gasp p

  • Eddie: [returns to HQ]
  • Ozzie: [is waiting]
  • Ozzie: [probably spent hours practicing how to stand and what to say]
  • Ozzie: Hello old friend
  • Eddie: [assuming he is hallucination!Ozzie] Hi Oswald
  • Ozzie: ...
  • Ozzie: That's... all you have to say?
  • Eddie: [spreading out papers on a table in preparation of his next scheme] I'm rather busy right now so if you don't mind...
  • Hallucination!Ozzie: [appears at Eddie's shoulder]
  • Hallucination!Ozzie: Well he sure is a handsome fellow don't you think?
  • Eddie: [growing impatient] Oswald, I told you, I'm bus- [looks up and sees two Oswalds in the room]
  • Eddie: [looks slowly from one to the other]
  • Eddie: ...wait

The summer storm, Sahriv. Only taken me approximately 5 evers to continue the portrait series I planned from the start of this blog, but belated or not–this is the Devavani’s custom, darling little Volt Prime. He’s a high-strung, high-energy, high-maintenance bundle of anxiety who will paw/scratch at his operator’s somatic link pod’s door until it opens, only to curl up and go back to sleep (presumably satisfied that his operator hasn’t abandoned them all in the night). Additionally, this “curling up and going back to sleep” often takes place in his operator’s lap–or, at least, the attempt is made.

A lap dog cat frame he is not, but he has big dreams and you can’t take that away from him.

(Fortunately, Saif’s some sort of immortal void demon child so hopefully suffocation or electrocution isn’t a big concern.)

I know Romeo and Juliet would probably be the go to Shakespeare AU for this fandom, but instead please imagine: a taming of the shrew au 

When the new Get Down episodes were released I only meant to watch one episode, but I ended up going through the entire season ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Now I just want to give everyone a hug..

I’m all all about lil shithead fahc Gavin being the most incessant being on the planet and, by some grace of god, still not getting murdered brutally by the Vagabond, but consider this: the Golden Boy, Gavin Free, the man without a single genuinely considerate bone in his body, the kid who lives to be a nuisance, doing everything in his power to win over the infamous Vagabond. Imagine the shock of the crew as Gavin pulls out every stop they didn’t even know he had to make a stranger–no, a mercenary–like him. Imagine him, for the first time in his life, doing favors and being *gasp* h e l p f u l and smiling sweetly, his voice silkier than that he uses on even the toughest marks. Him stopping all of his antics when the Vagabond is around, carefully plotting his every move because, at worst, he’ll avoid being killed by Geoff’s new attack dog. At best? He’ll get the man who reeks of blood and whose symbol strikes fear in the hearts of every crime lord in the western hemisphere wrapped around his pretty little finger.

(some days, when the man in question is out on the hunt, indignant squawks can be heard from the headquarters of the FAHC. Michael would be the first to call him out on his…out of character behavior. Surely, he must be up to something if he was being so distinctly ~nice~ to a crew member.

“I just don’t want him to think I’m a piece of shit!” “But you ARE a piece of shit!” “Yeah, but he doesn’t know that!”)

Mercy (Lams)

AN- megan did the bj
Warnings- smut
Word count- 1,200

Request: @iwasthatlostcause Ok well the line “you have your orders now go men go” got me thinking…he was a firm man who got to order people around. Maybe that carries over at home with John?😉❤


“Alex,” John whined. “Love me.” 

Alexander looked up from his computer at his boyfriend who was sprawled out on the floor. 

“I’m working, baby. Later.”

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Summary 9

Summary of:  March 23rd. 2017(Hitman)


“No one is allowed to die this stream, got it?!“ -nissa1782, 2017

Ryan appeared in the chat to announce he was going to be late.  We were stunned by this news.  Really.

“Look, kid-down o'clock is a moving target when I’m here alone!“ -SortaMaliciousGaming, 2017 

“Are we talking typical Ryan late or epic game of Uno late?” -Me, 2017  

“We have to make sure to inform all the newcomers that Ryan will be late-please hold your shocked gasps. : P” -Me, 2017  

SageBailey:  @Allison0128 Yeah, he just lurks in the chat.                 

Allison0128:  @SageBailey He just wants to know all of the terrible things we say about him.

