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While President Nicolas Maduro has set the gears in motion for a new Venezuelan constitution, the confusion and violence that has engulfed city streets for more than a month only appears to be deepening.

The tumult continued apace this week, opening Monday with Maduro’s call for a new law of the land and culminating with a women’s march — a white-clad gathering in the capital Saturday to protest the president’s proposed changes.

The near-constant clashes between protesters and riot police have pushed the death toll even higher over the past month, to at least 36 by Reuters’ count. The latest victim appears to be a student shot dead Thursday in the northern state of Anzoátegui, where his shooter managed to escape on a motorcycle.

Riven By Fire And Fiery Rhetoric, Venezuela Decides Its Future In The Streets

Photos: Juan Barreto and Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images

The Signs and The Cosmos

Aries: Supernovae - With a silent boom, you expel beginnings, prompt births, and allow growth. Your violent explosiveness kick starts what, without you, would not be.

Taurus: Gas Giants - You shield all from destruction. You take all the damage and show us only your beauty. Your power.

Gemini: Solar systems - You’re order and chaos at the same time. How do manage that much control all the time?

Cancer: Luna - Oh wondrous and mystical moon. You help keep our world in check and ask for nothing in return. Such a giving soul you are.

Leo: Sol - Are you aware of the energy you give us? You give all of us the strength to move and bask in your light. You deserve to know your proud grace is not taken for granted.

Virgo: Light - Enlighten us more please. Shine brighter on us so we may find what we are searching for. But don’t give us any answers…as if you’d do that.

Libra: Galaxies - Venturing forward, you travel places with so much lying inside. You never tire though. You don’t where you’re going, but you’re getting there.

Scorpio: Big Bang - Will we ever comprehend your depth? It’s an awful big effort to truly sit and think how grand you are. To conceptualize your awe is to pick at everything we’ve come to know and that can be pretty scary.

Sagittarius: Comets - You’re constantly on the move, aren’t you? You icy hot devil. Keep moving though and share your stories with us when you come back to visit, kay?

Capricorn: Dark matter - We’ve just realize your presence and how much you impact us…kind of. Don’t worry though, we’ll unlock your secrets and come to understand you and everything around us so much better. Just be patient with us.

Aquarius: Constellations - We’ve made stories to come to understand you, but you’ll always remain a beautiful mystery, won’t you?

Pisces: Universe - What borders you? Where do you end? Where do you begin? So many questions you’ll never answer, will you? Oh well. Like a wise grandparent, you’ll let us reach our conclusions and smile at us and continue supporting us regardless. Thank you for that.

I need to get some bullshit of my chest

Okay so I saw a post at @agents-of-frickle-frackle about people who say that some people should kill themselves because they ship a certain ship. It breaks my heart to say, but unfortunately this does not only happen in the AOS fandom. I’ve seen it happen in the greys anatomy fandom, with Crowen and Omelia, and Im not even talking about the johnlock accident yet.

People, for the love of god: ACCEPT AND RESPECT EACHOTHER’S SHIPS!!!!

I can’t stand Rhodestead from Chicago MED either, but do you see me going off to shippers with “k-bye, jump of a building?”

We are fandom, we all love the same show. Think about that.

Tiffany headcanon

Tiffany built her own pink and black motorcycle by hand and it’s very technologically advanced.
•top speed of 450 mph
•can travel on icy surfaces
•knockout gas dispenser
•shield plating
•built in gps
•attachable and detachable sidecar for prisoner transportation
•A pink bat symbol on the front of it that doubles as a headlight
Damian was so jealous. So for his birthday she upgraded his to be like hers just green and black.


As we understand many of you are confused by the new f(x) “RED LIGHT"MV and here at K-POP TIMEOUT, we have an explanation for you!

Please take a look at the English Lyrics before proceeding/while you read this. It is strongly advised that you know the meaning of the song in order to get the MV.

The MV begins with a phone ringing, waiting to be answered. Just remember the phone is doing that as it gets important at the end.

Krystal is seen burning a book. I highly doubt it’s a bible as some people suggested since SM Entertainment rarely does anything particularly rebel or risk losing fans with controversial MVs (not to mention South Korea is predominately Protestant & Catholic). It’s most likely just a normal book. Books are seen as old media, something of the past as well as order and conventional rules. Hence, most revolutionaries or demonstrators like burning books and things like that to show they want change. The burning of the book symbolises that f(x) is trying to break the old and do something new. The phone ringing might also lead us to think they are burning a telephone book, hence breaking contacts of those of the past/people they used to contact with the phone. This is a plausible theory as you will see at the end although I think phone books are usually a lot thicker.

