peggy to stop by to go with you to their airport, afraid you might get lost. John’s flight wasn’t coming in until that night, so you were at home, 100% ready to go, just waiting. You made some tea in the kitchen when you heard the front door open.

“Hey, Peggy, I’m ready my shoes are just-” your breath hitched as you rounded the corner, “John!”

You ran into his arms, he lifted you off the ground, holding onto you tightly. He had already dropped his bag by the front door, so his arms were free to cling onto you. Gently setting you back on the ground you still had your arms around his neck in a tight hug, refusing to let him go. You started to cry, actually feeling him in your arms, and against your neck. You said ‘you’re home’ over and over again through tears.

“Hey, baby!” he said, breathing in your scent, he had missed for so long. 

You pulled back to capture his lips, crying into the kiss. He kissed back harder, moving his hands down your back and to your waist. He brought you closer against him as you held his face in your hands, careful to not break the kiss. You moaned a little into the kiss as your hips met his. You felt a heat start to rise in you, and he could tell. 

“It’s been two years,” he spoke in a husky voice, “two years, since I’ve felt you, tasted you, loved you.” 

Your breath began to quicken as you undid his military jacket, he helped you out with a few of the buckles and buttons, sliding it off his shoulders. Underneath was an olive green fitted shirt, you didn’t bother with that yet. He picked you up in one swift motion, you wrapped your legs around his waist, he walked down the hallway, stopping to press you back against a wall, your hands messed his hair as you fiercely kissed each other. Breaking the kiss, he growled, turning you on even more. You pushed your hips against him. His hands came to your blouse, beginning with the top button, but he gave up rather quickly, opting to literally rip it open instead. You arched your back, hearing the buttons fall to the floor and feeling his lips against your collarbone.

“John,” your nails dug into his shoulder, while he reached around you to unclasp your bra. 

He tugged your shirt off, and your bra quickly following. His kisses started at the base of your neck, working to the swell of your breasts. you moaned, dropping your head back against the wall, while he worked magic on you with his mouth. Coming back up, he kissed your lips.

“I want more skin,” you whispered tugging at his shirt. 

He complied, though he wanted to just rip everything off you at once, he remembered you hadn’t see him in two years. Setting you on the ground, he tugged the t-shirt off, revealing another layer, a classic white tank top. You took this time to unbutton and slide off your jeans. You eyed him as you saw his toned biceps and and collarbones now exposed. 

“I’ve missed you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“I’ve missed you, too,” his arms came around you again. 

“Show me,” you whispered. 

He pushed you back against the wall, hands sliding down your back. You began kissing at his collarbone, hearing him moan, he squeezed your ass, making you pause for a moment biting your lip before continuing to suck and kiss at his skin. He pushed his hips against yours, you rocked back against him. You, yourself became even more aroused feeling his length harden underneath his uniform. You ground hard against him, gaining another low moan from him. 

“Shit-” he whispered, closing his eyes as you nipped at the base of his neck, rubbing your hands down his back. 

“John, I want you,” you said looking up at him with bambi eyes.

Your scent changed. He picked you up once again, carrying you to the bedroom. He gently laid you against the bed, you crawled to the middle as he removed the last layer keeping you from his bare chest. He grabbed your ankle, pulling you back towards him a little, evoking an excited giggle from you as you turned onto your back. He came over you, resting on his forearms. You gasped feeling his bare chest against yours, finally. His lips kissed the column of your neck. You spread your legs, letting his hips hit against yours, once again. Running your nails up his back you felt his gorgeous back muscles flexing. Bringing your hands to his sides, he lifted himself off you, letting your hands run down his chest. 

“John,” you said shocked, feeling his toned abs. 

“That’s what the army’ll do to you,” he whispered against your neck, “and it’s all yours.”

You moaned closing your eyes and biting your lip. He was all yours. Yours and yours only. Your hand found his hair and gripped at his locks. When you first met he had long poofy hair, but after joining the military he had cut it shorter, still long enough for you to tug at though. He whispered a curse against your skin, feeling your hands on him. Capturing your lips in a kiss, he caressed your jawline with one hand, rubbing his thumb against your cheek. His tongue slipped between your lips, as you willingly parted them for him. The kiss was hot and heavy.

“Damn, baby-” John dropped his head a little as you reached a hand down to palm him. 

“I need you,” you smiled to yourself, “Daddy.”

That got his attention immediately. it had been two years since he had heard you call him that. Two long, sexually frustrating years. His mood changed from sweet to he was determined to have you seeing stars and screaming his name. 

“Mmm, baby girl,” he hummed, a name you hadn’t heard in two years. 

He removed himself from you a little, slipping your panties off and tossing them to the side. He unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, just enough to release his hard cock. Your chest rose and fell rapidly, as he ran two fingers up your wet folds, you gasped. He pumped himself twice before lining up with you. Leaning back over you, slowly pushing into you. 

“Oh my g- John, fuck!” you squeezed your eyes closed and dug your nails into his biceps, enjoying the feeling of him inside you after so long. 

“Goddamn, baby-” John dropped his head against your shoulder, feeling you tight around him. 

You brought your knees up to his sides, waiting to adjust to his size, you shuddered a little, feeling him twitch once he was fully inside you. He gave you a moment to adjust, but quickly began to move inside you. He kept his uniform pants on, and you felt the cold metal of the belt against your skin, sending shivers across your body. You gasped at the beautiful sensation. It felt like heaven. He returned to kissing your neck. 

“Mmm, Daddy,” you bit your lip.

John growled, tugging at your hair, causing you to arch your neck a little more giving him more openness to suck at. Your hands move to his shoulder blades. His other hand travelled down your side, dragging his nails down your thigh hearing you moan. You brought you legs around his waist. 

“Oh god-” you tried to keep quiet. 