Me:  We only say terrible things about him when he’s playing games.: P

Tired Ryan is, according to him, as close to drunk as he will ever get.

Ryan is telling us how many things we will be feeling about the upcoming Heroes & Halfwits.

“Albus Cumberbatch, who did you kill?”  -nissa1782, 2017

The cots are back.

Ryan can barely talk.XD

“We are going places my verbal ineptitude has never gone before.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017


Ryan starts talking about his trip to Japan, and he just goes on and on about the food on the plane.XD

Aaaaaaand he’s already died in-game.

A family apparently just left their child next to him on the plane.

"Were they just like, ‘We bet this man is a father. Put the child here.'” -vivaciousWordsmith, 2017                 

“He’s mad like Hamlet, though when the wind blows southernly, he knows a hawk from a handsaw.” -rivertamsong, 2017

“Yes, the chat is amazing.  I’ve cultivated a pretty incredible community, and I think that owes as much to all of you folks-more to all of you folks-than it does to me, so you thank you all for being so inter-supportive and helping eachother out.  I’m really proud of everybody.” -Ryan Haywood, 2017 

Someone asked Ryan who he’d Fuck/Marry/Kill out of Gavin, Geoff, and Barney The Dinosaur.  Ryan doesn’t see why he has to limit himself to just one kill.

I firmly believe Ryan actually uses the chat donations to buy his exotic cheeses.  Everyone else does too, but they support this.

Ryan keeps failing and restarting before he can get killed.  I fully intend to count all these restarts as deaths.

"Can’t make an omelet without murdering a few innocent bystanders or whatever.” -rosinna18, 2017

Ryan played football in high school.  He was a cornerback in defense and a receiver in offense.  He makes sure to explain he played AMERICAN football, because he’s not very good at running, which you totally don’t have to do in American football.


Chat got bored waiting for Ryan to return and named his chair “Cher”.

When Ryan found out, he commented that he needs to get a new chair, and chat went nuts.


I hope everything works out, Xixius!

Me:  If I worked at AH, you know the first thing I would do?   Write "Uno” on a ping pong ball and slip it into the Rou-Let’s Play thing. 

nissa1782:  @SyberiaWinx You monster.   

Ryan is becoming increasingly less coherent as the stream goes on.  It’s a little funny. 

In an effort to draw out the target, Ryan tampered with the sinks, then had a meltdown when no one came to investigate.  He ended up killing the guard in a fit of rage.  

Ryan said my real name in the stream. : D  I think someone cheered it to him?  Thanks to whoever that was!  Can someone give me a timestamp if there was a cheer?

He ended up killing everyone BUT the target and died horribly.

…and then he learned he was doing the whole thing wrong.

Ryan is exhausted and barely coherent, but he refuses to go to bed, despite chat telling him he should.  He wants to accomplish something after streaming for three hours(Actually more like two hours).

The chat is so cute.  We’re all trying to convince Ryan to just go to bed, with efforts including threatening to take away his Xbox or turn off the stream.  He childishly pouted and refused at first, saying we couldn’t make him.  Then someone pointed out we felt like how he feels when he’s trying to get Eli to bed, and he finally relented.

Goodnight, Ryan.

Today’s Mission……………Sorta Successful?

Ryan tried to stop the stream with him falling out of his chair like he’d fallen asleep, but it didn’t work.XD  He’s such a dork.

hunay is the powerful earthbending power couple i didn’t know we had until right this moment….

Bite Size Stories

Just a few shorter submissions we’ve received recently.

Imagine you’re part of performance art where you and others who are pregnant have labor induced. Then you’re posed inside “scenes” and rendered unable to move from that pose, even to push. You must be silent, unless asked a question by a guest. Guests can touch you any way they want. No limits. It’s not long before you wish you hadn’t done this. You needed the money, but it’s not worth experiencing the overwhelming pain or the terror and humiliation from how the guests are touching you.             

You’re helpless on your back. How long have you been this way? this thing? this hulk? Haven’t you always? The false horizon of your belly swells into immensity! You fear every spasm may smother you under your own oppressive girth! You feel its overpowering caress between your feeble, splayed thighs; It’s unbearable weight & pressure building! Forcing them ever wider! Yet still you crave the sensation of ever more life inside you …Growing …Forever! Pained & gasping you whimper “P-please …Bigger!”             

