gasoline can


L taking Yotsuba!Light to wammys on bonfire night

-light watching in terror as a bunch of teenagers build a bonfire as big as the building

-someone tries to set him on fire several times

-literally all these kids are wearing fucking gas masks n shit and you can see this fucking fire for mILES

-someone smuggled in fucking vodka and everyone knows who it was but they won’t break the bonfire code of silence

-L gets SHITFACED because “bonfire night only comes once a year, light-kun.”

-light watches in horror as several wasted children dump CANS OF GASOLINE on this huge fire and CHEER when someone nearly lights themselves on fire

- “L Beyond is gone.”


- the orphanage almost burned down that night

- light is forever traumatized by bonfire night at wammys and can never unsee the horror

I am afraid right now. I am so fucking afraid.

Old ass bigoted white people would rather burn this country to the ground with an orange clown holding the gasoline can than to let women, POC, anyone of a different religion, or LGBTQ people have a fair shot.

This man has an actual shot of winning. A man with no experience in politics, a proven bigot, a twitter baiter, a misogynist, and a known liar and cheat. You claim to love this country while handing it over to that asshole.

But ya’ll thought a football player that kneels silently for two minutes was unpatriotic.

Cybertronians can digest a LOT of stuff. From crude oil to gasoline, they can eat certain metals and whatnot, all they really require is energon but their diets are supplemented- particularly on Earth, where Energon is at a premium.

There are some substances tho

with unintended effects.

Radioactive materials are effectively Cybertronian catnip.

Field trip to Yucca Mountain AKA everybody gets h i g h

Starscream spends an hour rolling on the ground, talking about how soft it is.

                COOPERS EYES light up when he finally spots someone he knows in the crowd of students. they’ve talked a couple of times before, but never, from what he can REMEMBER, alone. squirming dog, or BALL OF FLUFF, is held in his arms as he approaches. “hey – chris – have you seen josh recently? i called him but he didn’t pick up. i thought he’d be around … it doesn’t matter if you don’t know.” / @deadlysericus

  • You can't wake up, this is not a dream: Pisces, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn
  • You're part of a machine, you are not a human being: Aries, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius
  • Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline: Cancer, Sagittarius, Virgo, Scorpio

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Name: OPSEC, don’t really want to give that out, sorry
Nicknames: My buddies in the Army called me Gonzo
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
Height: 6 feet on the nose.
Orientation:  Straight
Ethnicity: White or “the whitest Mexican people have ever seen”
Favorite fruit: Tough one. I’d say yellow watermelon. Haven’t had that in years though! 
Favorite season: Winter, but any season so long as it is not humid and disgusting.
Favorite flower: Rose
Favorite scent: Gunpowder, or freshly cut grass and gasoline.. Can’t decide.
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animal: Common Raven, Corvus corax 
Favorite drink: Water is my preferred drink, but if you are talking about “adult beverages”, I’d say it has to be a White Russian. I like mine a little more vodka heavy, lol
Average sleep hours:  6-8 depending. 
Dog or cat person: Neither, but I prefer cats. 
Favorite fictional character: Tough one! I’ll name my top 5 in no particular order since I can’t choose just one! 1. Thel Vadam, 2. the Master Chief, 3. Ultron, 4. Handsome Jack from Borderlands, 5. Darth Nihilus from KOTOR II
Number of blankets:  1 usually, 2 if it is cold.

Blog created: I can’t remember! Sometime in 2015 I think? 

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Do you think that Donatello has chronic and severe neck/back pain and migranes? I sure do.

Especially Bayverse Donnie, because that gear he wears is heavy enough to give his giant ass a slouch so you KNOW it’s gotta be hurting him. Not to mention all of the time he spends sitting in his lab chair hunched over a keyboard or crammed under vehicles.

As someone that used to work in a clinical setting all day every day, I can 100% guarantee that my sweet son gets killer headaches. Doing scans with microscopes, especially for hours at a time, makes you nauseous, ruins your eyesight, and is a sure fire way to get a migraine. Chemical/gasoline fumes and can be equally sickening, and we ALL know the risks of staring at a computer screen for too long.

There are times when he can barely focus because all he can hear is the throbbing of his head and all he can feel is the crippling ache in his neck, his back, his shoulders…but he keeps his mouth shut because he has an obligation to his family and the city and he can’t just stop his work. Even if he can barely see and exhaustion is settling over him like dirt on a grave, he can’t just stop.

Besides, the damage has already been done. What would be the point of stopping now?

this has been
the peak of the mountain,
the utmost thrill,
the beginning of the downfall.

don’t you feel it?

can’t you hear it?

there are tiny veins
running under my skin
and i need them there
to know i’m still alive.

and it’s a funny thing,
love is, you know?
the way it slips “always”
under your tongue.

the smell of gasoline
that you can’t quite find the source of,
the taste of sea salt
that seems to burn your mouth.

when i go,
i’ll want to tattoo teardrops
under my eyes.

when you go,
i’ll forget to wear socks for two weeks.
seat belts will be unimportant to me.

and i cannot help it,
there is no way to stop it.
when i become a mess,
i stay a wreck.

i wish you didn’t have to see this.