John began to slam into you harder, sure to leave bruises against your thighs. And you didn’t mind one bit, in fact it felt good. His nails dug into your hip and he moved his lips down to your collarbone. Nipping at the tender skin. He sucked back up your neck leaving bruises along the way. You got chills as he ran his tongue across the red marks, soothing them. When his mouth met yours he slid his tongue along your bottom lip before biting at it. 

His hips hit hard against yours, you felt the bed shake underneath you. You closed your eyes taking in every part of this moment. You had waited so long, and it was like nothing had changed. He still knew how to love you, perfectly. He shifted his hips, driving his cock into you harder. You felt a tight heat start in your core. With the way John was pulling your hair and biting your lip you knew you wouldn’t last long. 

“Do you know how long I’ve been wanting this?” John growled, tightening his grip on your hair, “Do you know how many nights I dreamed about fucking you?”

Your chest began to heave as he whispered what he imagined while he was away. His thrusts became harder and harder, causing your hips to bounce up a little every time he slammed into you. You began to whimper. He pushed your hips down to meet his and you gasped, feeling the heat become more intense. You reached a hand into his hair and pulled a little, gaining a low moan from John. His nails sure to leave crescent shaped bruises into your skin. You felt a sensation of tension, just as it snapped. He had found your g-spot.

“John!” you screamed, nails clinging to his shoulders.

“That’s it, baby! Fuck-” 

“Oh god, yes!” you yelled nearly crying. 

John watched as you bit your lip and squeezed your eyes closed. You swore you were seeing stars. A single tear falling. Your mouth dropped open as you were speechless gasping for you at the wave of pleasure that had just hit you. He kissed you on your open mouth. You were in paradise, every thrust felt like pure pleasure. Your toes curled as he continued pounding into you. Your legs began to shake, squeezing your knees hard against his sides. You clawed at his back, panting his name, pulling him down closer to you. 

“Shit baby-” John panted, his breath warm on your skin. 

“Right there, right there- Fuck!” you felt the peak of your orgasm hit, “Don’t stop!”

John kept his hard and fast pace, making your orgasm last longer. You screamed his name shamelessly along with curses and he adored it, kissing your neck and growling. Feeling himself getting closer and closer to his release. 

“Goddamn, baby girl, fuck-” he moaned.

You were still shaking against him as he dropped his head to the crook of your neck, you could feel his hot breath on your skin.  You had come down from your high and wanted to get him to his. You pushed your hips harder against his every time he pushed into you. You whimpered a little at the now sensitive feeling. Just as he loved hearing you whimper and moan; his quick breaths sounded beautiful to you as you drug your nails down his back, sure to have broken some skin by now.

“Fuck!” he yelled, in a rough voice, closing his eyes from the slight pain, but enjoying it none the less. 

You whispered something in his ear, causing him to go over the edge, he panted your name letting go of your hair a little. You kissed the crook of his neck as his orgasm hit, releasing into you. You gently grazed your fingertips down his sides, as he brought both forearms on either side of you to support himself. Your hands came to his chest, feeling how it rose and fell. You could feel his heart beat. 

“God, I’ve missed you,” he said, catching his breath a little, before holding your jawline in his hand and capturing you into another heated kiss. 

“I missed you, John, everything about you,” you smiled pushing some hair out of his face. 

After a while of calming down. He pulled out and you winced at the loss of friction. He stood off the bed, re-buttoning and buckling his pants. You sat up and bit your lip admiring his shirtless frame and the way his pants sat at his waist. There was a slight glisten to his abs and his biceps. Turning around you saw the red marks you had left of his back. His muscles look absolutely perfect.

“What?” he turned around to see you. 

“You planned it with Peggy, didn’t you?” you asked.

“Yeah,” John admitted pulling his belt tight, “ya know, it’s not nice to stare.”

“I can’t help it when you look so sexy,” you got up, walking over to him and hooking a finger through his belt loop, pulling him against you, as you stood on your tip toes to kiss him. 

“Oh, so the uniform does it for you?” he teased, arching an eyebrow and wrapping his arms around your frame.

“Hey, I bet if you saw me in my camou lace, you’d be pretty turned on too, mister!” you slipped out of his arms, heading for the bathroom, being sure to sway your hips.

John stood speechless for a second, processing what you had just said, before quickly following you. 

“C-camou lace?”

i loved you, then i lost you {0}

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pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: fluff + angst

summary: you watched and watched as taehyung suffered from his one-sided love, comforting him when he cried, comforting him as he threw up those fucking flower petals. it hurt you whenever he would stare lovingly into that girl’s eyes, giggling and playing with her hair. it pained you when he kept throwing up flowers, pushing the thought that his lover didn’t love him away; he was so dejected, yet he never saw how much happiness he brought to you.

Originally posted by hyosong

“Fuck!” The limp, weak male curled over the toilet as he slammed his hand on the ground, tears slipping out from his eyes and dripping down his face. You rubbed his back as he threw up, watching as the flowers cascaded down and into the water. They were quite beautiful, actually - the varieties of shapes and colors, how they seemed almost too perfect to exist. Yet, they had to exist in Taehyung. 

Kim Taehyung, 21 years of age. Always sweet and kind, not to mention that his looks and personality caught women’s attention quickly. He had been dating a girl for almost two years now, a girl named Suha. You hated the girl’s name, not understanding how Taehyung was still by her side; the girl would date other boys behind his back, coming back to him with obvious visible hickeys that formed over time from her other “boyfriends.” He never seemed to notice them - you felt sad for Taehyung. He had searched for the one for almost his whole life, being dejected and having two day girlfriends. Suha was the only one he seemed to connect with. Well, that was what he thought. She was a liar, god damn bitch and never deserved Taehyung’s love - it made your blood boil. Your eyes watched him as he let out a dry, painful cough with a choked sob, his shaky hand clutching onto your arm - he clung to it as the flowers kept flowing out, as if he were hanging onto it for dear life. The dim light flickered for a split second, the quiet honking of the cars passing by muted by the walls of the house. 