Imagine you’re sold to a factory to be a professional breeder. In order to get you ready to be more proficient at it, a large balloon is placed inside your womb. You’re forced to carry it for a week. Each day, another liter of various fluids is pumped into you. At the end of every week, it’s pulled out of you and you have to birth it. You’re given two days to recover before it happens again. Sometimes it’s just water. Other times it’s heavier liquids, or even liquids that turn solid inside you. One day they don’t put a balloon in you, but still they pump you full of an opaque white fluid. They say you’re ready. Your stomach will stretch with ease and let you carry entire litters. Your muscles are strong enough to birth them in a hurry. Your cervix is pliant enough to close just hours after birth, allowing for almost immediate breeding your next batch. 

Imagine you get on an airplane and get seated behind a parent and their baby. You start to whine about it when the plane takes off and it starts to cry, but you’re hit with a wave of pain. You’re belly swells as you gain altitude, and doesn’t stop until your ears pop, along with your waters, and you spend the rest of your 12 hour flight giving birth to quadruplets, while everyone around you complains about their crying and refuse to help you.             

You’re the last human alive, as you’re an immortal mutant, but you’re mutation has a drawback, or in this case, a bonus. You’re constantly pregnant, and give birth at random. You’re next baby forms while you push out the one whose water broke, so your belly always remains around the same size. Its up to you and only you to repopulate the earth.            

Hunters Prey - Chapter 2

Bounty Hunter!BaekhyunXReader

Theme: Action and Angst

Word Count: 2,294 (wow I thought this would be shorter)

Warnings: Just really bad writing skills and story plot development XD

Kit- I’m dying- What is writing anymore? I hope this is ok ;; I know I don’t have to many people following me so to the people who reads this stuff thank you for waiting. I’ve b so busy with stuff and haven’t had the motivation to write more so for some odd reason today was a day where my brain wanted to be creative. But yeah please enjoy ^^”

Previous Chapter-


You picked up the red colored crayon, placing it on the paper to draw circles. After a while you had felt satisfied with the picture you had perfectly created taking it over to your dad.

“Daddy look what I drew!” You shoved the picture in your dad’s lap making him look at it.

The man gave a hearty laugh picking you up to sit on his lap. He lifts the picture to look at it.

“It’s you and mommy plus me and brother!” You pointed to each one as you stated each member of the family you drew.

He chuckled patting your head. “You’re such an artist Y/n~” He smiled pointing to your version of your mom. “You even captured how beautiful your mother is.”

You heard your mom laugh and groan in the kitchen.  The man grinned handing you the picture. “Why don’t you go show this to your brother, daddy needs to have a talk with mommy.”

You nodded, happily hopping off his lap running to your brothers room.  

“Did she draw another picture?” She asked slightly chuckling.  

The man hugged the woman from behind, laying his head on her shoulder nodding.

“Did she draw…”

“Yeah… again.” The man buried his face into the woman’s shoulder holding on tightly.

The woman frowned laying her head back against the mans. “I feel so bad for her, having to deal with losing a sibling? Just like that…?”

“She may be six but I think she understands why it happened.” His grip on the women became tighter, reassuring her. All the women could do was nod, and hug her husband back.

“Look Channy, I made another drawing of us.” You sat in front of a picture of a small boy with puppy dog ears. You taped the drawing next to another one you had drawn two weeks ago.

“I really miss you.” You smiled sadly.

“I wonder what it’s like up in heaven. Mommy reads to me from a book filled with stories about it, but it isn’t just all about heaven.”

You giggled smiling.

“There’s one chapter that talks about what heaven will be like. Is it true? Are the roads made of gold? Will we get to ride dinosaurs?? I would love to ride a dinosaur.”

Your eyes start to water.

“I wish you were here with us. Mommy and Daddy miss you a lot. Especially daddy, it’s easy to tell when he’s sad. His dog ears droop really low.”

“Y/n! Dinner time.”

“Looks like it dinner time, I’ll be back after dinner Channy.” You got up running back into the diner room to eat.

