gasping for air oh my god

Okay so my brother was playing overwatch one morning and he saw a lizard in the corner of the room. He grabbed a sword cane that he has, and beat the shit out of it with the cane part until the cane snapped in half.
He just stood there and watched it bleed out onto the carpet gasping for air. And I quote he said “I was so high i wanted to see its life force escape its mouth”
After school i came home and noticed his cane was snapped in half. I didnt pay any mind until later when he talked to my dad asking about the lizard. He left the lizard there on the floor but when we looked in the corner where it was there was no signs of a lizard period. No blood no nothing just the smashed cane. My dad and my stepmom stared at him while i was laughing till i cried because he was so obviously high when telling us this.
Long story short we think he was so high he imagined a lizard and smashed his cane against the ground till he broke it.

Iconic Heathers The Musical Moments

• Thus ending her hangoverrrrrrr
• There’s been a lack of girls climbing in my bedroom window
• I was having my period
• HAHAHA…..haha…….haaaaaaaaaa…oH MY GOD!
• oh look, she was reading The Bell Jar GASP
• Man, how many networks did she run to?
• So……you avoided date rape… volunteering ME for date rape?
• You’re making me sound like AIR SUPPLY
• oh my god, I just killed my best friend..
And your worst enemy
• Hellooooooooo, ssssssssslut
• I’m like oxygen, I’m everywhere
• I didn’t catch your name
I didn’t throw it
• I’m sorry, but I really had to wake you. I’ve decided I must ride you till I break you.
• Veronica? What are you doing in my room–?!
• Lick it up, baby. LICK. IT. UP.
• If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull I’d have two matching halves
• THERES NO ALCOHOL IN THIS! Are you trying to poison me?
• That was one heck of a fishing trip
• By the wayyyyyy………..You were my first
• Awe..Thanks, Heather. But I don’t really need to vomit right now.
• -The fight scene when he completely misses and JD just shrugs-
• That’s really sweet–OH SON OF A B****
• ..I don’t really like my friends
I don’t like your friends either
sorry, Heather…….
• I love my dead gay son
• If you were happy everyday of your life you wouldn’t be human, you’d be a game show host.

dunkirk || part two

(part one)

y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier? 


“What the hell just happened?” Harry scoffed, glaring at the front door you had just slammed shut after storming out, claiming you needed some ‘fresh air’. “Remind me never to bring up Kendall around Y/N ever again.” He joked, the smile dropping on his face when he noted the boys’ stoic expressions. “Wha’? Are you guys mad at me too??” 

“Oh my god, I just remembered. How could we be so stupid??” Liam gasped lightly, his eyes widening as he looked over at Niall. His memory was a bit fuzzy, but Liam did recall you accidentally blurting out your feelings for Harry. Of course, you had made him pinky-promise to keep it a secret, since you didn’t want to risk jeopardising your friendship with Harry. Liam was usually good at keeping secrets, but he had to tell Niall. And then Niall and to tell Louis - Heck, even Zayn knew! The only person who didn’t know was obviously Harry. 

“I t’ink she’s mad cos I took the last juice box t’is mornin’. I left her wit’ the orange juice when I knew she wanted t’e apple juice.” Niall muttered, slapping himself on the forehead gently. “Do ya t’ink a whole Costco sized container of juice boxes would make her happy?” 

“No, Niall, don’t you remember what I told you a couple months ago? About Y/N and her..” Liam trailed off, pointing to Harry very subtly. 

“Oh, right!” Niall’s eyes lit up as he sat up straighter before letting out a breath. “T’ank god I didn’t do anyt’ing wrong. It breaks my heart when Y/N’s upset.” He laughed lightly, looking over at a very confused Harry. 

“I literally have no idea wha’ you guys are talking about, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything wrong. And let’s be honest, she’s probably a little miffed about that last juice box, Niall.” Harry leaned back against the couch after picking his phone back up. “I know Y/N. She’ll cool off in a couple hours, we jus’ have to leave her alone, s’all.” He shrugged casually, the rest of the boys staring at him in astonishment. How could Harry not know why you were upset? Was he really that oblivious? 

“Do you really think Y/N would be that petty to get so explosive over a fuckin’ juice box?” Louis furrowed his brows, raising his hands in surrender when Harry did nothing but nod confidently. “Alright, then. You do you.” 

“Stupid Harry. Stupid Harry and his stupid war movie.” You grumbled to yourself, sucking up the remainder of your juice before angrily tossing it into the bin. “I’m taking her as my date, he says. Didn’t even get a thank you for ironing his dumb costume. Should’ve tossed the costume into the ocean when I had the chance.”

Life just wasn’t on your side. You had always been there for Harry, supporting him with whatever decision he made. He wanted to wear that floral suit to the AMA’s, fine! You were the one who picked it up for him. He wanted to chop all his hair off for charity (and for the movie, obviously), of course! You were the one who physically cut his hair, and you even dropped it off at the charity itself. You helped him during outfit changes for his Another Man shoot. But no, you didn’t get anything in return. You weren’t even invited to go on that damn yacht. All you were in Harry’s eyes was his little assistant - Could you even call yourself his best friend anymore? Probably not! People were always calling you up because they thought you were a representative for Harry. 