“(y/n),” Taheyung choked, attempting to speak while the flowers were beginning to become smaller in groups, hinting that the end was almost near. “I-I- water..” you let out a small sigh, putting a finger to your lips. 

“No talking, Tae. It’ll be painful if you do.” You whispered softly, stroking his head slowly. The two of you sat there for about two more minutes before he could finally breathe, looking up at the ceiling. His eyes were bloodshot from the countless nights of throwing up and extremely red from the crying. You smiled and ran your thumb over his knuckles, patting his arm. “It’s over now. I’ll get you some water, alright? Stay here and don’t move.” He nodded, lowering his head and removing his hand from your arm. Standing up, you quickly forced yourself to walk towards the kitchen and grab a glass of water, staring at the clock with tired eyes as the cup was being filled. It read 3 AM, and even after all the times you stayed awake to help him, your body wouldn’t damn adjust. 

Returning to Taehyung, you sat down next to him and helped him drink the water, tipping the water into his mouth. He wiped his eyes quickly, smiling at you weakly. “Thank you, (y/n). What would I ever do without you?~” He faked a sob, wrapping his arms around your waist and hugging you tightly. You let out a quiet chuckle, rocking him side to side while he drifted into sleep. Gosh, time really did seem to fly when you were with him. It was already about 5 AM, and you had classes at seven. 

“Alright, lets go,” you murmured, helping him up and wrapping his arm around your neck, stumbling to his room and dropping him on his bed. You stared at him sleep peacefully, his face paler than usual. A small sigh escaping your lips once again, you turned around and shut the lights off. “Good night, Taehyung.”

Picking up the phone as it vibrated against the bathroom counter, you answered the call. “Heoo?” You asked as you brushed your teeth, staring at the mirror. 

“(yn)! I’m going on another date with Suha!” Taehyung’s voice piped loudly, causing you to move the phone away from your ear. You felt yourself rolling your eyes, spitting the toothpaste out and rinsing your mouth. 

“What help do you need now?” You asked, wiping your mouth with a towel and walking to your bedroom and opening the closet door. 

“Aish, don’t act like I’m such a burden, (y/n)!~” He giggled over the phone while you picked out clothes, laying them on the bed. Placing the phone on the dresser and pressing the speaker button, you groaned loudly. 

“Just tell me what you need help with, Tae.”

“Okie dokie!”

You quickly changed into your clothes, standing up correctly and staring at the body mirror in the corner of your room. You chose a plain, flowery blouse with the color of comforting pastel pink along with a simple pair of light blue jeans.You slipped your socks on, taking your phone off the dresser and grabbing your bag. “Alright, so what did you need again?” You spoke, taking him off the speaker and bringing the phone close to your ear, walking downstairs and grabbing your shoes. 

“Okay, so I heard she likes flowers and stuff, so should I bring her flowers?”

“..Taehyung,” you let out another groan, walking out the house and shutting the door closed behind you. “yes. you should, you idiot.” He giggled as you locked the door, turning around and walking towards the college building. “I gotta go. Have fun, Taehyung.” Ending the call with a glare at the phone, you shoved it in your pocket and opened the doors to the building, rushing over to your friends waiting near the classrooms. 

“(y/n)!” A girl with large, rimmed glasses waved excitedly, her short, black hair bouncing up and down. 

“Hey, Jenny.” You smiled, giving a hug to everyone else. 

“Somethin’ wrong? You sound tired.” Another girl spoke up quickly, her doe eyes wide and filled with worry. 

“I’m fine, Yoni. Taehyung just asked me to help with Suha again, that’s it.” Your hand clutched the strap of your bag tightly as they both let out a groan of frustration.

“Come on, (y/n). Just make him break up with her. Has he not seen her with other boys already?!” Yoni sighed, tucking a piece of her loose hair behind her ear. “I mean, I know he’s been searching for, um..” quoting the air with her fingers, “the one, but he’s just super..”

“Don’t say it, Yoni.” You held up your hand, shaking your head slowly. “It’s fine. He’s just gonna keep chasing after her.” Jenny stared at you with a stoic expression, grabbing both of you and Yoni’s arm, dragging you to class. 

“Whatever, that dude is too stupid anyways. Lets go to class.”

Her stingy response caused Yoni to look at you with a confused expression, eyebrows raised and mouth agape. You shrugged. Jenny never liked Taehyung in general because he was too naive and slow-minded; she, of course, according to the cliche, was the smart kid who hated the “dumb” ones. Taehyung did not fit your definition of dumb in your book, just..caught up in his own mind sometimes. Jenny proceeded to drag the two of you to class and plopped you down smack into two empty seats, ignoring the yells from the professor for walking in so abruptly, interrupting his lesson. Her face wore a smug smirk, grabbing her pencil case out and laying the supplies down on the table.

“This is..gonna be a long day, isn’t it?” Yoni whispered.

The day went by quickly, and before you knew it you were outside the college door and dialing Taehyung. It was silly, actually - how you would call him right you went out of school. People were considering that the two of you were dating, but you quickly denied that ridiculous rumor. Of course, the two of you were close; he had been friends with you since you could first remember. The light breeze blew your hair in your face as Taehyung answered the call, letting out a tired sigh.

“Let me guess,” You began to walk away from the entrance, moving the hair out your face. “she said she had something to do and left.”


“Taehyung, come to my house. Sleepover.”



You hurried over to the convenience store, grabbing as many snacks as you could and stuck a box of Pocky in your mouth, furrowing your eyebrows while you counted the price. “Okay, if I just get rid of the chips, I should be fine.” You smiled at your math skills, returning to the cashier and laying the snacks down on the table. 

