Just in time for #toonsday! It’s a blast from the far-flung past, and a 4-and-a-half for one update special. All the way from La Brea, CA….

The Fossil Fools!

The boys (Arnie, Ronnie, and Stevie) were gas jockeys/auto-mechanics. They would get into various (mis)adventures as a result of their bumbling. Vickie would often distract them during work or in need of a rescue from the boys’ egregious auto service. Rocky was Ronnie’s pet rock. He’s surprisingly mobile!

They had a short, but mildly-successful run back in the 20s! Wonder where they are now…?

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Chibs wanted to surprise you with a night time ride, he knew how much you loved riding saddle with him, wind rushing through your hair. You loved it almost as much as you loved riding along side him on your own Dyna, but tonight, you were his. 

The two of you had stopped off for gas,

“Will ya’ go inside and pay the gas jockey for me love?”

“Sure thing babe,” you hoped off, handing him your helmet, and grabbing the bills he handed to you. 

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I am

Really loving the Detonator+GasJockey set


Also really proud of this life, tons of reflects and fun stuff, and airblasting a heavy into a sentry and such