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Request Oswald x Reader- I need you

I was given the request by @shelbylouiseclancy “needy clingy sex after Os has been laughed at his club seen kissing you saying out of your league- reassure with sex”

Content- Fluffy smut, oral, penetration, lovey stuff, some vulgar language

Originally posted by crowned-in-october

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anonymous asked:

Please could you write a smut scenario of Jeon Wonwoo I don't really mind what happens but just with him tying you to the bed, and over stimulation? Thank you so much, I love you and dyour blog x

Sorry this took a while but I tried polishing this to the best of my abilities! I enjoyed writing this fuck u jeon wonwoo and I hope you enjoy reading this ah ;;

“Wonwoo” you whined, picking up his dirty tshirts, underwear and socks from the floor. “What is it, babe?” he replied from the living room. “Will you ever learn to put your dirty clothes in the laundry, I swear I do it every day and it isn’t that hard” you told him, chuckling with his underwear in your hands. You didn’t want to start a fight but you were getting quite fed up when this happened regularly  - or at least when he was home.

“Oh yeah sorry” he answered, he got up from the couch and placed his book on the coffee table. He quickly joined you in the bedroom and placed a soft kiss on your lips as an apology. “I’ll help you clean up the room” he said, looking around and starting to pick up items from the floor.

Once you were done with the bedroom you went to the bathroom, your eyes immediately falling on his wet towel on the floor. He was home two hours before you and honestly, you were amazed by how fast he could turn this place upside down.

“Wonwoo, come here” you called, he was by your side in a second and you pointed to the piece of clothing on the floor and turned to him. “If you let your towel on the floor like that, it can never dry and then it starts to smell horrid, and then if your towel smells like that, you’ll end up smelling like that too. And just so you know, I can’t cuddle you then and besides - ” you were cut off by his lips crashing on yours, his smile evident in the kiss.

“You’re so adorable Y/N” he murmured against your lips, making you smile and forget about everything, you couldn’t give a damn about the wet towel on the floor or the messy bedroom, all that you cared was his lips on yours.

He placed his hands on your hips and started to drag you out of the bathroom and back in the bedroom. You whined that you should clean first, but you both knew that wasn’t what you wanted to do. So, he didn’t listen to you and kept on walking backwards until his calf met the bed and he felt on his back, making you follow him, falling on top of him.

You were flustered by his sudden actions and as an instant reaction, you tried to push yourself away from him. “Baby” he warned you, grabbing both your wrist to stop you. You tried to fight him gently even though you both knew he was stronger than you. You didn’t want to give in so easily but when his lips met with yours again, you were ready to give him anything he wanted, almost.

In a moment, hd suddenly flipped you over, and grabbed both your wrist in one of his hands, placing them above your head as his other hand caressed your cheek. “I think we need to tie you up so you won’t escape from me, am I right?” he told you, leaning in to kiss you but you turned your head to the side, a smirk forming on your lips as his full lips kissed your cheek.

“You shouldn’t have done that baby girl” he said, his hands fiddling for the pair of cuffs you had in the bedside table. He grabbed your wrists again and put the cuffs on you so that you couldn’t even bring your arms down. He put the cuffs so that they were behind one of the bars of the head of the bed, smiling when you tried to see if you could free yourself from the restraints, with no luck.

He took your chin into his hand and forcefully crashed his lips on yours, kissing you roughly, pushing his tongue past your lips and invading your mouth, dominating you with just a kiss. As he let his tongue explore your mouth and his hands roam your body, you couldn’t keep your moans in.

“That’s more like it” he commented when you moaned into the kiss, detaching his lips from yours and  bringing them down on your neck, going right to your sweet spot where he started sucking and nibbling at your skin, leaving you gasping for air.

“P-please” you whimpered. You felt him smirk against your neck as he trailed his lips down again, landing on your collarbone. He loved leaving marks on your skin, he always called himself an artist and you were his canvas, and the bruises he left on you were the paint on your gorgeous skin.

“But what about the bathroom, babe?” he hummed, mocking you. You groaned and tried to free yourself but it was no use. You moaned when he slowly started to grind his hips against yours, your skirt raising more every time his hips ground on yours.

”Hmmm, I think I know what you need” he said, his voice hoarse, his breath heavy from the way your reactions to him made his heart beat faster.