“Oh my, that’s a lot. Party?” The man asked as he began to scan the items, placing them in the small bags on the side. 


“Have fun, then.” He smiled, handing you the bags. You nodded, giving him the money and smiling back. 

“Thank you!” You hurried out the store, rushing to the front of your house, bumping into Taehyung. 

“Oh! (y/n)! You got snacks!” He grinned, taking some bags off your hands. You grabbed the key out of your bag, sliding it in the hole and opening the door for the two of you. 

“Of course I did. We do this every time.” You told him, dropping off your bag and walking to the kitchen, pouring the snacks down. 

“There’s so much! Did you get like, money from the heavens or something?!” Taehyung gasped, staring at you with wide eyes. He stared at the snacks with awe as you took a bottle of water, taking a small sip.

“I wanna make sure you don’t feel so bad when those flowers come up again.”

His face fell almost immediately, bringing his hand up to his throat and setting the bags down. “Oh, yeah. Lets get ready,” he whispered, rubbing around his throat and chuckling softly. 

“She what?!” You shrieked, sitting up from the floor and dropping a chip. Taehyung laughed, laying down on the pillow. 

“You’re really funny, (y/n)!” He wrapped his arms around his stomach, trying to catch his  breath. “Don’t be so serious, it’s fine! She’s super busy with her job, so she had to go!”

You fought back the urge to tell him how slow he was being, hugging your knees tightly. Taehyung continued to laugh as you played along, biting your tongue in hopes that you’d forget about it and have fun.

That was the problem; you couldn’t get rid of that feeling. That feeling that was slowly eating you up, it’s sharp teeth biting in your flesh and ripping it apart from you.The feeling when Taehyung held hands with Suha so happily, tightening his grip, then releasing her hand after she said “I don’t like that, you’re hurting me.” Your mind was swirling with questions for him - why did he love her? Why would he stay with her? Why is he making himself suffer? Doesn’t he know that he could die because of what he’s doing? Will he ever break up? Those questions pounded inside the walls of your mind, staying in place for the rest of your time with him. Fuck, he looked so happy when he finally told you he had gotten a girlfriend. His eyes were wide open, cheeks pink, almost trembling from excitement. You, of course, were also happy that he had gotten a soulmate. You thought that she would be different since he was acting so happy; but no. She was only there for his looks. For his hands to crawl all over her - she obviously didn’t think about it thoroughly and found out he was too..kind for that kind of act. She became bored, became annoyed by his presence, yet she never gave him up. She knows how much you care about him, how close the two of you were. Having the audacity to keep him to herself and make him suffer made you so angry you wished you could take him away, away from her. Away from what was giving him the most pain, the one who made his hell visible to him.

You stared at Taehyung with a smile, turning on the television. “What movie do you want?”

“I dunno..can we just watch the news?”

“The news?” You scrunched your nose, staring at him with confused sprawled all over your face. “Why?”

“Just ‘case. I wanna see how boring it is.”

You shrugged, changing the channel to a news channel and set the remote down, leaning your head against the couch leg. The news was in fact, very boring to you two. They talked about the weather, and too many commercials annoyed you. Looking up at Taehyung again, you noticed his expression changed completely. His eyes didn’t seem very..sparkly anymore. You swept it off, returning your attention to the television. After all, it was about midnight. He must feel tired, right?

“Tae, you tired?” You asked quietly, your eyes still glued to the screen. 

“No, why?” He responded softly, glancing at you. 

“You look off today,” you turned to face him, sitting up on your knees. 

Taehyung brushed the hair out of his eyes, raising an eyebrow. “I do? Do I look sick?” He sat up, grabbing his phone out and checking his face in the camera. Letting out a loud sigh, he flopped back down on the couch, shaking his head. “I’m not tired, just bored. I wanna do something. You aren’t fun today.”

“I ran out of jokes.” You mumbled.

“But I’m bored.”

“If you’re bored, shouldn’t your girlfriend be comforting you right now!?” The words slipped off your tongue before you could think, eyes widening and clasping your hands over your mouth. Taehyung stared at you, drawn back from the sudden burst of your words and slumped down, staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey, lets not go that far. She’s busy.” He whispered, rubbing his eyes. “She told me she has a huge, huge possibility of getting a pay raise and stuff, so we have to be patient!” He sat up again, his eyes gaining it’s sparkle once again.

“Oh, that’s nice.” You replied, standing up and shuffling over to the kitchen. Pay raise, your ass. She was with one of those other boys who fell for her tricks and shit, hoping to be noticed but only broken inside. You tightened your grip on the chair as your sat down, staring at Taehyung. “Lets go to sleep, Tae. Turn off the TV.”


The brightness from the television screen dimmed as he turned it off, the news reporter’s voice dying quickly. The two of you went upstairs and into your room, plopping yourself down on the ground. 

“What are you doing? Go to your bed.” Taehyung pointed at the bed, tilting his head.

“Sleep on my bed tonight.”

“Are you sure?”


He shrugged, jumping onto your bed and giggling to himself, slipping underneath the bed sheets. “Night, (y/n).”

He waited for you to say goodnight, letting out a soft chuckle when you said nothing and turned off the light.

You stared in horror as flowers flew out of Taehyung’s mouth, petals, leaves, all kinds fluttering down onto your bedroom floor. He was on his knees, gasping for breath as he threw up, the noise he made tightening your heart into a knot. “Taehyung, why didn’t you wake me up?!” You rushed to his side, turning on the light and pulled his hair away from his eyes, gulping nervously as his body began to shake. 

“Breathe, Tae. Breathe, okay?” You whispered, patting his bad comfortingly while you whispered in his ear, telling him to breathe and saying he’ll be alright. His eyes began to tear up as the flowers continued to grow in group sizes, and began to worry you as it kept flooding out his mouth longer than usual. 