We see a cat with different colored eyes. One is blue and the other is yellow. For people with cats or experts in cats, kittens have blue colored eyes which slowly change to yellow/brown/orange/green/amber between 3-8 weeks of age. Hence it suggests a change in age, a period of becoming mature like the f(x) girls with this more mature concept.

We then hear military march sounds quickly changing between images of the girls as a group (like a squadron) in a red light room in military uniforms to individual images of themselves with individuality. The members all get different lighting and effects while their group shots are all under strong red lights, symbolising the order & lack of individuality of a regimented past contrasting with the mature new concept that showcases each member differently.

We see the red lights themselves clearly with those police “DO NOT CROSS” tapes, suggesting that the girls are talking about the STOP sort of red lights, showing the the red light most likely symbolises a force that tells to them to stay the same.

The girls begin dancing in the confines of a room like their old MVs, except there is an acknowledgement of an outside world as seen with the windows with sun light shining through. This suggests that the girls are actually trapped from going further and breaking boundaries (unlike the days when we fans said they were trapped in a room by SM).

Krystal begins singing with a military jacket on but jewellery uniquely placed on her head and face with bright clear lights opposed to the red light. This shows she is slowly changing herself from the army look which is starting to symbolise the old f(x). To further show she is changing, she only has mascara on one eye, similar to the maturing cat with different eye colors.

As if to drive the point further, her lyrics say “Hey wait a minute, the weak gets eaten, under the rule of the jungle” and in this case it is clear the jungle is the entertainment industry, where every idol group must be the best to stay. This sets the stage that the song/MV is indeed about their growth and evolution to come in the world of K-pop.

Sulli continues this point with the attire and lighting, with her lyrics being "Just get pushed ahead, yeah, pushed ahead. Oops, I get stepped on though”, reinforcing the competitive and fast paced nature of their idol lives.

Luna leads the girls through room as if to escape, while red rays shoot at them. She notes the red lights in her lines and wonders "I don’t even know what’s wrong with the situation right now.” Red lights are generally used as warning of sorts which Victoria confirms with her line "Listen carefully to the whoever is trying to warn us.”

This suggests that they are trying to change but whenever they try they are made to stop. While I highly doubt SM would make a song about themselves not letting the girls grow up (which I think some of us fans would agree is true), they are most likely talking about the general public, like people in the K-pop industry or some fans or netizens etc. who did not want them to change their style and play it safe staying in their “LaChaTa”/ “Nu Abo” etc. days forever which may have been why their Pink Tape album was awesome and unique but they opted for the very f(x)-y “Rum Pum Pum Pum” as the title song.

Krystal then sings about trying to breathe and we see her alone in the big empty warehouse set looking longingly at the outside world, as well as a sad looking Amber shot in the warehouse. The pressure on them is building up like the song’s build up itself (also like suffocating them as seen with the breathing line) as they have to decide if they should continue their old style or try something new, weighing it all.

Krystal puts her hat on (I am starting to think SM loves using fedoras as a symbol of stepping up the game since SNSD’s “Mr.Mr.”) and we see a light bulb bursting with energy symbolising they made their choice - they are breaking the boundaries with new ideas and concepts (you know like the thinking light bulb…)

The girls drum away like the way we do before a big secret reveal and DROPS THE BASS. They are breaking out, with very fitting fist pumping choreo and lyrics:

Open your eyes wide hun

Stop the collision right now

It’s happening right now

(You’ll be a witness to change that’s happenin’)

In front of that, caterpillar, that got pushed around like you

(When everything sinks in)

Yes, there’s the caterpillar everyone was wondering about. I think it’s very fitting to describe themselves as a caterpillar that has been pushed around since they are about to mature and bloom into beautiful butterflies but aside from that you can picture some little boy pushing a caterpillar with a stick. It’s vulnerable, it’s young. Seriously KBS, it’s not the construction equipment company

Also note they are no longer hit by red light but a much more neutral and calming blue light. They sing about the growing red light in the chorus as if challenging the haters to come at them because they broke out and they won’t care.

Luna begins her lines about weak excuses a boy (le red light hater peeps) make about why she can’t change. We see a pinkish red light hitting her as her badass fashion just got up-ed another level. We also see while she has a strong mascara-ed eye, unlike Krystal her other eye is not totally makeup-less but starting to get some eye liner too, showing the change is happening. This contrasts with the red light version of her. Amber also gets a similar moment. This is followed by an explosion of colours - the pinkish red light colour along with yellow, the cat eye colour of maturity.

