gas skunk

College Confession #60

When I attend classes, I have my cute and adorable yet necessary service dog living with me and by my side 24/7. The morning of one of my final exams, she woke me up with her belly aching and grumbling, so we took the morning easy to get ready, and she seemed better by the time I had to leave for my test; tail wagging, acting like herself, eating normally–all was good.

Half an hour into the final exam, in a dead silent room, she lets rip the loudest, longest fart I’ve ever heard come from a living being in my life.  She was so offended by the smell of her own gut fumes she insisted on sitting on the other side of my desk. It was funny the first time; everyone got a good laugh and settled back down pretty fast.

By the sixth time, the entire room smelled like a sulfur pit and it was distracting even to the proctor.

The whole following summer, my poor pup maintained the reputation, not of a valiant, loyal service animal assisting her owner in his daily struggles, but of the ‘floats like a butterfly, smells like a skunk’ gas bag who cleared a gallery classroom of 250 students and both proctors by turning our testing area into a near-war zone. 

Funny enough, she earned a lot of respect with the frats that year.

- Mississippi State University

Robots in Disguise was not a good show on the whole, but it had its moments. Several of them thanks to the dub. I liked the vocal shtick they gave Gas Skunk, where he mangled big words like Smart Ass the boss weasel from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

(I’ve also softened to RiD a bit after the following five years of interminable space opera.)

RID 2001 Shattered Glass headcanons

- X-Brawn’s is still an avid outdoorsman and off-road enthusiast but also viciously misanthropic and disdainful towards his brothers. He acts this way to hide his insecurity over his physical weakness, and the arm is just him over compensating for things.
- Side Burn has, like, no sense of personal space. Like, constantly getting too close to everyone and acting too familiar with them.
- Prowl is incredibly litigious, enforcing strict standards on his fellow Autobots while being incredibly corrupt himself. He’s even taken bribes to sabotage the Autobots’ plans by the Predacons.
- Slapper is known for his inability to tell Earth animals apart from Predacons. He’s constantly trying to start conversations with real frogs.
- Gas Skunk is a polite intellectual who is nonetheless plagued by a condition that involuntarily results in releasing his foul smelling gas.
- Darkscream is a disciplined warrior who is nonetheless prone to attempts at delivering safely device that makes absolutely no fucking sense.
- Sky-Byte is insecure like his positive universe counterpart, but also oafish and artfully inarticulate. His anxieties lead to him betraying the Predacons to the evil Autobots.
- Megatron is incredibly pro-active and refuses to send his underlings on a mission in which he himself would not participate. He’s prone to getting himself lost in his myriad transformations, and has something of an addiction to repeated transformation.

More to come if I think of anything else. If anyone else has ideas, feel free.

anonymous asked:

^-^ How would BTS react if they were on a camping trip and they had to share a 2 person tent with their crush who they want to kiss? Thanks!

Whoot! This is my oldest request I had sitting in my inbox. I’m sorry for not getting to it sooner. but I just wanted to let you know, anon– that I really really adore this request. <3 It’s something like what I personally would write about. haha. I hope you enjoy! and please forgive me for not getting to it sooner! 


After lying in the same tent with you for 3 hours, Jin can’t take his urge anymore. He unzips himself from out of his sleeping back and sprints across to another tent where he would get peaceful sleep with his roommate, Suga.


“I’m going to sleep first, (Y/N).” You follow Yoongi into his tent where he is setting up his sleeping bag. His cool demeanor strikes him once again but he’s taming his will with all his strength. He lays down in the corner of the tent, keeping all distance away from you. “Good night, (Y/N).” And he pretends to go to sleep but is restless all night long, thinking of how you’re sleeping so well with a man in the same tent as you.  


Hoseok links unto Yoongi and Jimin’s arms. “You guys are hilarious. I can’t sleep in the same tent as (Y/N). She’s a lady!” Hoseok drags Yoonmin away to their cramped tent—sleeping in between them. He flails his leg around in frustration. “Ahh! Maybe I should’ve just slept in her tent.” He whines all night long until Jimin caresses his hair, calming him down.


Upon entering the two person tent for the night, Namjoon would be lecturing you nonstop. “I, a man, might be sleeping in this tent with you tonight but that’s only because I don’t trust the rest of the guys. I mean, you are a lady after all—and I’m a man. Nobody knows what can happen, you know?” He babbles on about how a girl should always keep themselves at guard because all men are wild, animalistic creatures. “—and the truth is that the reason why I wanted to spend the night here with you and protect you is because I like—“ SNORE! “… you.”


Jimin begs Taehyung to let him join his tent. In the end, when nobody offers him a place, after washing up and calming himself down a bit, Jimin walks into the tent where you’re asleep. He’s feeling nervous as he takes a careful, quiet step—crackling a leaf or ten under his step—but the closer he gets to you, he gazes upon your beautiful sleeping face, breathing oh so quietly until you inhale and let out a atrociously loud, vibrating, jiggling, gas of skunk out of your butt hole. Jimin passes out from the stench.  


“Let’s go, (Y/N)!” Taehyung grabs your hand, leading you into the tent for two. He lays his sleeping bag next to yours and lies down. “Good night, (Y/N)!” He tries very hard to keep his composure and pretends to be sleeping, until he’s sure you are asleep. Then, he puts his index finger right below your nostrils to check if you’re breathing. Slowly, he’s drawn in by your sleeping face leaning in closer and closer until, ultimately, he shuts his eyes and bangs his head down into the pillow in frustration, ALMOST stealing your first kiss from you.


“Ah! The stars are out tonight!” Jungkook stretches underneath the full moonlight. “I’m just going to sleep out here, enjoying the view.” He grabs his sleeping bag and lays it down by the river. “I’ll be fine so go sleep in the tent, (Y/N).” He avoids any temptation but looks sadly.