Three hours passed before he finally calmed down, wiping his mouth and collapsing on his side, falling onto the pile of flowers. “Tae, are you alright?” You asked quickly, staring at him with concern. 

“Why do flowers come out?! This isn’t normal, (y/n)! Shouldn’t we go to the doctors? There must be something wrong, I know Suha loves me, it’s-” He broke down in tears, grabbing your arm and pulling himself closer to hug you. You sat there, frozen, as his tears soaked into your shirt, his loud cries echoing throughout the small room you had. Your shaky hand ran through his hair, using your free arm to hug him tightly. 

“We can’t go to the doctors, remember? Everything will go wrong,” you explained, keeping your voice quiet so he could stay calm, which wasn’t a very good idea, since he was crying after all. “I’m sure she..loves you.” You cringed at your words, knowing damn well she hated Taehyung. 

“T-Then why are th..these flowe-rs c-c-coming out?” He choked, burying his face in the crook of your neck, scratching the back of your shirt with his nails. You stared at him, wondering how hard it was for him to go from a happy man to such a miserable person in such a short amount of time.

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Brendon Urie x Reader : Date With A Dork

A/N: Despite what the request says this is still a gender neutral fic my lovelies! :) Requests, comments, and questions are accepted as always. I love you all, thanks so much! 2 more followers and then I hit my first 100. Thank you!!! The past month has been amazing, and I’ve loved writing fanfic for you guys! You’re the best.  

Anonymous said:
Hi!! Could I get an imagine where the reader is a YouTuber and Frank or Brendon (you choose) is a huge fan of her, they meet after a concer and he asks her out?? :D

You sat on the couch of the dressing room, tapping your foot nervously, anticipating the moment when your lifelong idol and celebrity crush would walk into the room. Sure, you were almost just as famous as he was, almost, but to you, he still seemed like a thousand levels higher. You grew up listening to all the Panic! At The Disco songs. They were the band that helped you survive middle school and high school, and to think that you’d be in the presence of Brendon Urie, the actual singer and front man of your favorite band, it blew your mind. You had met him online through some DM’s on Twitter, and you texted each other, even had a video talk, and Brendon decided to send you some free tickets for some of his upcoming shows in hopes that you could make it and you two could meet and hang out later. It felt surreal.

That day you had called Brendon a couple hours before he went on stage, and he had explained to you where to go and what to do in order to find him. Zach, who you had seen in a million backstage videos and Brendon periscopes, had introduced himself to you and showed you to the dressing room, sitting you down on the couch until Brendon came out from his shower. You had agreed upon walking to a little music shop Brendon had scouted out earlier, a place where he had told you he had bought one of his favorite guitars. You were lost in thought when the door swung open and Brendon’s eyes met yours, and your heart leapt. This was really happening.

“Nice to finally see you in person,” Brendon smiled as he dried his hair off with a towel, setting it down on the ground and giving you a hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Looks who’s talking,” you smirked, both of you walking out the door and down the sidewalk.

“I’ve watched a couple of your YouTube videos,” he chuckled. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Cute? More like embarrassing,” you rolled your eyes. “They find it humorous when I humiliate myself.”

“Stuffing marshmallows in your mouth is humiliating?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Ha, remind me what humiliation means the next time you get so drunk you take your pants off on stage.”

“Well that’s actually sort of hot,” you admitted. “A marshmallow filled mouth? I don’t think it even comes close.”

“You’re too humbling,” Brendon laughed. “I think you’re great.”

“Same,” you grinned. “I’ve been listening to your music for forever.”

“Forever is a really long time,” he reminded. “That’s almost fucking eternity, you know. I don’t think my band’s even been around that long.”

“You know what I meant silly,” you gave him a playful jab in the arm.

“You hit like a girl,” he teased. “No offense to girls.”

“You sing like a girl,” you joked. “Hitting those high notes and that falsetto.”

“Really now? I never noticed! Oh my gosh,” Brendon responded, doing his best Valley Girl impression, which made you giggle. You had seen him do it so many times in his Periscopes, and even sometimes on stage.

“The show was great by the way,” you added. “I loved it.”

“Was it worth the price?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You gave me tickets for free,” you laughed. “Remember?”

“Fuck, I love it when you laugh,” Brendon sighed happily. His eyes grew wide after he realized he had just said that aloud, and it only made you laugh more. “Damn, I didn’t think-”

“No, haha,” you regained composure. “It’s fine. I love your smile.”

“Really now?” he flashed a toothy grin.

“Not like that,” you rolled your eyes.

“You sure?” he insisted between his teeth.

“Better quit it or I’ll start calling you Beebo,” you playfully threatened.

“Because heaven forbid anyone call me that!” Brendon gasped. You both burst out into laughter as you neared the music shop.

“So this is the place, huh?” you wondered as he opened the door and ushered you in.

“Yup, the one and only,” he grinned. “Damn, it’s been forever since I’ve been in here.”

“You know, forever is a really long fucking time,” you reminded.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes. He slyly reached for your arm, holding your hand as you walked down the aisles, and you stayed silent, but bursting with joy that he would be so kind as to show that sign of affection. You knew Brendon could be flirty, but you never knew he was this romantic.

“Look, I see a Sinatra vinyl,” you hinted, pointing towards a copy of one of Brendon’s favorite albums.

“I think I spot a Weezer one too,” Brendon added excitedly. You both drifted off to that corner of the shop and released the hand holding, so that you could pick up a Death of a Bachelor vinyl.

“You see this?” you smiled. “You’re right up there with them, Brendon.”

“That’s insane,” he laughed. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“It’s right there beside them,” you pointed out. “Look at you, Mr. Accomplishment.”

