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When you are 18 years old and date James Franco

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I walked out of the classroom. It was time for the lunch break. My friends told me to meet them at the entrance of the school. I looked around and saw no one in sight. I was the first one. I walked past a few students and sat on a bench. It looked like I had time, till the others came out so I pulled out my phone from my bag. For days I’ve kept thinking about James and his directing class. I knew he was busy so I didn’t want to bother him. But on the other side I wanted to write him, because I missed him and we couldn’t hear from each other since a week. He didn’t bother to write me but I didn’t mind because I knew that he was kept busy because of his work. So I started to type Mr. Franco to show him that I put some distance to our relationship. Instantly I regretted it, because I knew that it wasn’t his fault.  The only thing I wanted to do is to know how it went. But I couldn’t hide my bitterness. I wanted to delete the text and start something new. Accidently I hit the send button and was in shock.

“Please no no no. I hope you don’t look at your phone right now! Please don’t see it!” I’ve told myself. People who passed me might think I was nuts. In horror I looked at the display to check if there was a green tick.  And there it was the green tick of chaos. I don’t get why the phones don’t have the „are you sure “message popping up anymore. Frustrated about the new technology I hung my head low and decided to wait. In the next seconds the Ping tune came from my phone which was in my hand.

[ James: Never  heard that from you before but Hello to you too Mrs Franco. ]

How could he react so normal about that? Could it be that he didn’t get it by Mr. Franco? Maybe he didn’t really understand it. Doesn’t matter anymore. What could I answer to that I thought to myself. I looked up and saw Sophia, Eva, Jess and Victoria walking to me.

“What’s the matter honey? ” asked Sophia.

“N-Nothing I was just waiting for you.” I explained.

“Really? You look kind of tired.”

“Did something happen to you know who.” said Eva.

“What Voldemort?” Victoria gasped.

“Shut up no one’s talking about Harry Potter. I mean James by you know who.” Told Eva to the others.

“Ahh why don’t you call him just by his name. Everyone knows it by now.” Put in Jessica.

“could you all just be quiet, please. Nothing happened okay I was just writing him, that’s all. He is busy these days.” I explained.

“Okay good to know. So where are we going?” asked Sophia.

While the girls argued where we should head to I opened my texts again. I saw that James was writing something and waited. It was like it took hours for him to send it.

[ James:                                          What  are you doing? ]

Oh shit I forgot to write him back.  I looked at my phone and started writing frantically.

[ You:                                             Just  got out of school. Talking with friends. ]

I was nervous because I couldn’t wait for his answer. At that moment I realized how much I missed him. I knew that the girls could see me going crazy because of texting, but I didn’t care and let them judge me.

[ James:                                         Are  there male friends? ]

I looked at my phone twice to be sure what he said. This little shit asking for real if there were male friends. I couldn’t believe it. He was starting it again. Acting all confident. I didn’t want him to check up on me. So I started with my answer.

[ You:                                            Maybe.  Not gonna answer to that. Why? ]

I smiled to myself, pleased with my answer.

[ James:                                         Just  asking. ]

[ You:                                             How’s  work going? ]

[ James: I am waiting for  someone. Something important came up. So I am taking a break right now. Why? ]

Who could it be I asked myself. Who is the person he waits for? Why didn’t he tell me about it and is

the person he meets so important. I tried to stay calm and I hoped my response didn’t show that it

affected me nor that I was jealous.

[ You: Just  asking. Hope you are doing fine these days. But it sound‘s all right I guess. ]

[ James:                         Yeah  everything’s good. Have you eaten already?  ]        

[ You: No  probably we are gonna grab some Sandwiches. What about you? ]

[ James: Sounds  delicious. I have a date in a few seconds, see you later. ]

[ You:                                                       wait… ]

Great he was already offline. I tried to call him once and gave up. What was he up to. I want to know who his date was. I bet she must be a Model or a Playmate or someone from a magazine or all of them at once. I bet she must be older than me. I mean I am only 18 and don’t have a chance. I know that he likes women who are older than him. Everyone can tell that by his past but still I didn’t like the idea. Maybe she has the knowledge to lead him on. He likes it to be lead, even though he can be bossy sometimes. On the other hand, he is very attentive. Oh god to describe him is even stressful. This man comes with it all positive sides and negative ones. Being one of the best actors in Hollywood, writing several books, directing classes and giving speeches in Universities. But still being handsome and having all the pretty actresses around him and the fame, he is so down to earth and normal about his life. He doesn’t care what other people think of him and he wants people to think of him like that.  While thinking about James I started falling for that unbelievable guy again. Shouldn’t I be angry for him to go on dates. Somehow I am not, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I miss him so much that I can’t even get mad at him.