“You’re not all that, Harry Styles.” You muttered, rubbing your hands together for warmth before shoving them into the pockets of your coat. (It was Harry’s coat. You liked wearing his clothes.) What were you even doing with your life? Your days including running all over town to do things for Harry, and you weren’t even getting paid for it. Harry had just been taking advantage of you right under your nose, and you thought he was taking you to all these things and asking you for all these favours because you were his best friend. The sudden feeling of your phone buzzing in your pocket snapped you out of your thoughts, making you stop in the middle of the street. You took your phone out and walked into an empty alleyway, your brows knitting together at the sight of none other than Harry himself calling you. 

“Y/N? Where the hell are you, love? It’s nearly 10.” You told yourself to stay calm when you heard Harry’s voice from the other end of the phone. You raised your wrist to glance at your watch. 

“You took four hours to call me and check to see where I went?” You asked in an unimpressed tone. You could practically see Harry trying to come up with an excuse as to why he didn’t call earlier. There was a moment of silence before Harry cleared his throat and spoke up again. 

“I figured I’d give you a little alone time to blow some steam off.” 

“Oh? Blow some steam off? And what makes you think I have steam to blow off?” You scoffed, raising your free hand to make air quote gestures. 

“Cos you were clearly upset when you left. Niall said he’d replace your damn juice boxes, Y/N. You don’ have to be so immature about it.” Now you were the one in shock. He thought you were upset over.. juice boxes? 

“You- what? You think I’m- Can you give me another reason as to why I could be upset right now? Because I think I’m over the juice boxes.” You scoffed, hearing Harry let out a small groan of frustration. 

“Can yeh just come back? We can talk about this.” 

“There’s no need to talk, Harry. You, out of all people, should know why I’m upset.” 

“Well, I don’t know why! You’re going to have t’ help me figure out why you’re upset!” Harry’s voice became a little more gruff at this point. 

“I shouldn’t need to help you!” You snapped, clenching your fist so tightly you could feel your nails digging into the flesh of your palm. “I’m just so.. Sick of you!” Again, nothing but silence. 

“You’re sick of me?! I’m sick of you! You’ve been so moody and childish lately!” Harry growled, cursing quietly to himself. 

“Maybe I wouldn’t be moody or childish if you could just figure out what you’ve done wrong!” You gasped, a little offended by his words. “God, I don’t even wanna talk to you right now! I was in a decent mood, and I was actually alone with my own thoughts until you call-”

“You know what? If you’re going t’ keep acting this way - jus’ don’ even bother coming home, then! You always think I need you around, but guess what? I don’t! I don’t need you!”

Your heart pounded wildly in your chest, a lump beginning to grow in your throat. How could he say something like that? “You don’t need me around?” All you could hear was the heavy breathing of Harry on the other end. 

Y/N-” You didn’t give Harry a chance to explain himself before you hung up and shoved your phone back into your pocket. 

He didn’t need you around anymore? Fine. If that’s what Harry wanted, that’s what he’d get. 



  • aliens: take us to your leader
  • me: oh, well okay.
  • me: *takes them to the president*
  • aliens: that's not the leader, we want Gerard Way.
  • me: *takes them to Gerard Way*
  • Gerard Way: *sees aliens, throws glitter in the air*
  • aliens: *ecstatic gasp*
Piano Man

Summary: Reader is Steve’s twin sister and Bucky of course is his best friend. They both have feelings for each other but neither of them are smart enough to see it.

Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Warnings: Cussing so far

A/N: Listen, this is really shitty. And I’m not sure if I’m going to continue it. I guess it depends on the feedback. Also very little bucky x reader in the first chapter, wanted to give a back story kinda. Also this is a working title. And if you want to be on some sort of tagging list just let me know. Also writing is not one of my best skills D: I just wanna get the bucky feels out.

“God, can this day get any worse?” The girl yelled loud enough for the people on the street to stop and stare. She held her middle finger in the air at the cab driver that splattered mud all over her outfit. The obscene gesture caused several audience members to gasp. “Oh boo hoo.” The girl glared at them at she started toward the apartment.

Just dropping out of college and pretty much being forced to move in with her twin brother since it would be unbearable to go back home to mom and dad was a pretty clear sign of how life was going. Shitty. She had absolutely no idea of what career she wanted to be stuck with for the rest of her life. Honestly, she didn’t know where she wanted to be in general. Sometimes a person just craves life experience. So leaving University seemed like the best option. It was in the middle of January, the time everyone was supposed to go back to their dorms and roommates. But she just couldn’t. That’s not where her heart was.

A loud sigh escaped past her lips as she lugged a giant suitcase up the stairs to Steve’s apartment, trying to go into this with a positive mindset. Being Steve Roger’s twin sister was probably one of the hardest things to deal with. He was perfect. He was physically attractive, his personality was brighter than the sun, and luck seemed to always be on his side. He always had girls pining after him and everyone wanted to be his friend. Growing up, he was a star football player, got a full athletic and math scholarship to a fancy private school uptown, and now here he was working for the Tony Stark, not even out of college yet. On the bright side, he never let all the popularity and success get to his head.