“Ah, you’re not too shabby yourself,” Brendon reassured. “You’ll be up there on the internet hall of fame one day. I know it.”

“Nah,” you shook your head. “I think I’ll be one of those old celebrities in the magazine showing how much I’ve aged or something like that.”

“Whatever,” Brendon chuckled.

You walked over to the guitars and picked one up, handing it to Brendon. It was a lovely acoustic, and Brendon just looked at it and smiled. “Play something,” you begged. “I want to hear you.”

“You just did? Remember? About an hour ago?” Brendon reminded.

“No, I mean just you and me,” you persisted. “Right here, right now.”

“If you insist,” Brendon sighed, sitting down on a stool and strumming a couple chords. “Oh shit, what do I even sing?”

“Jesus loves me more than he loves you,” you joked.

“Oh I think that’s going to be featured on our next album,” Brendon teased. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone yet. It’s going to be the second single after Pirate Love.”

“That one you wrote with Kenny?” you giggled.

“That’s the one,” Brendon nodded. “Swab my deck!”

“Brendon!” you squealed.

“I’m just playing around,” he reassured. He strummed a couple chords and then hummed, starting to sing. It sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until he sang the first few words did it register what song it was. “I’m just setting, I’m just setting a trap. And I’m not pulling, no, I’m not pulling for ya-”

“You’re just pulling at me,” you chimed in.

“I’m not a betting man, but this is a sure thing,” you both grinned as you sang the words together. “Bababadadadadabababadada, I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…”

“So many places,” you laughed.

“That you might say I’ve seen it all,” Brendon gave a goofy face.

“But my favorite place is the warm embrace, of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall,” you both sang out the lyrics playfully. “Everything I do is bittersweet, you could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat, I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak, it feels like we’re pulling teeth. So bittersweet…” Brendon strummed a couple elaborate chords and you both laughed, until he put the guitar down.

“So you know all the words,” he smiled. “I like that.”

“I love that song,” you sighed. “Vices and Virtues bonus tracks are literally the best.”

“That’s what they all say,” Brendon smirked.

“So, any bonus tracks for Death of a Bachelor?” you raised your eyebrows, hoping to possibly pry some information out of him.

“I already fucking told you y/n, you’re not allowed to ask anymore questions about the new Beyoncé collaboration,” he groaned playfully. “That’s strictly between Queen Bey and me, got it?”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

“Is that a good thing?” he wondered.

“It’s amazing,” you reassured, and almost instinctively, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He bit his lip trying to suppress a smile, and you skipped over to the rack of CD’s, pretending nothing had happened. An employee who was restocking some of them looked at you.

“Were you the one with the lovely voice?” he wondered.

“Nah, that would be Brendon over there,” you explained. “He’s the singer.”

“You didn’t sound too terrible yourself,” the man reassured.

“You’re too kind,” you blushed.

“Hey y/n,” Brendon snapped. You turned around, surprised at the sudden sharpness of Brendon’s voice. “Let’s go, we’ve got dinner reservations.”

“We do?” you inquired.

“Yes, we do, so let’s get going,” Brendon insisted. He tugged on your arm and basically dragged you out of the store, until you reached the corner and he finally let go.

“What the hell was that all about?” you asked.

That’s when Brendon kissed you, right then and there, his lips pressed up to yours, and when he pulled away, he left you stunned. “I didn’t like the way that man was hitting on you,” Brendon shrugged. “You’re mine.”

“Am I now?” you smirked.

“If uh, you’re okay with that,” he double checked.

“You little dork,” you kissed him on the lips quickly. “You’re too adorable, Brendon.”

“Nah, you’d beat me any day,” Brendon shook his head.

“So I believe there were mentions of dinner reservations?” you reminded.

“If you’re up for it,” he shrugged.

“I’m up for anything,” you grinned. “As long as you’ll be there.”

“Are you saying yes to a date with the biggest dork ever?” Brendon wondered.

“Yes I am,” you nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Return The Favor


Warnings: smutty, asshole!Niall, and pretty heavy language.

Hello! First imagine yay! I really hope this is good, please give me some feed back if you like it!

Written for this request: Well not sure what type of story you want to write, but if you want a smutty Niall request I got one: Niall is a cocky jock that gets all the girls. Y/N is the one girl who refuses to give in to his charm. But he keeps flirting with her and pushing her closer and closer until he finally gets her where he wants her and takes full advantage. He makes her suck him off and he makes her gag and he talks dirty the whole time, saying he knew she’d give in. Super dirty but yeah. Haha :)

Thank you so much anon for my first request! I hope this is smutty enough for you lol. ;)


“Y/N…..Hey, could I borrow a pencil again?” 

This had been going on for weeks. He would ask for a pencil, an eraser, help on an assignment ect., you’d turn around only seeing him perfectly fine, with the same stupid smirk on his face every time. Niall was a complete asshole. He was the star football player and for some reason every girl would basically throw themselves at him. But, you were different. You wouldn’t drop your panties just because of some pretty blue eyes. You needed a man with some substance. 

“Niall why in the hell won’t you leave me alone?” You remarked, turning around faced with Niall in all his glory. 

“Calm down beautiful, just wanted your attention.” He said smiling slyly.

 Your eyes fell into his direct gaze, holding a staring contest with his eyes that make the ocean look an ugly shade of blue. 

“Why do you insist on constantly bothering me?”  

“Bothering you? Do you know how many girls are dying to be in your place sweetheart?” 

“Well this one isn’t Niall. I don’t want your attention. Leave me alone and go back to your other whores. Please.”

That seemed to shut him up. You turned around and he didn’t bother you for the rest of the day. 


“Kiera, no.”

 She was trying to convince you to come to the football game, which was the last thing you wanted to do after your interaction with Niall two days ago.

 “Y/N it’ll be a blast and you never go, you should make an appearance.”

