The “Wasteful-pillager”?

I was milling around and found out that French Once-ler’s name was “Le Gash-pilleur”

So I checked the dictionary to see if there’s any word in French that sounded similar and…

Poor French Once-ler’s name is just an h and a hypen away from being literally “wasteful person”. I mean, his English name probably does have a similar meaning, but at least it’s subtler in its unkindness!

And although I couldn’t find anything for “gash” alone (there’s probably a similar sounding word out there I’m missing), I could find something for “pilleur” alone.

(heh, “pillager” reminds me of pirates!)

French Once-ler’s mom 0/10 kind naming for your kid. Like wow, did you have a grudge against him when he was born? Brett, Chet, and then he’s the one stuck with this name!

During the time I could find a copy of European French (not sure the name translation is the same for Canadian French) version of the Lorax, “Oncie” is “Gashpie”.

(I think the name is very suitable as a translated name for him though. I wonder about how other languages translated his name if they did.)

Me and Holly are playing dungeoneering on Runescape and we make the best team ever omfg we just blasted 5 floors hahaha

If any of you play rs and want to join us we’re on world 11, add wastenan as a friend (me) and come join us (: