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I just want to say hi, and that because of you I'm watching the exorcist and I'm loving it! It took me some time to recognise Alfonso Herrera as Hernando in sense 8 :) Have a nice day!

I’m so happy you’re watching it and that you love it! 

Speaking of Mr. Impossibly Handsome, I just noticed Alfonso Herrera has freckles and this has completely destroyed me, my life, and any possibility of being a productive blob.


jack ———– H E L P !!!

not 2 be overdramatic but when J ValJ sings “another story must begin” , rips up his yellow ticket in time to the string and horn beats, then throws the pieces in the moment of nothingness and then your entire soul is suspended in that silence cause u know in 1 second everything is about 2 change then suddenly the waterfall strings of At the End of the Day burst through the silence like a man gasping for air moments after nearly drowning combined with a holy chorus of seraphim ushering in the end of days, is maybe one of the best parts of les mis

Not Just Friends || Jughead Jones

Request: ‘Jughead x Reader where he has a wet dream and then when he confronts the reader it gets steamy?’ -by Anon

A/N: I am sinning again but hey, I kind of like how this turned out. Feel free to request more and tell me any details you guys want so I can make it more like what you wanted!

Warnings: smut, sin, and swearing

Words with quotes and italics like ‘this’ are either thoughts, or text messages.

A * symbol means that a flashback is occurring.


Hips grinding into the sheets, groan, tug, repeat. Jughead didn’t dream to begin with, especially not about fucking. In the dream he snapped his hips against yours, kissing your neck and moaning into your ear, hands tangled in your hair.

In reality his face was pressed against his pillow, hips stuttering against his mattress, and the hands that he thought were in your hair, were gripping the bed roughly, tugging lightly with each groan that passed his lips.

This went on for a few minutes, moans becoming louder and more frequent, hips stuttering more often, movements getting sloppier as his body came closer to finishing.

His eyes snapped open as his hips ground forward, orgasm flowing through him as he moved his hips a bit more lightly, riding out the orgasm with a low groan into his pillow.

Lazily rolling onto his back, he sighed as he rubbed his face, tired eyes scanning the room that wasn’t actually yours. Checking the time he groaned, for once thankful that he lived alone at the drive-in, no embarrassing conversations about why he was groaning so sexually, so early in the morning.

He changed and did his usual morning routine, making sure he was ready for school and trying to forget about the shameful, sexual dream he had. However, upon arriving at the school and quickly seeing you approaching, he realized it would be nearly impossible to forget.

Biting his lip, he quickly dismissed the thought, ‘she’s your best friend, Jug. Don’t screw it up’ he groaned mentally at his conscious, forcing a smile on as you finally reached him.

A smirk quickly took over your face, “you’re making that face that you always make when you’re thinking way too hard, Jug. You realize it’s gonna give you wrinkles, right?” you said teasingly, causing the beanie wearing boy to roll his eyes, failing to hide a smile.

Wrapping an arm around you, he mumbled a brief “you know me so well” before yawning. From the corner of his eye he saw you shake your head, “did you sleep less than usual too? I bet you stayed up writing about Jason again, or maybe you were thinking about how in love with me you are” you said with a nudge, and the boy stiffened for a moment.

Quickly realizing you were joking he moved his arm that was around your shoulders, shoving it in his pocket instead as he laughed, “totally, I couldn’t stop imagining us, together riding off into the sunset like some bad romance movie” he retaliated, lips curling into a fond smile as you rolled your eyes, gasping overdramatically.

The moment was ruined as the familiar sound of the bell ringing echoed through the halls, causing your eyes to widen as you ran to your next class, shouting a rushed “we’ll talk later!” as you did.

The raven haired boy walked to his class, mind racing as he began to stress over what he should do about his dream. Most of the day was spent like this, going back and forth between his options, to tell you about how he felt and the dream, or to hide it and pine after you silently and desperately.

By the end of the day you had realized the boy was thinking, but you didn’t know about what, and didn’t want to interrupt his thoughts. To say you were surprised when he lead you to his ‘home’ at the drive-in, claiming he had to tell you something important,  was an understatement.

Deciding not to express your shock, you leaned against the wall and watched him carefully as he paced. Just as you were about to speak he raised a hand, “Don’t say anything, not one thing. I need to let this out right now before I decide to chicken out of it” he sighed, lifting his gaze to meet yours anxiously.

Concern flooded your being, and you nodded quickly as he began to speak, “I like you, I really like you- hell I love you, (Y/N). I have to tell you this because we’re best friends, and I had this really weird dream that you should not have about your best friend. You definitely don’t have to return the feelings but please just don’t-” his rambling was cut off as you kissed him roughly.

His hands immediately gripped your hips and he almost moaned at the satisfaction of kissing you. Meanwhile you tugged off his hat, letting your hands tangle in his hair, head tilting and deepening the kiss.