 You thought about it for a moment. Kiera was right that you never went to football games, and it’s not like you had any plans or homework tonight. 

“Fine.” You gave in. “But under one condition, do not run off and abandon me, okay?” 

“Don’t worry babes I would never.”

But she did. And now you were sitting alone in the grass, cold because you forgot your jacket, with no one to talk to. Time ran out on the clock and the game ended. Your team won, not that you cared. You decided to walk down to the field where everyone was congregating, trying to find Kiera. You wiggled your way through the crowd in search of your raven haired friend, but instead you found the blond haired, blue eyed jock. 

“Hey sweetheart, you came to see me win the game I see,” He said with a smirk.

“No, Kiera dragged me here actually, she’s my ride. Do you know where she is? And don’t call me sweetheart.”

“Sorry babe, I haven’t seen her, but I heard a few people went to the after party early, I bet she’s there with Jack,”

“An after party? Are you kidding me? This is a football game.” you said with disbelief.

“Listen, I know you don’t have much experience, but you’re a smart girl, and you should know by now that any chance to get smashed and hook up, is a chance most people around here will take,”

He’d gotten very close to you at this point. You took in his appearance. Slightly damp hair, pink lips, and god, his eyes, they had changed to a deeper shade of blue than usual, with a ring of light teal around the edges.

“Do you know why I always pester you in biology Y/N?” He said, almost as a whisper.

“No I really don’t,” you murmured back, eyes caught in a swirling storm with his.

“It’s because you’re so damn sexy, I can barely stand it. And that little good girl with an attitude thing you have going makes me want to do things to you, that I bet no one else has ever done; sweetheart,”

His lips were brushing the shell of your ear as he spoke, and a shiver ran through you. You had never been talked to or touched like this, much less by someone like Niall. You wanted to pull away but then again you didn’t. You were magnetized and he was the opposite pole.


Before you could finish, his lips were on yours. You’d never been kissed before but you were sure he would be the best even if you had kissed a million others. You felt his soft lips mold around yours and his mouth opened slightly. His tongue was playing with the idea of gaining entrance, yet he seemed hesitant. Before you knew it he had pulled away, grabbed your wrist, and was leading you away from the now smaller crowd. 

“Niall,” You spoke quietly, still processing what just happened.

“Niall!” You said again with more conviction this time. “Niall Slow down!”

He stopped finally and turned around.

“What the hell was that?”

“I kissed you?” He said like it was the simplest thing in the world.

“Well no shit. Where are you taking me?” You said, slightly apprehensive for the answer.

“We’re going to my place. com’on,”

“Wait, Niall I’ve never- I’m not too sure about this,”

“Don’t worry about it princess” He said coming closer, suddenly laying open mouthed kisses on your neck, making you feel electric shocks in your lower abdomen.

“You want it don’t you? You dirty little girl, you want me to make you feel good hmm?”

You arched into him and gasped, his lips on your neck taking you to a place similar to heaven.

“Niall,” You said in a breathy moan.

“Use your words sweetheart,”

“Yes god Niall, you ass, touch me please,” you gave in.

“It’s my pleasure baby, lets get out of here,”

The car ride was silent, and it gave you time to think. Did you really want this? You definitely didn’t want to give him everything, and you were well aware he would probably leave and never speak to you ever again, but you kinda liked him; like a lot, and you wanted it so bad.

“We’re here, c’mon,” 

You listened and followed him inside. You guessed his parents were away because there were no more cars in the driveway. As soon as you stepped inside the door it was pushed closed behind you and you were pushed against it. His hands were pinning your hips to the door, his lips on yours. His tongue took no time pushing into your mouth and dominating your tongue this time. His hands roamed around and squeezed your ass, making you gasp lightly into his mouth. You felt his smirk through the kiss. His hands continued to roam, and feel about your lower half. Eventually his hands found his way up your shirt. He wasted no time giving your chest a feel and then pulling the shirt over your head and tossing it across the room. You felt yourself blush, but you didn’t have time to respond because his mouth was back on yours in an instant. He rutted his hips into yours, and you felt his hard on through his shorts. You moaned into his mouth and began to grind on him, desperate for as much friction as possible.

“Jump,” He said into the kiss and you obeyed 

He carried you up the stairs into his bedroom and put you down on the bed. 

“Get undressed,” He demanded 

His tone of voice alone was making you wet, so you quickly rid yourself of the remaining clothing. You noticed he was doing the same. He pulled down his boxers to reveal his huge cock. Your eyes widened at the size of him, but you blushed as you realize he was looking at you like a lion stalking its prey.  He motioned for you to come over and you did, his lips catching yours in a heated fevered  kiss. His big hand cupped your centered and you mewled his name and dropped your head to his shoulder. He trailed his hand away from your core leading it to your hand and leading it to his swollen girth. You looked up at him through your eyelashes seeing him looking expectantly at you. You had to admit you were truly very excited to do what he wanted. He was extremely attractive and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about this moment a good few times. You sank down to your knees, slightly nervous. You pumped his dick a few times, and you heard him hiss and saw him tilt his head back in pleasure. 

“Stop teasing. Put it in your mouth sweetheart,” He demanded hotly

“I’ve never-”

“I know” He cut you off

“Its fine babe. I’ll be forgiving. I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

You nodded your head and decided it was worth giving it a shot. After all you wanted to please him, and you had heard Kiera talking about doing this before. How hard could it be? You took his tip into your mouth and began to suck and kitten lick the tip.  He leaned his head back and let out a guttural moan, you took that as a good sign. You took him further in your mouth, swirling your tongue around him.

“God, I knew you would give in you little slut, you love sucking my cock don’t you, you little tease,”

He got impatient and pushed his hips up to your mouth, making you gag around him. You eyes started to water but you relaxed you throat and started to bob your head again, secretly loving being dominated by Niall. 

