gasland the movie

What does it take for us realize this simple truth: we need clean water to survive. We can’t LIVE without water. pure and simple. 

In America, we take this SO for granted.  When I think about the idea of not having drinking water, i can’t tell you what it makes me feel… and so many live like this every single day around the world.  What is appalling, is that not only do we not take significant action to change this for our fellow humans, but now we are poisoning our own wells… this reads INSANITY.  and yet again, our money-hungry government and corporations are the source of this insanity = Greed.

The movie GASLAND ( woke me up to a reality in America (and the world) that I had no clue about… by Hydraulic Fracturing, or FRACKNG, we are contaminating our drinking water, our earth and poisoning ourselves.  

Look at the map above… I bet you, your family or someone you love lives in one of the Fracking zones in red.  It shouldn’t have to effect us personally to care enough to wake-up and say “absolutely not”!  Unfortunately, that seems to be how humans too often operate.

But now that time has come… if nothing else, just watch the movie, do some research and become aware… this is the only way change is possible.  For once, let’s prevent a disaster, instead of spending billions cleaning up our disastrous choices.  We know America is good at this, let’s try something different.  Afterall, insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  Here’s to waking up and doing something about it…before it truly is too late.  Once we deplete and destroy this precious gift we call water… we deplete and destroy ourselves… and personally I’d like to see us working in the other direction… towards increasing our health, well being and quality of life here on earth. Thank you Josh Fox, for this brave documentary and thank you for being a beacon of truth.