Walking into the library, I took in my breath sharply and stopped: glass-fronted bookcases and Gothic panels, stretching fifteen feet to a frescoed and plaster-medallioned ceiling. In the back of the room was a marble fireplace, big as a sepulchre, and a globed gasolier – dripping with prisms and strings of crystal beading – sparkled in the dim.


I made some pics of my little character Gasoli Equi Ne! She’s really sweet and I hope people like her. (forgive me for the styles not being consistent!!)

noelialarousse  asked:

Hola😄 Una canción de sia para cada signo?? Por fa😊

Aries: Chandelier, Big girls cry,Alive, Fire meet gasoline, Bird set free, dressed in black

Tauro: Chandelier,Bird seet free, Fire meet gasoline

Gemnis: Chandelier,Alive, Fire meet gasoline,Bird set free

Cancer: Breath me, Elastic heart, reaper

Leo: Big girls cry, alive, Fire meet gasoline, Bird set free

Virgo: Elastic herat, Breath me, Reaper

Libra: Elastic heart, Breath me, reaper

Escorpio: Big girls cry, Fire meet gasoline, Alive, Dressed in black

Sagitario: Chandelier, Alive, Fire meet gasoli, Bird set free, Elastic heart

Capricornio: Big girls cry, Alive, Fire meet gasolie

Acuario: Big girls cry, alive, Fire meet gasolie, Bird set free

Pisicis: Chandelier, Bird set free, Elastic Heart, Brath me, reaper