Portgas D. Anne, backstory currently unknown beyond “is Ace’s younger twin sister and therefore shares a date of birth.” The rest will have to wait for me to write it.

Her Devil Fruit is the Gashan Gashan no Mi (unless someone knows better onomatopoeia than that for glass breaking). The two images you have all seen before represent more her adult self, where in the new image she is still an awkward, doe-eyed teenager with some growing to do. And as you might be able to tell, I ended up in a bizarre hybrid of Oda’s style and my own. I’m seriously not used to the true noodle women he can churn out.

Insofar as I have any idea of what her combat style is, she’s a glass producer, manipulator, and breaker, crafting disposable weapons for short engagements and getting horribly creative with the rest. I also toyed with the idea of her wearing purely cosmetic glasses solely to act as the ultimate holdout weapon if confronted by some mandatory stealth section of her adventure, but am not doing much with that for now.