Y/n on the other hand? Nothing like Steve. Growing up she was often forgotten about. By friends, even family whenever Steve came around. Her name was rarely used. It was always:

“Hey! You’re Steve’s sister!”

“How does it feel to be Steve’s sister?”

“Isn’t that Steve’s sister?”

People pretended to be a friend just to get close to Steve, and that hurt like a bitch. So day in and day out for years, she tried so hard to be like Steve. But nothing worked, so by the time 8th grade rolled around it was decided that she was going to be herself. And it seemed everyone was mad about it, especially mom and dad. She became known to rebel, do whatever, whenever. Half the time the shenanigans went unnoticed, but when they were noticed? Oh boy, she was the worst person alive. Fighting, partying, sneaking out, skipping class, mouthing off, (etc.) was the only way she could bring attention to herself.

But even after all that, hating her brother wasn’t an option. He was her biggest supporter and hated how insignificant she stood with everyone else. Steve saw through the danger and careless vibe she gave off, and knew she was hurting. He always tried his hardest to be a confidence booster and was always quick to defend her whenever he got the chance, even when it came to mom and dad. He really was perfect, and she wanted to punch him for it.

Finally getting up the never ending staircase, she fumbled with the doorknob and stumbled into the apartment, cussing as she went. Considering this is the first time actually being in his apartment, she looked around drinking it all in and couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. It wasn’t like he was rich, but he had money. Of course he did, he was working for Tony Stark. So naturally, the apartment was beautiful and pretty spacious.

“Y/n! Let me help you!” Steve appeared around the corner when he heard the commotion coming from the front door. He grabbed everything from her hands and carried it with ease down the hallway. “I have your room all set up for you.” He said with that perfect smile, like he wasn’t doing her the biggest favor in the world. He showed his bedroom and the room that would be home for her until further notice, which also had a bathroom of its own. Thank God.

Sighing loudly, she looked down at the floor, feeling ashamed. “Listen, I’m sorry you have to board me for a while, I promise I’m going to find a job, or a boyfriend, or a roommate or something to try and get out of your hair.”

Steve shot her a don’t-start kind of look as he gently flopped the suitcase on what was now going to be her bed. And by god, did it look comfy. “Is this all you brought y/n?” Steve asked with a hint of pity in his voice.

Still too embarrassed, to meet his eyes, she started unzipping the suitcase to dig out clothes to wear after the apparent shower she was going to be taking. “I didn’t have much when I was living at the university, and it’s not like mom and dad ever gave me money. I never really had extra money from work either. So this is all I have.” She tried to play it off like she wasn’t self-conscious and wounded, but Steve saw through the façade and pulled her in for a hug, despite the wet stains that littered her clothes.

“Listen, I’d love to stay and catch up today, but I actually just called to have a meeting at Stark Tower. It was completely unexpected or I would have told you yesterday. You understand?” The look in his eyes definitely showed that he felt bad for bailing out on her, but then again she did just ask to move in the previous afternoon.

“Yeah sure! No big deal Stevie.” Steve hugged her so tight that she thought she heard a rib pop.

The shower had been just what she needed. Clean, refreshed and not muddy. Soon after the shower, Y/N had to snoop around. After discovering that Steve lived in a giant 4-plex, she counted 2 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a giant kitchen, and an open living room. It was decorated tastefully. Obviously colors she wouldn’t have gone with, but she wasn’t going to complain.

Y/n became so engrossed in looking at the décor on the walls that she didn’t see the small table in front of her. There was a loud thud as she hit the floor along with a loud crash of a fancy vase that had been on the table.

Literally 5 seconds after her incident she heard Steve’s front door swing open. “Steve? You okay? I thought I heard something fall…”

“shit shit shit.” The frantic tone in her voice was definitely evident. She knew that voice. She would know it anywhere. Why was he here?

Bucky fucking Barnes. Steve’s best friend. She hadn’t seen him in a year. Of course, she had been pretty close to him as well all throughout their childhood. He was one of the few people that called her by her name. Whenever the two were alone, he didn’t dare bring up Steve, unless she had first, knowing what’s always going on around her. Bucky was also very attractive and popular. But in a quirky kind of way. He was a musician. Every instrument he played, he did it beautifully. His favorite was the piano. She adored the piano. When he played for her, she always got swept away in watching his hands and seeing the smile in his eyes as he was completely consumed by his own music. No one would have guessed that he would be best friends with Steve Rogers, but they made sense in a way.

And obviously, y/n was in love with him. Always had been and probably always will be.  Sure she had had boyfriends through the years, some good ones. To be honest, she could probably get anyone that she wanted. But there was something about that man. Those blue eyes, his soft locks, that fucking smile. His voice was soothing and calm. God and the way his nose scrunches up when he laughs. That was her favorite thing. But he also had a darkness about him that just keeps bringing her back for more.

Before even thinking about reacting, Bucky stormed into the hallway where the accident had taken place. His face turned from worried to completely confused. It was obvious he was not expecting to see her. “Y/n?”

She hesitated and shrugged innocently. “Um… Don’t tell Steve?” Her words made him chuckle lightly as he walked over to her and crouched down next to her.

“Why am I not surprised?” His voice had a playful tone to it.

