Eyy, so I had this idea for a fic for a while but didn’t do anything with it for a while. Hope that you enjoy it anyways. (Also I’m kinda rusty at writing and I dont know shit about science so don’t kill me plz)

Pairing(s): Yoonmin

Chapter: 1

Summary: Year 2079, A world wide apocalyptic terrorist group created a super virus to destroy all of humanity. Fortunately and unfortunately, rather than immediately affecting humans, the virus rotted away a vast majority of vegetation from the face of the earth. The exponential drop in oxygen caused serious panic throughout the whole world resulting in communities committing mass suicide and the spread of chaos. Min Yoongi is one of the leading scientists in the world trying to find a cure for the apocalyptic virus and restore vegetation once more. There is only so much a human can do. All hope seems to be lost. That is, until Yoongi makes a breakthrough discovery at a secret utopian garden.

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Okay but I want the Queens of Darkness as a ‘50s girl gang with matching jackets à la Grease, racing Cruella’s car along an aqueduct against their heroic rivals, smoking, cracking wise in class (when they can be bothered to attend), spiking the punch at school dances, playing dine-and-dash at Granny’s, making Rumpel do their homework, shoplifting candy and beer, Sea Devil getting busy at the drive-in, being there for Mal when she has a pg scare, sabotaging the locker rooms with red dye in the shower heads, putting tampons in August’s gas tank, fucking with substitutes by convincing them that Belle and Emma and David and Mary Margaret are all special needs, kidnapping their own mascot and returning it painted with four-letter words and emasculating stick figure art of the football team, tying Hook naked to the flag pole for bullying Ursula in middle school, stealing the carbon prints of final exams and selling off copies at $5 a pop, posing suggestively in the trophy case, and ruining every class photo with rude hand gestures.