This is my first follow forever. My humble tribute to blogs that made ​​my Tumblr experience a wonderful journey. Amazing bloggers and flawless human beings that I admire and love.

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natecolbert replied to your postexcuse me but what


i am confused

 gaspardians replied to your post: excuse me but what

it’s portuguese i guess but i can’t understand as well): if i’m not mistaken he does says something in portuguese in another scene…

i went back and tried to hear him again but still doesn’t sound portuguese to me

gaspardians replied to your post: oh snap

doc is a badass motherfucker i just love him and i love this scene

bruna, i think i just died hearing nate using “fucking” multiple times in a sentence, can he be mad all the time this is beautiful sldk;fjl;dsj except he looks like he’s about to cry all the time which make me want to hug him and protect him but he’s badass so HOW DOES THIS WORKS