“Listen, it was an accident. I literally just moved in here today and I’m already breaking shit.” She complained out loud and Bucky chuckled again, causing her to smile in return. She stood up and started toward the light switch.

Before she could take a step, two strong arms pick her up bridal style. “You’re not wearing any shoes Y/N. We don’t need another accident.” Her heart pounded in her chest so hard she was positive Bucky could hear it. The pitter patter only increased when she the faint smell of cologne and his laundry soap filled her senses.  

He playfully threw her on the couch. “Just don’t break anything while I clean this up.”

STRESSED OUT pt 2 // Draco imagine
Part one :{ }
As you both break for air you can’t help but smile
“Feeling better?” You ask.
“Not yet.” He says before he begins kissing you again. Slowly moving to your jaw while he takes off your green tie and robe.
He makes his way from your jaw to your neck sucking on your sweet spot. Making you gasp and moan.
Draco pulls away leaving a red hickey.
While straddling you he slowly unbuttons your shirt.
You could feel his hard dick through his jeans, on your thigh.
You begin to rotate your hips to rub his hard on.
“Oh my god.” He whispers quietly.
While he fumbled with your shirt you began to unbutton his shirt reveling his abs.
Soon u where in nothing but your skirt and bra. While Draco in his boxers.
Still on top of you, Draco behinds kissing you again moving his hands down your body.
You skim his abs before messing around with the elastic of his boxers.
You pull his boxers down making his huge dick hit his stomach before you begin pumping.
His hands now at your waist pull your skirt and panties off.
Pushing your hand away he places his hard cock at your opening.
“Damn y/n, you’re wet. Did I do that?” Draco smirks at you while he swears the tip around the opening but not going in.
“Stop teasing you ass.” You moan as he puts his tip in only to take it back out.
Without warning he thrusts in making you gasp.
Thrusting in and out he begins to slam into your G spot over and over. While his mouth finds another spot on your neck to mark.
Your nails now dug into his back as you feel yourself getting closer.
You could feel him twice inside you before he came. Him cumming pushed you over the edge, making you organum right after.
Rolling off you he kisses your forehead.
“So?” You ask as you cuddle into him.
“So what?” He asks.
“How you feeling?” You clarify.
“Pretty good for a mud blood” you could hear his smile in his voice.
You slap his chest, “I mean about the test you twat.” You giggle.
“Oh that.. I think I might have a before test ritual.” He smirks at you.
Omg I start a summer class tomorrow! I’m so nervous! But also so exited 😨 anyways hope you all liked it!!

What the heart wants pt. 2

AN: now that Alex has found his soulmate, what’s next?
Characters: Alex Summers
Pairings: Alex Summers X reader
Spoilers: none
Warnings: none

Your eyes clung to the strange boy as colors began to seep into his skin. For the first time in your life, you saw colors. Somehow, your mind named the colors as they appeared; hair like spun gold, eyes so blue they sucked you in, a burgundy sweater, and a rose colored blush dusting his sculpted cheekbones. Your eyes filled with tears, and you clapped your hand over your mouth to muffle a sob.

“It’s you.” You managed to say, with a teary laugh, “Oh my God, it’s you.”


Your voice cut through the fog in Alex’s brain more efficiently than any blade could and he let out a gasp of air. The color that had started with you was slowly spreading to the rest of the world and, although Alex imagined that it must be a beautiful sight, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.

“It’s me.” He answered, his voice shaking with the weight of suppressed tears as he pulled you into a hug, burying his face in your silky hair, “Oh my God you’re really here.”

Your watery laughter made you shake in Alex’s arms and he instinctively pulled you closer, breathing in your intoxicating pomegranate smell and feeling your soft hair against his chin, so new, but tinted with an almost painful familiarity.

“I can’t believe it.” You said softly, pulling away to study your soulmate’s tear stained face, a disbelieving smile creeping onto your face, “I-what’s your name?”

Alex wiped your cheeks gently, the feel of your skin sending shocks of electricity through his entire body.

“I’m Alex,” he answered, “Alex Summers. What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” You answered; shaking his hand, the gesture seeming oddly formal, “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You felt giddy looking at the boy you’d spent so many nights dreaming about meeting and you heard yourself say what had been on your mind since that first instant, “Wow, you’re hot.”

Embarrassment flooded through your cheeks, turning them bright scarlet and making you seem even more adorable to Alex than you already had been. He laughed, wanting to pull you closer but unsure as to wether or not he could. You were his soulmate, his other half, someone he’d been destined to meet and love for his entire life but, on the other hand, he had just met you. The last thing he wanted was to scare you off now.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” He answered, feeling as though he were understating the obvious.

You smiled softly, feeling as an awkward silence began to stretch between the two of you.

“Do you-“ Alex started, scratching the back of his neck absentmindedly, “do you want to go get a coffee or something?”

You nodded, “Yes, that’d be great.” You looked down at your mismatched clothes and shifted from foot to foot, embarrassed again, “I don’t have my wallet on me though,I uh, I left home in a bit of a hurry I guess.”

Alex bumped his shoulder against yours, trying to let you know without words that he didn’t care how you were dressed, “No stress,” he assured you, “this is my treat.”