In no time the boy picked you up, your legs wrapping around his waist as you got shoved against the closest wall roughly, hips bucking forward seeking friction. Both of you kissed each other sloppily, your hands yanked off his shirt, tossing it in the same direction his hat went, while his groped your breasts, moving to tug your shirt off afterwards as well.

Your hands ran along his chest, “Jug, bed” you managed to mumble between messy kisses, said boy obediently moving the steamy session to his bed, laying you down and crawling over you, immediately grinding down again for even more friction.

He groaned lowly, unclipping your bra and tossing it in a random direction, and you took the opportunity to flip your position, Jughead now underneath you, panting with half-lidded eyes.

Grinning, you straddled him and kissed along his neck, sucking lightly until you heard a high moan. You quickly abused the spot, sucking harshly and nipping at it, feeling Jughead’s hands gripping your hips roughly as he groaned and panted heavily, pants becoming noticeably tighter.

Feeling the hardness against your thigh, you smirked mischievously as you slowly lowered yourself, undoing his pants and taking them off, mouthing and jacking his member lightly, causing his pants and groans to become more frequent.

Before you could get too far, he put a hand on your shoulder, “Not this time” he mumbled lazily, smirking as he flipped you again, taking off whatever clothing you had left, doing the same to himself and kissing you roughly, teasing you as he slowly inched into you.

A sexually frustrated groan tumbled from your lips as you tried to push yourself onto him, his hands preventing you from doing so. After a few moments he got rather impatient, deciding to save the teasing for another time as he fully entered you, groaning at the new feeling, you doing the same.

He quickly snapped his hips against yours a few times, one of your hands tangling in his hair while the other went to the back of his neck. One of his hands moved to support himself so he wouldn’t fall onto you, his other one groping you once more.

You groaned loudly, panting heavily and letting your eyes squeeze shut as you bucked involuntarily, causing a similar but lower groan to leave the boys lips. He bit his lip and continued moving his hips, head falling into your neck as he kissed and sucked at it, pausing occasionally as he panted heavily.

Toes curling at the feeling, your head tilted back and you bit your lip, “Jug, pick up the pace” you muttered into his ear, moaning as he did as told, smirking into your neck before grunting as he felt himself get closer to the edge.

Your legs wrapped around his waist to get a better angle and you lost it as he hit your g-spot, moaning obscenely and more frequently. It didn’t take long for Jughead to speed up even more as he realized what happened, moaning at the feeling of you clenching around him slightly.

Suddenly you felt a knot in your stomach, “Jug, don’t stop because ‘m gonna cum” you panted, knot snapping as white flooded your vision, all your senses stopping for a moment.

Jughead grunted a few times as he felt himself cum, riding out his orgasm and thrusting into you a few more times, causing you to whine at the overstimulation. He pulled out after a moment, eyes opening as he flopped down onto his bed next to you, your own eyes opening again as well.

You heard a sigh next to you, head turning to see Jughead smiling to himself dreamily, “hey, Jug you look more insane than happy” you teased, “better than the dream?” you added with a raised brow, causing the boy to snort quietly, “way better” he whispered, turning to you and kissing you gently.

Wrapping his arms around you, he shut his eyes again, dozing off. You smiled at his sleeping figure, dozing off yourself, thinking about what the next day would have in store for you and your dark haired companion.

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Ride (Jimin/Reader)

Prompt: Can I request a Jimin smut where you like to ride his thigh and he have fetishist for ur boobs because they’re kind of sensitive? Anyway bless this blog

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,285+

Author: Admin Em

Summary: Each moment spent with Jimin was incredibly precious to both of you. And well those precious moments had some extra special times, times where you and Jimin would be one, panting, groaning sweaty bodies moving in sync…. 

Tags: Thigh riding, slight babygirl!kink, porn with little plot, etc. 

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okay but imagine lance finally making keith laugh but when lance points it out in front of everyone keith is like “nope. don’t remember. didn’t happened”

His || Jungkook || 0.5

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5

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Don’t Say A Word

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Prompt: Hey, I love your writings! Whenever you get the chance can you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and doesn’t know that they are dating but some of the other avengers start to find out. Maybe they are caught making out or accidentally flirting with each other in front of people. then the reader and Peter have to get them to keep it a secret? Please and Thank You!!

Word Count: 857

A/N: Written by Daisy. Also, I apologize for the wait!

“Peter!” You exclaimed, swatting your boyfriend away, “We’re going to get caught! My dad is going to kill me!” The two of you were seated in one of the communal living rooms of the new Avengers facility.

Peter groaned, rolling away from you and into a seated position, “Mr. Stark won’t kill anyone, let’s be honest.” He still had a knack for calling your dad, ‘Mr. Stark’, regardless of whether or not he was addressing him directly.

“I’d rather he found out later rather than sooner!” You insisted, sending a glare in Peter’s direction.

“It’s been two months! What’s the worst that can happen if we tell him? You don’t think he’d trust me to take care of you?”

