Moriarty-gasms I had during the Reichenbach Fall
  1. When he listens to Bach while acting out his scheme, and enjoys it.
  2. When he’s wearing the crown jewels.
  3. When he asks for a gum and sticks out his tongue.
  4. When he says ‘Honey, you should see me in a crown.’
  5. When he utters the words 'I’m Mr Sex.’
  6. When he tells the fairytale of Sir Boast-a-Lot.
  7. When he gives Sherlock that look when he pretends to be an actor.
  8. When he is hit in the face by Mycroft’s authority and doesn’t move an inch.
  9. Because his nickname is Richard Brook.
  10. When he listens to Stayin’ Alive on the rooftop.
  11. When he walks around funnily saying ’ordinary Sherlock!



Grimes - Genesis

Eargasm + Eyegasm 

My god, women with weapons kill me now.