You sat with Alex Summers for hours, sipping disgusting coffee and sharing stories with one another. He had a dry sense of humor, one that complimented yours and when you talked, his eyes stayed glued to you, like he wanted to swallow you with the intensity of his gaze.
You liked him, you realized, and the feeling was mutual. To Alex, you were something especially fascinating; being with you was a sort of danger that he enjoyed dancing around. When you smiled, something in Alex’s stomach twisted and he felt a surge of pride at having been able to make you happy, even for a moment.

Deep down, Alex could see that you were hiding from him. He saw the way your eyes flicked from person to person, the way you scanned for exits before you’d taken a seat. Alex had taken careful note of the way you jumped whenever someone came too close to you, and how you’d occasionally look at him as though you were on the edge of saying something but couldn’t get up the nerve to say it. In those moments, Alex remembered everything he’d felt, all the fear and the pain, and wondered if that had something to do with your discomfort.

Your phone began to ring at around 5:30 that afternoon and Alex felt his heart drop. Surely you had someone to go home to, some family that was waiting for you to come home for dinner. He idly wondered how long it would take for you to tell that family about him, how they’d react, and he felt himself fill with shame. He was a criminal and, as much as you were hiding from him, he was hiding from you.
You glanced at your phone and Alex Summers watched as your skin paled and you turned it over with shaking hands. Impulsively, he clasped one between his own and pressed it to his lips, your fingers ice cold against his skin.

“I know we only met today Y/N, and I know I’ve missed a lot, but I’m here now. If you ever need me, I’m here.” He swore, startling himself with his own sincerity.

At the very first moment he’d seen you, Alex Summers had realized how pointless his objections to finding his soulmate had been. From the very moment his eyes had met yours, Alex had become hopelessly entangled in all the possibilities that you offered; family, companionship, love, things he’d desperately wanted since his family had abandoned him.

You paused, your skin tingling with electricity where it met Alex’s. Your phone buzzed, and you knew your father was on the other end of the line. You knew you should be afraid and deep down somewhere you were, but being with Alex made you feel a little bit calmer, like maybe everything would be okay some day. Maybe a time would come when you could just be happy sitting in a mall, with Alex across from you, sipping milkshakes and holding hands, no anxiety buzzing in your head like fruit flies, no secrets trying to force their way out of your throat. Just soulmates, enjoying each others’ company.

Maybe, you thought, that time could start now.

“Well I-“ you started, taking a deep breath to calm your jittery nerves, “as it turns out, I might need a place to stay tonight.”

Alex frowned, noticing that you hadn’t pulled your hand away, and noting that he liked the way it felt in his before refocusing on you.

“Of course.” He answered, “Of course you can stay with me. I-uh-I live in a school.”

You raised your eyebrows, relief flooding through you when Alex instantly offered you a place to stay.

“A school?” You asked.

Alex felt his palms start to sweat as he realized where this conversation was going. He wouldn’t be able to hide his mutation from you for much longer and, even though he was scared, he thought that maybe he didn’t want to.
Maybe sooner was better than later just this once.

“Yeah, I’m a teacher.” He explained, smiling with pride.

Seeing Alex smile made something in your stomach flutter and, despite your lingering uneasiness, made you laugh gently. There was a definite pride in his voice when he talked about his job, telling you stories about his students and his colleagues, people he obviously cared a lot about. From what you could tell, Alex taught Economics and Gym and he was equally as passionate about both. While he talked, Alex kept a hold of your hand, squeezing gently to emphasize his points and the gesture was so sweet that you felt your heart swell.

“And you don’t think they’ll mind?” You asked Alex, “Me staying there I mean.”

“Mind? Are you kidding me? They’ll be excited!” Alex smiled, squeezing your hand again, trying to force away your fears, “They’re going to love you, really.” Alex promised gently.

You forced a weak smile and nodded, letting Alex lead you through the shopping center, your hands still intertwined as Alex chatted away happily. As you reached the exit, Alex froze, his body suddenly rigid and unmovable.

“Alex, what’s wrong?” You asked nervously.

Alex swallowed hard, shooting you an anxious look, “I haven’t been totally honest with you.” He admitted.


“The school I work for,” he started slowly, “it’s not-ah-it’s not a normal school.”

You raised your eyebrows, “Then what kind of school is it?”

Alex avoided your gaze, looking somewhere just above your head instead.

“It’s a school for people like me,” he admitted after a long pause, “people with…abilities.” He finally met your eyes for a brief second, “Mutants.”

Your heart stopped beating, you felt the blood seeping out of your face and you squeezed Alex’s hand as something like relief flooded through you.

