I’m like the Tyrion Lannister of the kawaii community that is so fed up with the ignorance, lies and biased opinions in the community that I don’t even care about explaining the truth or clearing up lies. ∩(︶-︶)∩ oh well

here are the facts, here goes nothing

  1. i’ve never been the bully, i’ve never bullied, specially not a minor, that was an exaggerated lie created by someone that wanted to make a telenovela out of a community. the supposed “minor bullied” user was anxious and paranoid, didnt even let me speak to her when i was asking for her email to send back the money
  2. which leads to #2, i’ve never scammed anyone, this supposed “poor  minor that was scammed by the cruel witch” didnt want her 3 dollars back and i offered and insisted but she was like “please stop messaging me you’re scaring me” when literally all i was saying was “calm down, its okay i promise i just want to fix this” again this goes attributed to her anxiety. don’t blame her for it but there was no bully or scam
  3. i’ve never removed the credit for the theme maker and the theme maker herself said in an ask that i did tell her i had the credit in my message and my faq page but she felt i was “rude” about it. those are feelings, not facts. and i didnt intend to be rude, just straight forward since so many were freaking out i was stealing theme codes when that’s a lie.
  4. i don’t use photoshop on my body. wow no matter how many times i say this everyone keeps thinking i do. sorry to burst your bubble, but man honestly i just dont. i dont need to, i’m a twig, everyone in my family is a twig. my body is naturally very skinny and my legs are long and thin like straws. in fact, little straws was my nickname since middle school. so no, i dont photoshop and yes i’m happy about my thigh gap, its just a body feature some people get. like some get cleavage (i dont creys) some get collarbones, gaps, etc.
  5. i had never done real makeup at all, not in middle school, not in high school, not in college. until recently, i mean i would sometimes do some mascara and some concealer for pimples and lipstick, but that was it. recently i’ve been trying to get more into it even though its completely out of character and i’ve no idea what i’m doing. i’ve been watching tons of tutorials and michelle phan to learn things just so i can look presentable for work and a bit older since everyone tells me i look 16 when i am 20. what i’ve never liked, for me, and still dont like, is all the falsies, extreme contouring, bronzer, big contact lenses, hair extensions, etc. and this has always been specified in my ‘about me’ post, but of course, haters and overall bored gossipers never bother to read and research like an actual writer, journalist, etc. which is why nothing these blogs say have much value at all. i mean, if they want to be a news source for the community they should take it more professionally and write up real stories and do honest, unbiasedresearch.
  6. svba personally asked me why i unfollowed her and unfollowed me back. i didnt know how to answer and didnt really want to answer until i found out she was sending messages to these silly gossip blogs about me, not about the “self-diagnose” indirect messages but other things about my follow count and me “thinking i’m popular”. maybe i shouldnt have said why i unfollowed her, even though its the true reason and she asked, but its called being human and getting emotional sometimes.
  7. which leads to the next one, as people were saying “omg she has 15k and thinks shes famous LOL not” i had that amount 2 years ago, and no matter what is said, my real present follow count is at 41k. i’m not bragging about it, i know there’s many that have way more followers than that. take berry for example, she’s gorgeous and has more than 100k. just clearing that up.
  8. most of my pictures are only of my body because that’s what i’m good at and what i’m confident in. i don’t like showing my face since i know so many are like “ew she’s a butterface”, also because my blog is not about beauty, but fashion. last time i checked fashion lies mostly in the clothes. also, most of my pictures are shoeless because i dont have great shoes.
  9. which leads to #9, i’ve said it many times but here it goes again. i dont buy anything with my money. i dont have that money. i dont have money to waste on clothes. everything IS sponsored and since i dont have stores that sponsor me shoes, i dont really have kawaii special shoes. all the shoes i have are flats. i love flats anyway but i know its not worth it to show in the pictures since they’re so common and cheap. i buy them from payless.
  10. okay next thing is that apparently scam stores, but i only ever had one issue with one store. it was an etsy store and what they sent didnt have great quality and the necklace in fact, broke. so i didnt know what i was suposed to do. i would either have to write a negative review which would suck for the store, or write a fake review saying everything is great, which would be wrong for my followers. besides that, there have been 2 packages if i remember correctly that were lost in transit, which is no one’s fault and can’t be helped sometimes. 
  11. now, i dont self-promo and i dont beg for donations. the donations have been closed for more than 5 months and let me remind y’all the meaning of donations is voluntary. yes, voluntary, no one is forced to, no one needs to, if you dont want to, dont. and i was only doing this to help out my boyfriend who was paying for most things to get done. not for the actually wedding party, because that would be ridiculous, but for the process of marrying someone from a different country. visa fees, moving fees, flight fees, paperwork fees, overall it has been more than 3.5k dollars.
  12. since i’m already talking about money, let me say i DO have a job. i’ve had had a job for a long time but for whatever reason all the gossip blogs say i dont. well, um, i dont know how to say it any clearer than this, i’ve had a job for ages. different jobs. the most recent ones were working as a phone operator. you know the one says “good morning thank you for calling this company, how can i help you?” also, working as a waitress and working as a nanny. so stop saying “get a job” because i got it pls
  13. second to last already! sorry it’s long, i can’t say this any clearer. i DONT self-diagnose. i just DONT. i hate when others do that. i hate when mental illnesses are made fun of or degraded because of people saying they have something just because they read it up in the internet. i dont self-diagnose. i’ve had professional psychologist and psychiatrist and meds for more than 2 years. okie?
  14. last but not least, i dont want your attention. truly. i dont care so please stop talking about me.

i think that’s that for now~ 

now, please dont reblog and answer if you’re a gossip blog or anyone that doesnt follow me. i dont give you that permission, thanks.

peace out! really, i mean it. peace ~

Ps: i do know i’m not perfect. no one is, no one can be. i do have my faults. some pretty embarrassing, some pretty bad, some pretty common. i’ve had tried to apologize for them but no one ever lets me. either way, if i owe you one, i will give it

To dear friend ♥

Today is the birthday of a wonderful person I had a chance to meet through tumblr. She is a nice, a very kind and a loving person, a sweet girl and a great friend!

GASAII!! Happy Birthday, my dear!

I wish you all of the best this world can offer! I want you to be happy and always smile. I hope that all of your dreams will come true :3

I love you very much! Happy Birthday once again! I hope you will have a wonderful day :) :* ♥