Suddenly I heard my phone ringing. I picked it up and said Hello.

“Where are you?”

“I am still at school!”

“Why are you yelling?”

“I am sorry. I don’t want to waste your time James. You have better things to do, like to go on a date with a beautiful actress of yours.”

“you’re right, you never told me that you were an actress but okay.”

“What are you talking about?”

“What are you talking about, messing with my head like that. Turn around let’s go.”


“Hang up!”

“Hey Jule isn’t that James walking over here?” gasped Sophia.

“yeah he is!” Victoria agreed

“Okay girls let’s not freak out.” said Eva

“I can’t believe you!” I gasped in shock. I pointed at him.

“Gotcha.” He laughed and opened his arms. I let myself fall in his arms closed my eyes and sniffed his perfume.

“I can’t be lieve that you are so low. But I am glad you are here because I missed you so much.” I explained and realizing I was angry then I started hitting him.

“Stop hitting me. I thought you missed me!” he chuckled.

“I missed you but that act was so unnecessary right now.” I explained

“Come one you are glad to see me.” he smirked

“I am but still.”

“Let’s make up. I am hungry we can talk while we eat.” he offered.

“Okay let’s go.” I gave in.

Chapter Three

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but this was a big chapter for this fic and wanted to get it done right! Hope you enjoy it! Here it goes…


Harry returned home from a long day of flight training at the army base. His secured home on the base was small and quaint giving him enough privacy at the end of a long day like today. Tossing his bag in the entry way he kicked off his shoes hurling them unceremoniously into the floor. Deacon, his other protection officer closed the door behind him.

Rounding the corner Harry walked into the kitchen seeing Rip standing there with a file in his hand. Slowing his pace to a stop, Harry eyed him suspiciously with a raised eyebrow. Realization hit Harry as to what the file may contain; Rip’s findings of the blonde woman from the night at the masquerade ball.

“Is that it?” Harry’s heart began to race in his chest hoping he would finally learn the identity of the woman. Rip nodded slowly keeping his eyes on the prince. He wanted to warn Harry of that he would not be pleased with his findings of the woman, but felt it best for the prince to reveal the information at his leisure.

“Yes Harry. It is.”

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OKAY BECAUSE IM GOING THROUGH THIS AND IT KINDA SUCKS An AU where Niall and Harry Work together and one is a supervisor who is 10 years the other's senior, and the younger one has a crush on the supervisor. The supervisor always teases the younger one and checks up on them and always tries to make the younger laugh. The younger one isn't sure if it's flirting or being friendly. SORRY IF ITS TOO LONG.

Niall enjoyed working with Harry. Out of all the interns his law firm had hired on, Harry was by far the best; coming early, staying late, working twice as hard as any number of his peers, and fixing any mistake without complaint.

Niall knew that that was nothing extraordinary, but Harry also brought him a coffee first thing in the morning before doing anything else, and he always took the time to make sure Niall had eaten lunch whenever he got too absorbed in his work, and whenever they stayed late together, Harry always ordered something they both liked.

It was the little things that got to Niall, so if he spent a little more time pouring over Harry’s work than anyone else’s, if he guided Harry’s hand (figuratively and literally) a little more than strictly necessary, well, he didn’t notice.

It’s on one such night, where they’re staying late, pretty much the only ones left on their floor, and the hours are really getting to Niall, an empty carton of stir fry still in his lap, that it happens.

Niall’s leaning heavy against Harry’s side to point at something in the Friedman case they’re looking over, and he can feel Harry’s eyes on his cheek instead of on the sheet in front of him. He’s about to ask about his distraction, a rarity for Harry, but Niall’s voice is gone when he looks up.

Harry’s face is intense - that’s one way to put it, because his eyes are dark in concentration and his brows drawn tight as evidence to the fact. He reaches out and Niall doesn’t even think about stopping him.

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Hypocrite (Short Vernon Scenario)

Group: Seventeen

Member: Vernon

Genre: Comedy

Word Count: 370

Foreword: You were scrolling through your phone when you suddenly came upon an old video of Hansol on Youtube. You chuckled at the video name, “Pre-debut Choi Hansol with his sister“. You plugged in your earphones and started to watch…

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“You’re such a punk!” - Harry Styles Oneshot

Helloo! Sorry I am late on updating, but I just had so much procrastination to do and I just got carried away. Anyway, I was listening to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend and it gave me some inspiration. So listen to it while reading. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter. Love you all! 