Misinterpreting your gaze, Alex continued quickly, “If you don’t want to stay there anymore I understand. I mean it’s not always the easiest thing to deal with and I-“

“Alex,” you interrupted, “you don’t understand. Your school-it’s not just a place for you, it’s a place for me too.” You smiled, squeezing his hand again, “Alex, I’m a mutant.”

asexual-shmaysexual  asked:

Her favourite babysitter is Clint because he lets her skip her naps and surprisingly it's bucky that chews him out for it ("she has a specific schedule, Clint!" "Dude, she's a kid, relax" "I will not just 'relax'! If she doesn't nap for two hours at noon she doesn't drink her bottle at one thirty, and if she doesn't drink her bottle at one thirty, she doesn't go to bed at seven forty five, and-" "bucky B R E A T H E" *huge gasp of air from bucky*)

oh god he’d be such a good dad

such a good dad

so good

he’s the love of my life

12:24 am
Oh my god I can barely breathe,
I’m gasping for air that’s just out of my reach,
Drowning in my own salt water tears as they overflow from my eyes,
They flood onto pillows soaking the outsides.
God,I miss you.
It haunts me now,
As I re-read old texts.
Cause when I said:
\I just feel like I wanna die\
You said:
//Baby I wanna make things better,I feel so sick, I just need you right now. I need your love and your hugs and everything about you. You’re my princess forever don’t you ever forget//
And as I’m sitting here crying,
Trying to remember if I overdosed on pain, thinking of when you drunk a little too much and you forgot my name..
—  He killed me from the inside out..

              guitar slung across her back, she trudges through the streets like she’s dead on her feet. her phone died a while back, so she’s not sure if it’s too late or too early at this point. performing at the bar wasn’t a bad gig, really - it was kind of awesome, if she’s being truthful. the only not-so-awesome part was the hours. working a shift at the diner, a shift at the club, and then playing the bar immediately after was a recipe for a zombie version of rosie. green eyes blink tiredly, focused solely on her boots makin the same old thump thump as she makes her way home. a shuffling noise and she glances up, startled to see another person for no real reason other than that fatigue makes her on edge. a gasp leaves her lips and she drops her purse before nervous laugh sounds through the cold seattle air. ‘ oh my god, y’just scared me ten ways t’sunday. not that y’did anything scary, though, i just - ‘s been a long day. ’



“Are you ready?” Kurt questioned. You took a deep breath and nodded. Kurt wrapped his arms around you but panic quickly rose within your chest.

“Wait!” You cried, “Is it going to hurt?”

Kurt shook his head frantically, “No! I’d never do anything that could hurt you.”

You nodded again and buried your face in his chest, “You can go now…”

You stood still for a moment until you felt the air around your diminish slightly, your stomach flipped and you felt weightless, as if you were floating with no gravity to hold you down. After this feeling quickly faded you pulled away from Kurt’s chest and looked around, finding that you were outside and you gasped.

“Oh my God, Kurt!” You squealed, bouncing on the balls of your feet, “That was amazing!” He grinned down at you happily, his heart fluttering at the fact that he’d been able to not only impress you, but make you happy.

~ Clara

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Your Second Choice - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Your Second Choice – TW Imagine

Prompt/Request: Hi!! Can I have a Isaac x reader x stiles imagine where the reader catches Isaac cheating on her with Allison at a party and stiles ( who has been in love with the reader since like forever) comforts her and they end up being together somehow?

A/N: There will be a part 2 to this! I promise! I’m sorry that it’s so short, I hope you like this xo

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 898

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Your POV

You and Isaac held hands as you guys entered a lacrosse team mate’s party. You wore a white romper with some white air forces. You were lead to the kitchen by Isaac, seeing Allison.

“Hey Alli!” You smiled, waving.

“Hey Y/N! Oh my god, you look stunning!” She gasped, looking at you up and down.

“Thanks babe!” You gave her a quick squeeze.

It was weird though, she only held you with one hand. When you let go of her, you saw a surprised look on Stiles face from the side, he was holding a drink in a red cup.

“What?” You frowned, mouthing to him.

Before you could see his answer, Isaac interrupted.

“Hey Y/N, could you maybe get some drinks outside? They’re more fresh and chill.” He grinned.

“But there’s some in the fridge-“ You were grabbed by the wrist, being dragged outside by Stiles.

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Pizza, Anyone?

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(Its OK Steve, we’ll just get pizza OK?)

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(Steve: *sigh* alright, alright……you look like you really want to say something.)

(Me: LOL)


Steve Rogers x reader

Imagine Steve trying to cook for you and his anniversary and almost burns down the whole Kitchen lol so instead you both are like lets just order pizza


LOL hope you guys like the mini summary with gifs xDDDDDDD


Genre: Humor, Family

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Swearing, angry Steve lmao

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You smelled it before you saw it. The smell of what seemed to be burnt toast and other things filled the air and smoke came out of the kitchen. You heard coughing and coughed yourself, walking in and seeing a freaking out Steve.

“Steve, what the hell?”

“I’ve got this! I’ve got this!”

A fire started and you gasped as Steve exclaimed, getting the extinguisher.

“No I don’t! Oh my god. Ok.”

He sprayed the kitchen and dropped the extinguisher, saying as his ears turned pink and he facepalmed.

“This….this is really spangling my stars.”

You jumped onto Steve’s back and laughed at his statement. He gripped your legs and stated quietly.

“Just wanted do do something for our anniversary today.”

“It’s OK, Stevie. I’ll just order some good, ole fashioned pizza.”

Steve looked back at you and smiled a bit. You smiled wide and dramtically said, pointing.

“To the phone! Onwards, loyal steed!”

Steve laughed and walked to the phone, saying.

“First stop, phone.”

You grabbed it and ordered Pizza Hut.


“This was an awesome idea.”

Steve stated. You grinned and held up an 1940′s classic black and white movie.