You were a moaning mess, wriggling under him, arching your back. He moved his way lower until your shirt became a problem. He lifted it up, revealing that you indeed hadn’t worn any bra. He licked his lips and smirked, clearly amused by the fact that your nipples were hard and that you had made this so much easier for him.

He latched his hot mouth on your left breast, flicking the nipple with his tongue. You yanked your wrists, wanting to take hold of his hair and press his mouth harder onto your body but you couldn’t break free from the restraints, no matter how hard you tried. ”Be patient baby girl” Wonwoo almost moaned against your breast, visibly getting more and more turned on by you by the minute.

He sucked on your nipple, erupting loud moans from your mouth. ”Ah, please, I want you to touch me there Wonwoo, oh my gosh, ah

”Oh, here?” he asked, bringing his other hand from your other breast down your skirt, lifting it so that he had access to your panties. You closed your eyes and bit your lip, nodding furiously, your skin almost burning under his fingertips.

”Right here?” Wonwoo asked once again, hooking his fingers on the rim of your panties and pushing them aside, teasing your entrance so lightly with his slender and long fingers. You groaned, arching your back, trying everything to get him to push his finger inside of you.

”You’re so eager…I love it” he said and with that, he slowly inserted a single digit inside of you, eyes completely focused on your face as he watched you gasp out loud and your brows knit together and your lips form a perfect o.

He curled it right into your g-spot before pulling it out and inserting it again, repeating his action at a slow but intense pace. His other hand was rolling around your nipple, occasionally grabbing your breast quite forcefully as well.

After a while of listening you beg for more, he added another finger and you couldn’t help but to raise your hips, trying your best to ride his fingers. He hummed in appreciation, leaning his head down and putting his mouth on your breast, leaving open mouthed kisses all around the flesh before sucking on your nipple again.

”Calm down sweetheart” he said, pumping his fingers inside you, curling them and pressing them against your g-spot when he found it again. He was referring to your desperate grinding against his fingers that was starting to get a little too out of hand.

He had complete control over your mind and body and you just did as he said, forcing your body to keep as still as you could, giving him all the power of your sensations.

You were very close and you didn’t know how you’d handle climaxing when you’re body was using so much energy restraining your own movements. You clenched around his fingers a few times and you didn’t know if you were going to be able to keep your hips down as he led you toward your orgasm.

“Open your eyes baby girl, keep them on me as you come” he instructed, knowing your body better than you did. You forced your eyes open and looked him straight in the eyes, his mouth over yours but not kissing you. You were just on the edge when his lips moved slightly, letting out a barely audible: ”scream for me” and that pushed you over the edge.

You yelled his name, unable to control your body anymore as your hips rose and your head titled back. And that was not it, he didn’t stop there. His finger rolled on your swollen clit, causing your eyes to roll to the back of your head. ”Wonwoo” you whimpered, wanting him to stop because you couldn’t handle it anymore.

He slowed down after you said his name but he did not stop. ”Ride it out” he commanded you, eyes focused on your facial expressions. You bit your lip, almost crying because the pleasure was too much. You slowly moved your hips to the rhythm he flicked your clit with his index finger.

”Babe, please no more” you begged him, your voice close to breaking. And after he rolled his finger around your clit a few more times, he pulled his fingers away from your heat and brought his hand which was covered in your juices, up, close to his mouth.

As soon as you regained some composure, and your breath had calmed down, Wonwoo made sure you saw him lick your juices off of his fingers, keeping eye contact with you for the whole time his fingers went past his luscious lips. ”Fuck” you said, almost laughing because what else could’ve been a more appropriate reaction to this?

After licking his fingers clean, Wonwoo uncuffed your hands and threw the cuffs somewhere to the floor. ”So that’s how all of the stuff ends up on the floor hunh” you said jokingly, placing your hands behind his neck and pulling him in for a kiss.

”You’re so amazing” he whispered, flashing you his smile that you thought was one of his best features.

You chuckled, brining yourself closer to his ear. ”I think it’s your turn to scream my name” you whispered to his ear, almost biting his earlobe but failing to do so when he got up and sat next to you, his head hitting the wall. You got up and straddled him, leaning in for another sweet kiss.

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