You shook your head, “He’s just-he’s really, and I mean really protective Peter. I just want to enjoy some more time alone with you, without all the hovering, you know. And the teasing we’d get from every other person who lives here.”

“As you wish,” Peter said simply, “But if we went to your room nobody would see us-“

You punched his shoulder, “Just pick a movie Peter, we can’t always be sneaking about.”

“Ok, but just one more kiss? Please?”

“Peter what did I just say?”

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Take Care Of You (M)

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Smut, Fluff | 2,736 words

➽ Warning: mature scene/graphic smut, language, the thirst is real

➽ a/n: inspired by his Instagram post which left me both bothered by the scene and also worried for his sake. Forgive my sins, I will bathe in holy water once this is out | dedicated to: @2seoke and @rapmonluv who both share the love I have for this man

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The nightly before-bed Sans doodle. More Flowey is Not A Good Life Coach by @unrestedjade because it’s just that kind of a day. The future is now. 

Hopefully it’s alright if I don’t put this under a spoiler cut. It’s not as major as the other one, but it’s still my favorite five seconds in the whole story.

Anti-Anxiety pt 3

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CW: Negative self-talk, self-loathing, claustrophobia, panic attacks, cursing

Part 1  Part 2


Time passed. 

Virgil couldn’t say how much or how little. It would dilate: sometimes he felt like he’d been there for eons, and sometimes he felt like he had been there for moments, no longer than the span of a breath or a heartbeat. He was nowhere and he was everywhere. He felt nothing, and he felt everything

The others were there, and then they weren’t. He couldn’t enter their rooms (they were apparently off-limits even in his non-corporeal state) but they spent plenty of time in the commons. 

They seemed…happy. When they were together, they looked good. Healthy. They smiled a lot. They laughed. They got along beautifully. There was no discord, no strife, no arguments. Only bliss. Only harmony. 

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I don’t know how so much emotion can fit inside of such a tiny human.

Why does it feel so good to cry? Why do salt-stained eyes bring me comfort? I want to purge myself from feelings - I want to shove my fingers down my throat and pull from it strings of chewed up letters. Stomach-stained thoughts. Be filled with complacent emptiness for just a moment - the gasp of air, when it feels like happiness, until gravity remembers itself and the emptiness becomes stillness becomes face down on your bed, unmoving. This can’t be how I live every moment that I’m alone - I can’t be this unhappy every time I’m alone. What does being around others even mean? It means being The Performer. Reciting your lines, pause for laughter. Pretend like you’re listening. Don’t say what you really mean, how you really feel, it’s not what people do. Rip that pulsing heart off your sleeve. We are all alive, we are all feeling what’s the use in holding back. I’m exhausted. What does it mean to just exist? To just be Alice, laying in the daisy field. The sun can see her, but nothing else. The movement of petals. What does it mean to breathe easily? What does it mean to be happy? Where does the laughter escape to when you’re alone? I feel, often, always, like a wind-up doll, a performance piece. I’m out, I’m social, I speak, I dance, I leave out my hat. I come home, back to my shelf, I sit, I stare, I want to be wound up again - always by others, never of my own volition. I become nothing for myself. If a blue haired girl takes a bath, writes a dream, touches herself, packs a box, but no one’s around to see it, did it really happen? I weep and weep and it doesn’t matter. I’m screaming into the abyss, the abyss is silent in return. The abyss has given up on us, it seems. The abyss needed something to scream into as well, it seems. Alex in the morning, doe eyes, cheery Alex is all anyone knows and it seems unfair to real Alex. Magnificently unfair. When can I be content being myself. I’m so tired. My mouth doesn’t want to make the words anymore. We slur (soberly, drunkenly), we can’t form coherent sentences. Ink based thoughts are the only ones I ever complete. (It’s cheating, I have more time to think them up.) (I want to be this version of me, I don’t want to be spoken to the way I’m spoken to. I’m more than my body, than the tiny, helpless mess of a man of a mouse.)

hc where kolivan is so used to lance contacting the blade all the time just to catch up with keith when lance calls to reclute keith back as the red paladin he picks up the call and goes “red paladin, for the last time-” but lance immediately shuts him down saying “this is the leader of voltron speaking

shy || l!b.b

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky helps you destress and relax after a long day. 

Warnings: SMUT {18+}

Word Count: 1359 words


“I give up,” you mumble to yourself, sliding down the uncomfortable library chair you’d been sat at for nearly four hours as your hands dug at your scalp in frustration.

You had told yourself that you wouldn’t procrastinate during your fourth year, that your final year would be the best one yet but here you were, two weeks away from midterms and you could’ve sworn that your professors didn’t teach you anything.

Sure you still had two weeks, but classes would still be running which meant more content that would inevitably lead to your meltdown and quite possibly an injury from banging your head against a wall.

You shook off all your thoughts for a second as you grabbed your phone quickly unlocking it before finding Bucky’s name, sending him a quick text.

I’m coming over before I implode from stress

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