“Happy Anniversary, I got you an classic.”

Steve’s eyes went super wide and he gasped.

“How did you get ahold of that?”

“A certain billionare, playboy, philanthropist, idiot-oh, I mean genius.”

Steve just shook his head, smiled and kissed your cheek, clinking your wine glasses.

“To us!”

“To us and pizza and corny classics and not burning down my precious kitchen.”

Steve grinned.

“I’ll drink to that.”

Escape // Anakin x Reader

Anon asked: You should do an Anakin imagine where him and padme are together but he cheats on her with the reader. The reader doesn’t believe in love and Anakin loves her which leads to some drama then a bunch of fluff

His lips are on yours, smothering you as he grinds himself into you, causing a faint moan to escape your lips. You tangle your hands in his air, slightly tugging.

He pushes his lips down your neck, leaving small love bites everywhere.

“Oh my God, Anakin,” you breathe out, rolling your head to the side giving him more access. He connects your lips again, your mouths moving in synch. His hands grasp your behind, making you gasp as his takes advantage of the situation.

Your heated session is halted, when there is a knock on the door. Anakin groans, “What?”

“Master Skywalker, Senator Amidala has requested your presence,” a voice says.

He rolls his eyes and answers, “I’ll be there soon.”

You and Anakin were together. As he was still together with Padame Amidala, a senator from Naboo.

The story behind the scandal is that he fell out of love after he met you. You were Senator Amidala’s right hand woman, a trusted friend. Ironic, you know. Anakin and you were constantly flirting when she wasn’t with you. He later confessed his feelings as you agreed with him. Anakin couldn’t leave her because he was afraid she would tell the Council and potentially get him thrown out of the Order and suffer many consequences. So, the two of you, whatever free time you had would hook up until someone needed you again. He was your escape from reality.

Anakin kisses your lips again, placing his hands on your face. “I’ll be back soon, love. I just need to see what she wants and I’ll be back soon.”

“When can we finally be together and stop hiding?” you ask, grasping his biceps. He sighs and shakes his head, looking at you deeply in the eyes before kissing you once more. “Kissing me isn’t going to solve things, Ani.”

He chuckles. “I don’t know, darling. You know that when the time comes it will be a dirty mess. But, when it is cleaned, we will be very happy together. Patience. That is key.”

You sigh and speak, “Alright. Now go and hurry up. I’ll be waiting for you.” You send him a wink as he smirks, tapping your butt on the way out.

You knew this was wrong. It was terrible. Padame trusted you with everything. She came to you with problems and you came to her with answers. She was her sister. And hooking up with your sister’s fiancé is a terrible thing to do.

But, the way he made you feel was all worth it. He made you feel wanted. All of his affections had a meaning behind it. Every time he kissed you, it was a new sensation. It brought you butterflies and euphoria.

His touch made you tremble and you loved every minute of it. He made you feel alive. Anakin was a new breath of fresh air that inflated you lungs like a balloon and then you were slowly swept away with him.

You sat on his bed, awaiting for his return. You take off your shoes and pull up your hair.

The door opens back up again, revealing your lover. Your heart flutters and you speak, “What did she want?”

He rolls his eyes. "She was complaining as usual. She said that she never sees me anymore and she misses me and she wants me to spend the night.“

You give him a look. He knew you didn’t want him to. "And what did you respond to that exactly?” you say, standing up as he walk over to you.

“(Y/N), you know that I don’t want to. But if we don’t want her finding out about us, I have to spend the night. She will get suspicious. I promise you nothing will happen. Trust me, my love,” he says, sitting on the bed as you remain standing.

“Did you kiss her when you arrived to her room?” you ask him, crossing your arms.

“(Y/N),” he laughs.

“Anakin, did you?” you ask again, your pitch sky rocketing.

“You know I have to. If I don’t, her suspicions will be confirmed. But trust me, she is nothing like you, baby,” he says smirking, placing his hands on your hips, pulling you down to sit on his lap.

You laugh. “Oh really?” You lean down and kiss his lips, trying to restart from where you two left off. You straddle his lap and he starts to undress you, slowly taking off your top.

You are locked in an intense moment, Anakin about to undo the clasp of your bra, but he stops when he hears a voice.

“You liar!” a female voice screams.


You crawl off his lap, not revealing your identity to her.

“Padame, I’m sorry. I’m not going to tell you it’s not what it looks like because it is exactly what it looks like,” Anakin starts, as you begin to put back on your shirt. She still hasn’t asked who you were yet and you were praying that she wouldn’t.

Anakin explains the entire story about why he did what he did and Padame says, “Who are you?”

Your body freezes. You had to do it. There was no escape. Slowly, you turn around and meet her gaze.

She gasps. “(Y/N)? How could you do this to me? I trusted you! And now you go behind my back to sleep with my husband? How dare you! I gave you everything. I treated you like family and this is the thanks I get? You are a despicable person,” she spits.

“Padame, I cannot begin to apologize and I know I can’t because of what I have done. But Anakin and I are in love. He makes me happier than anyone or anything has in my entire life. I’m sorry I had to get to him like this, but he is my world. He was my escape from everything. Padame, I know this is unforgiveable, but I hope one day you will forgive me. I know we can never have what we have or used to, but I hope that you can at least bear to see me one day,” you tell her, sadly.