I walked into the dressing room sighing loudly as I saw Sophia’s friend, y/n, was sitting on a chair, water bottle in her hand, and laughing loudly as Niall said something. They all turned towards me as the door slammed closed behind me. My face met with Y/n’s seeing a small frown on hers. 

“Goodmorning, Harold,” she said while groaning,

“It was until I saw you.”

“Awh, it sucks to be you,” she snapped back rolling her eyes.

I pushed the side of my body into her back (hard) as I walked past her towards the snack table, earning an ‘ow’ from her. It was clear that everyone in the room enjoyed it when we would bicker, but I didn’t understand why. Y/n’s voice was annoying. It was loud and if you embarrassed her it would go really high pitched and quiet.  I loved it. Well, I loved embarrassing her, not her voice. It’s not like I could make her stop coming here either. She was Sophia’s best friend. Everyone else here loved her too. 

“You two bicker too much. One day, you’ll be stuck in a room together and realize you love each other deeply,” Niall stated as everyone laughed loudly and I gagged in my mouth. 

“Okay Niall. Keep dreaming,” Y/n said sarcastically.

I was standing between Niall and  Sophia, all my attention on my phone only hearing the background sounds of Y/n gasping loudly and shouting Nialls name. I turned around about to walk out the door when cold water hit my lower back. 

I tensed up immediately. My hands clenched tightly into a fist as my jaw locked in place. I slowly turned around to see Niall still in his ducking position with a shocked looked on his face like everyone else. Everyone else, but Y/n. Her eyes were lit up, her mouth was open wide with a smile, and her hand held a now empty water bottle. I looked around the room and my eyes landed on Louis’ cup of soda. I snatched it out of his hand as Y/n got up quickly.


“You have five second to apologize, before i pour-” before I could finish she was sprinting out of them room with me running close behind her. 

“Stop it!” She yelled loudly while laughing hard. 

Y/n dodged by people in her way. She jumped over equipment and would scream loudly when she would look back and see I was close behind her. 

“Say sorry!” I screamed back at her, throwing some soda on her back.

“Never!” She jumped up onto the stage and ran down the ramps once in a while looking back at me with a wide smile. She stopped at the end of the runway while turning around and making an immature face at me. 

Just as I was about to grab her arm, she jumped off the stage and started to run in between the chairs knocking them over and flipping me off. Before she could knock over the last chair in the row, I jumped over it and grabbed her waist. 

Her body slammed back into mine as we both grunted. I slowly poured the rest of the soda on top of her head making all of her hair stick to her scalp and face.

“You’re such a punk!” She yelled loudly hitting across my chest. 

“You know me so well, baby.”

She was looking up at me with such sad eyes. She nodded slowly and began to walk away from me with her head hanging down. I don’t know why, but my heart ached in my chest. She just looked so sad and I felt bad. Usually i felt great about making her upset, but right now I felt like a bastard. 

“Wait,” I jogged up to her and grabbed both of her shoulders making her face me. “I’m sorry. You look so sad, and I don’t know. I just. I’m sorry.”

Y/n smiles up at me softly and nodded. “So, he does have a heart.”

“And you’ve got something,” i whispered softly. 

Y/n smirked softly while biting her lip and stepping closer.

“You know, I’ve been-”

“Y/n! Harry! Oh god, I thought you two killed each other,” Niall ran up to us as we pushed each other away and Y/n screamed. 

“God, I fucking hate you!” She shouted while walking away.

“Woah,” Niall scoffed, “Women, am i right?”

Before Y/n turned the corner she looked back at me and gave me a subtle wink. Smiling wide I nodded at Nialls comment.

“They are the real punks here,” he said while shaking his head. 

A/N: Heloo!! i know this sucks major balls buutt I needed to write something and I promise you whether it’s part 2 of this or a different story, it will be 100x better! I love you all and thank you for amazing feedback (like always). Please keep on requesting. Much love


If Only for a Little While

Daryl wiped sweat from his brow and then raised his crossbow, approaching the cupboard slowly.  He thought he heard something, a muffled sound of movement.  His heart was pounding, blood rushing behind his ears as he hoped against hope.