“You take me so deep, so easily, you say its your first time, but I bet you’ve done this dozens of times before. You love this. God, I can’t wait to fuck that pretty little pussy one day,”

You moaned around him causing him to moan and hiss. At this point he finally was simply mouth fucking you. You could tell he was getting close by the way his thrusts were getting more and more sloppy. You were dripping down your leg by now and you were really hoping he would return the favor. You swirled your tongue and then hollowed your cheeks. 

“Shit, I’m coming. Swallow it, slut,” He pushed the words out of his throat

He came in hot spurts down your throat, you loved the taste of him, and you continued bobbing your head so he could ride out his orgasm. 

“You give great head,” He remarked with a smirk as you stood up, rolling your eyes slightly.

He looked down at you, seeing your state of arousal. You looked up at him with pleading eyes.

“Dont worry darling, I always return the favor,”


Hope it was not too bad! remember this is kinda my first time writing and I worked pretty hard on this. Constructive criticism is encouraged but please don’t be mean!

Happy Birthday, Princess

Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x reader
Word Count: 1,472ish
T/W: Smut 
A/N: Even though it’s nowhere near my birthday, I though I’d write it. Based off that one picture of Oak where his hands look hella good! (If it is your birthday and you happen to be reading this: Happy birthday, from Kauffie! xo)

Herc stroked his fingers along your side, laughing when you stirred a bit after he placed a kiss to your shoulder blade. You woke up to the soft, gentle sound of him humming a familiar tune. Smiling to yourself, he noticed your shoulders bounce forward as you stifled a giggle. His hand immediately came around your waist, pulling you his direction, until your back met his chest. You adored the skin on skin contact. He nosed at your hair for a moment, still humming. You danced your fingertips along his forearm, resting around your waist. Admiring his veins, raised perfectly, you smiled feeling the vibration of his humming against your skin as he pressed his lips against the side of your neck.

“Good morning, princess,” he mused, rubbing his fingers up and down your stomach. 

“Morning, baby.”

He could hear the smile on your face in the tone you answered. Sweet and soft.

“You know what day it is?” he asked.

“Yes,” you let a giggle out, “I’m another year older.”

“One more year beautiful,” he assured, “I have a birthday present for you.”

“Oh? I thought that was last night?” you questioned.

“Last night was for us,” he said, moving his hand further down your body, “this is for you.” 

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Interrupted Kisses

Pairing: Evie x Reader

Request: Anonymous said: What about one where Evie and fem reader hook up or about o and someone walks in

A/N: i love this imagine, it’s so cute! i’m in such an evie mood right now haha, hope you guys like it! THERE IS A MAKE OUT SCENE IN THIS SO IF YOU DON’T LIKE THAT STUFF DON’T READ THIS!

Usually Saturdays in Auradon were fun. Sometimes a dance or a party was taking place. On this particular Saturday, the sky was unusually gloomy and gray. Every single Auradon Prep student was cooped up inside their cozy dorm rooms.

Y/N and Evie were in Evie’s room. Evie was currently altering a beautiful red dress on a mannequin while Y/N was plopped on her bed, groaning in boredom.

“Evie, can’t we do something fun?” Y/N begged.

Evie laughed, “What do you mean? This is fun.”

Y/N rolled her eyes, staggering off of the bed towards the blue haired girl.

“I mean,” Y/N leaned in and kissed Evie, “Something fun for the both us.”

Y/N leaned in and kissed Evie again with a hot, passionate kiss.

The two girls had been secretly seeing each other for a couple of months now. It’s not like they wanted to hide it from their friends, but it was much easier having a relationship in secret without all the pressure. 

Unbeknownst to Evie and Y/N, though, all of their friends had placed a bet on when the two girls would admit their feelings for each other. They were all betting on when Evie and Y/N would finally kiss, too. Little did they know, Y/N and Evie had a strong romantic relationship going.

Evie blushed, “Just wait a couple minutes until I’m done finishing the hem on this dress and then,” Evie winked, “We can do something much more fun.”

Y/N nodded and waited patiently on her girlfriend’s bed.

At least a half an hour had passed since Evie had promised she’d be done and her impatient girlfriend had had enough.

“Alright, you’re done,” Y/N said, plucking the tape measure from Evie’s hands and dragging her to her bed.

“But-” Evie protested.

“No buts, E,” Y/N replied, pulling Evie onto her lap, “You promised me fun.”

Evie smiled, “Fine.”

Evie pulled Y/N in for a kiss that was sweet yet passionate. The kiss set a lustful mood in the room as Evie’s mouth worked her way from Y/N’s soft mouth to her jaw, neck, then collarbone. Y/N hummed in satisfaction, her hands traveling down Evie’s back. Y/N reconnected their lips and Evie sucked on her girlfriend’s bottom lip, evicting a moan. Evie smirked in satisfaction. Y/N ran her fingers through the blue haired girl’s soft locks, gently tugging on the ends. Y/N hesitantly disconnected the kiss and placed her lips on Evie’s jawline. She peppered kisses down Evie’s jaw and neck. It was Evie’s turn to moan when Y/N sucked lightly on the side of her neck. Evie placed her hands on Y/N’s chin and brought her face up to rekindle the kiss. The sensation of their lips together was euphoric for both of them. They were in pure bliss until a gasp that wasn’t their own ripped them out of their heaven like state. 

The shocked girls whipped their heads towards the door where Mal stood, one hand on the doorknob and one covering her mouth. A smile erupted on Mal’s face as she squealed.

“Yes! I knew it!”

Mal turned and ran out the door yelling, “Carlos! You owe me 50 bucks!”

The two panting girls were left sitting on the bed, confusion lacing their faces.

“Well, there goes our secret,” Evie laughed and shrugged, pulling Y/N in for another kiss.