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COVER FRIDAY: Knife Manual performed by Gas Huffer - I remember the time when I was rummaging through a pile of used CD’s in a music store in Kenmore Square.  I had been on a major Mudhoney kick, and I pulled up a disc single with Mudhoney donning kung-fu outfits on the cover.  I thought this was gold, but I had never heard of the band featured on the other side.

Gas Huffer was the mystery band, also hailing from Washington state and featuring Tom Price formerly of seminal Seattle punk band The U-Men.  The single was a split with Mudhoney covering You Stupid Asshole by the Angry Samoans and Gas Huffer covering Knife Manual by Silly Killers*.  While both are awesome covers, Knife Manual is actually has a rather catchy guitar riff and a solid tune.

*Silly Killers were a short-lived early 80’s Seattle punk band notable for the fact that Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses fame was a member of the band.


Back when music videos meant something…

Gas Huffer - Hot Cakes!