I did a thing. I’ve been having a lot of Drift feelings lately okay? 

The really sad part about this is that for each leader I tried to choose an image where they were actively encouraging him, and in the first four that’s happening, not just with words but with a touch on the shoulder or a shake of the hand. I could find no such image of Rodimus though.


Most of this morning’s humanformer escapades, as Livestreamed with turbopuppy and thepeacefulknight.

1. GUESS WHO?! Actually, yes, it’s bitty longhair Wing, before the great awakening (as Axe likes to call it, it makes Wing roll his eyes). I had a hard time reading it as Wing before I threw the bangs back in.

2. A stab at Senator Shockwave. The attempt was made.

3. You would never guess who this is because he has zero identifying features in canon. For all two pages he appears in before he gets fridged – that’s right, it’s Gasket! Best I could do was give him the color scheme and a Milne nose. (Luckily I really like Milne noses!) Plus a sort of big puppy dog look.

4. I FINALLY drew a human Ratchet!! I was thinking of adhesivesandscrap‘s version from ASCW/Set Adrift, but I…. honestly…. I just can’t see Ratchet with long hair. OTL I’m sorry!! But I did try to include the rest of his description!! Remembering he has freckles was the BEST moment of the morning, because I LOVE FRECKLES. Who is the target of his ire today? An unruly rolling fry? A silly salmon? A guy or gal Drift?

(Also about halfway through Ratchet there was… a moment. a moment where I was suddenly struck by an uncanny resemblance to Michael Fassbender. I think I colored my way out of it.)