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What advice would you give someone rolling a new Gob? Do you have any head cannons/fanon about Kezan that you kind could be helpful?

One of the beautiful things about goblins is their flexibility. There are so many directions you can go in the backstory dept and still have it make sense within the lore. The sort of diesel-punk capitalist dystopia Kezan exists in is FULL of possibility and opportunities to get creative! Play with genre!  Go nuts!

For example, Roulette’s parents ran a successful loan sharking company- Kneebasha Loans. She and her late twin brother regularly got kicked out of the Golden Goggles casino they frequented.  When she was disowned, broke, and hiding out from family ‘associates’ she apprenticed under a warlock named Beryl “B.B.” Baton who also ran a gay bar called The Burning Lush.

Are any of those places in the in-game Kezan? Nope. But-like the difference between in-game Stormwind and the movie one- what we see in game is just the tip of the big city iceberg. There’s a sprawling gritty city full of goblins, businesses, apartments, extreme wealth gaps, explosions, intrigue…it’s an entire world in and of itself!  Goblins are from a unique environment in WoW that gives you a lot of wriggle room for creativity, comedy, drama, horror, you name it.  

Where did your goblin come from within this world?  How did they survive in Kezan? How do they feel about it? Do they miss it? Good riddance? Both? How do they feel about the Horde? Just a gig? A second chance? Some bull? How did their upbringing/experiences in Kezan influence them? What about after? 

Many Bilgewater goblins experienced one helluva culture shock in Kalimdor. Play with it!  Have fun!  Shuffle ideas!  Don’t be afraid to make your character what YOU enjoy. Funny, sad, gritty, glamorous, generous, bitter, optimistic, grumpypants,  all of the above… the world is your oyster!  

And if anybody gives ya any guff about it, show em this 100% srs business poorly made gif of <ridiculously good-looking> goblin supermodels having a gasoline fight at the gas station. Yes, the disco ball plays music. Also, yes, this is canon.


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