Cautiously he curled two fingers around the slightly open door and pulled before quickly resuming his defensive stance, scanning the depleted pantry.  A whimper sounded from the floor as light flooded the cupboard.  When Daryl’s eyes met a pair of bright baby blues looking up at him from beneath a shelf his heart jumped into his throat and his knees weakened.  He’d found her.  Sophia.

Daryl dropped to a knee, setting the crossbow down beside him but Sophia shuffled backwards, pressing herself flat against the wall; the girl was terrified.

“Hey, s’alright.  Ain’t gonna hurt ya, I wanna take ya back to your mama,” Daryl said quietly, gesturing for her to come forward.  Sophia shook her head no, eyes still wide as saucers.  Daryl couldn’t blame her for being afraid, the last real interaction they’d had was him snarling at her to keep quiet.  He backed off a bit and sat down, giving her some space.  “If we don’ leave soon it’s gonna be dark before makin’ it back to camp.”

He kept his voice soft and quiet, trying to look as non-threatening as possible.  He couldn’t believe it.  He’d found her, she was alive and he could take her back to Carol.  His heart was still pounding.

“Hungry?  Might be some food on the shelves ya can’t reach …” Daryl stood, scanning the upper shelves and found an unopened package of peanut butter crackers.  Tearing open the plastic he sat down again and slid the food towards the girl before retreating from her space.  A few moments passed and Sophia tentatively reached for the crackers, grabbing one and nibbling on it slowly.

Daryl watched her eat a few crackers before he glanced out the window to gauge the time and stood up.  Wouldn’t be long before they were stuck here for the night and that wasn’t the best option.

“Sophia, why don’ ya stay here and I’ll go get your mama?”  He picked up his crossbow from the floor and started to make his way to the door hoping his little trick worked.  Not even three steps and he heard her move.

“Please don’t leave me,” her voice was soft and full of fear.  Daryl turned to see her standing, clutching the crackers, and staring at him the way she was always staring at her mother: scared and looking for safety.

“Stayin’ here ain’t safe.  Let me get ya back to your mom, she’s real worried about you.  Don’ want her worrying anymore do ya?”

Sophia shook her head no and Daryl gestured for her to come closer.  She approached slowly and he knelt down, scooping her up to carry her on his hip, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck.  He loosened her hold with a soft smile before swinging the door open and making his way into the woods back to the farm, walking tall and proud.

There she was.  Her daughter, alive and well, running to her from across a field.  Carol couldn’t stand, her knees failing and she hit the ground, tears streaming down her face as Sophia rushed into her arms.  Carol was sure she was holding on too tightly but she didn’t care, she couldn’t let go.

Mother and daughter were a sobbing mess on the ground as Daryl caught up, a grin lighting up his face.  He’d never known a happiness like this before.  He was barely aware of the rest of the group and their excitement, all he could see was Carol and Sophia.  Carol saw him approach and stood, still holding on to Sophia.  She waved him closer and drew him into a tight one-armed hug that Daryl wasn’t sure how to reciprocate other than to pat her awkwardly on the back.

“Thank you … so much,” her voice was stilted with emotion and her bright blue eyes were shining.  He nodded and gave her a soft smile, backing out of her embrace.

Sophia slipped from her arms to greet Carl and as the sun disappeared behind the trees the group made their way to the farmhouse for dinner.

Daryl tried to follow but suddenly found himself unable to move.  Carol stopped and gestured for him to follow only to realize she could no longer move either.  Their eyes met and a feeling like ice water ran down their backs, their eyes widened.  A cold wind came from nowhere and the farm, their group, Sophia disappeared; they were left in darkness.  They stared at each other as the crushing weight of the truth descended upon them.  None of it was true.  All a lie.  A dream.  A nightmare.

Carol and Daryl jerked awake with a gasp.  Her eyes found his and her face crumpled.  Daryl wrapped his arm around Carol and pulled her close, nuzzling her hair and holding her tight. They’d shared this dream before; thankfully it was a rare occurrence.

“It was so real,” she whispered and he could feel her tears hitting his skin.  “It hurts but … getting to see her again, happy and safe … if only for a little while …” she went quiet and Daryl only nodded and rocked her gently.

With no chance or desire for more sleep they climbed out of bed and Daryl warmed up a couple cups of coffee, joining Carol outside.  Handing her a mug he sat down and wrapped up in the blanket she’d brought.  His arm returned to her shoulders as they looked up to glittering the heavens, as close to the lost little girl they could possibly get for now.