Choking Game: Paige Klick

I was watching the news 5 minutes ago and a 13 year old girl died from the “Choking Game”. She goes to Osseo Junior High, a school not far away from the area I live. Right when they said her school, I almost teared up. I felt so bad for her, her family, and her friends. She was a cheerleader, and an honor roll student. Her parents found her in her closet. She wasn’t suicidal, because she didn’t have the behavior of a girl that would take her own life. Her mother found belts, with knots around them. They assumed it was a game teenagers are playing now a days. I can’t believe that teenagers, this society, is playing a game that can actually take their own lives. Some teenagers are lucky enough to still be alive after playing the game. But, Paige Klick was a victim of the “Choking Game” and it took her life.