Her face is tear stained as she stands there broken hearted. She takes a deep breath and says, “Very well. If that’s how both of you feel.” And with that she exits without saying a word.

You and Anakin are left in silence. He looks over to you and notices you are crying silently and he embraces you. As his warm arms engulf you, you let out a sob. “I just lost my sister.”

That night, you fell asleep in each other’s arms, enveloped by each others love.

When morning comes around, you are the first to wake. You wriggle yourself out of Anakin’s grip and rise from the bed. You look over and she on the floor near the door, there is a white envelope. You walk over, pick it up, and read it.

Dearest Anakin and (Y/N),

After what I witnessed last night, I am heartbroken. It will take me quite sometime to recover back to my normal state, but I can assure you one thing.

I will not inform anyone about the relationship you two have. It is something that is beautiful like a rose. You should let it blossom until it blooms into a beautiful flower open to the light of the world.

May you be each others escapes forever.

Anakin, you will always be my first love. (Y/N), you will always be my sister.

With love,

Padame xx

She was your sister. He was your escape. And you were finally happy.

okay but why wouldn’t you love platonic Corey/Josh?
  • Josh waking up in the middle of the night because he heard a scream, so he runs to Corey’s room and finds him sitting up in bed, gasping for air and crying. Josh immediately gets in with him, tells him he’s alive and safe and okay. Maybe grabs his hand and puts it on his chest so he can feel his heart beat.
    Josh pulling him into a tight hug and kissing him on his forehead. Josh spending the night in Corey’s room, the younger boy wrapped up in his arms
  • Josh and Corey literally bickering all the time over the most stupid stuff
  • ‘you pour milk before your cereal??? What’s next, Joshua, you gonna tell me you bush your teeth before drinking orange juice?’
  • Everytime Corey enters the room, Josh would mumble ‘Cory in the house’ under his breath
  • Josh scaring Corey with his fangs
  • Corey repaying him by sneaking into his room at night and crawling in bed with him, only to become visible when Josh turns around to face him
  • Josh being really athletic and dragging Corey on hikes, but since Corey is as athletic as he is straight he keeps getting behind and he’s constantly out of breath
  • ‘no way am I climbing that mountain.’
  • ‘it’s not a mountain, Corey, it’s a hill. And it wouldn’t be climbing, it’s called walking. Don’t be so dramatic.’
  • ‘Listen buddy, I already died once, I’m not intending to do it again anytime soon.’
  • Josh teasing Corey about Mason
  • Josh and Corey kinda becoming a package deal
  • *Mason and Corey are on a date*: ‘come on, Corey. You brought Fangs?’
  • ‘Hey, Mississippi, shut the fuck up I’m just here to see the movie’
  • ‘Did he just call me Mississippi?’
  • ‘He calls me Country Corey, you’re lucky’
  • Josh and Corey doing that high five behind their back thing when Corey and Mason kiss
  • Josh listens to really weird indie pop/rock whatever and when Corey bashes it he’s like ‘you don’t like [artist/band/genre]?’ *clenches chest* ‘you pain me, Corey. You truly do.’
  • bickering over pineapple on pizza
  • ‘Why don’t you love yourself, Corey? I don’t go around putting apples on my pizza.’
  • ‘Why do you hate everything that is good in the world, Joshua?’
Empty >> Jungkook, OC (Part 4)

Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

{OC - Kim Minyoung}

The next second passed, Jungkook found himself making a contact with the ground. He lost his balance and fell down from over the chair, making it slid to the side and hit one of the infirmary beds.

“Oh! Hi.” He said, holding a hand up in the air.

Minyoung’s hand went over her mouth, covering it as she was holding a laughter in. Jungkook felt embarrassed and wished the floor could swallow him or he could just disappear into the thin air or run out of the room as fast he could.

Soon the smile over Minyoung’s face faded as she noticed Jungkook’s bleeding forehead. She gasped in shock and without realizing she found herself reaching for a handkerchief from her pocket.

Grabbing it out, she kneeled beside Jungkook and pressed the handkerchief into his wounded head, forgetting completely about the pain she had earlier.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” She hissed, looking seriously worried.

Jungkook pressed his lips into a thin line as Minyoung was so close to him. He could smell the scent of her new perfume, fruits and vanilla, from how close she was. His heart skipped a beat and his body tensed, froze.

Wake up, Jungkook. He scolded himself. She doesn’t remember you. And that fact hurt as hell.

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Imagine this
  • *Stiles is having another panic attack, and Scott doesn´t know what to do*
  • Scott: Stiles?! What's happening??
  • Stiles: I think... *tries to breath normally* I'm having a panic attack
  • Scott: What should I do?!
  • Stiles: *gasping for air* Lydia
  • Scott: *screams* Lydia!
  • Lydia: *comes running* What's wrong?!
  • Scott: Stiles is having a panic attack
  • Lydia: Oh my God *reaches Stiles* Stiles! Shhh...Look at me *kisses him*
  • Scott: *stares trying to understand*
  • Stiles: Thank you, again *smiles*
  • Lydia: Anytime *smiles back*
  • Scott: *still wondering what the hell is going on*