Krystal is shown leading a march when the red lights are gone, while saying they and the fans (the “you” in the lyrics) need to find an emergency exit aka let’s escape out of here.

We then a see a big brother TV with the mannequins all programmed to follow along. Victoria sings about why something suddenly stopped them again, suggesting mass media, which controls what people think and perceive of them, again, did not want them to change.

This is followed by an eye focused on by the red light, symbolising their vision was blocked out by the views of others. A flower is then exploded, suggesting something they thought they made which was beautiful was shot down.

The song builds up as before again but this time we see the girls out in the open in black and white, as if they perceive the great escape as something they long for, without the red lights or whatever lights shining on them, just a white backdrop with endless possibilities for them. Luna leads the members to do a hand flick at the lyrics "Try to find what’s important now”, as if to flip open a new page.

We see people with gas masks coming out of the red light chasing the girls as they escape the warehouse. Some people suggested the gas masks were to shield themselves from being influenced by the girls which I guess can make sense in that they don’t want change and they don’t want the girls to influence them into buying it. Aside from that I think it is possible that is symbolises the critics in the industry and haters online - they never show their faces, hiding under their anonymousness while trying to put down the girls whenever they can.

The background of the next dance scene shows lines that seem to be a part of a complex puzzle, unlocking as they dance on, showing them breaking through and change is occuring. Krystal now has an eye patch on the eye that had full on mascara as if hiding it until she fully changes. Amber’s eye liner/mascara game also gets up-ed as her two eyes begin to become more similar make up wise.

The girls run on but turn their heads back to notice the red light turning into blue. They also continue dancing in blue light scenes. As aforementioned, the blue light symbolises a softer approach to them, most likely fans and those who will still love them even when they change and mature.

Krystal sings of waiting for such a miracle with her jewellery game up-ed and Amber singing for waiting for the blue light to come. Luna sings they want it now as we see a house blow up backwards.

Some people suggested this was “repairing” the house which is plausible but it might be not exactly repairing but showing that instead of destroying themselves as some people think their change in style/concept would, they will actually make it better.

The girls march gloriously out of the red light as we see that both the cats’ eyes have turned yellow, showing that the change/growing up has been completed. Krystal now has an eyepatch on the other eye, showing both eyes have become the same while in the individual member cuts like Sulli’s, we see the eyeliner and mascara is now on point for both eyes.

The MV ends with the burning book being closed, showing it’s the end of an era. We also hear the phone still ringing, showing they never answered it. They are not going to answer aka meet the expectations of critics or haters or people who want them to stay the same. The poster that shows them like wanted criminals also shows they won’t care about the consequences


Personal Thoughts:

I think it’s great that SM has been making more meaningful MVs this year (aside from EXO still getting boxes…although they do look cool). But sometimes the meaningfulness/symbolism should probably come in moderation because there is no need to jump from plain boxes to you-so-deep-even-Adele-can’t-roll-in-it.


Was this helpful in understanding the MV?

If you notice anything else, do not hesitate to add it in the comments section below or send to me via fan mail as I may have missed stuff out.

Urban Forests Eat Ozone Pollution Economically

by Michael Keller

It depends how high off the ground ozone floats to determine whether it is your friend or your enemy.

When it is adrift high up in the stratosphere above the weather systems, the molecule that is composed of three bonded oxygen atoms (O3) absorbs ultraviolet light. This colorless gas umbrella shields life below it from fatal doses of the radiation that would otherwise leave the planet’s surface barren. Ozone is a highly active substance, and compounds like human-made chlorofluorocarbons readily break it down. These have helped to thin large areas of the ozone layer. But in a rare bit of good environmental news, decades of efforts to let the thinning repair itself seem to be succeeding. 

Ozone also exists near the ground, the result of sunlight hitting airborne emissions from vehicles, power plants and industrial activity. This low-level ozone is the main component of smog and can harm animal and plant tissues. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of ozone near the ground, the bad stuff, decreased by 25 percent across the U.S. between 1980 and 2012. Looking at the most recent period, the improving trend decreased to a more modest 9 percent reduction in ozone concentration nationally between 2000 and 2012. Much of this reduction can be attributed to better technologies and controls that have scrubbed ozone precursors from emissions.

National averages, though, can gloss over deleterious ozone spikes in places like Houston and L.A., two of America’s most well known smoggy cities, as well as in rural locales. In fact, NASA researchers say ozone concentrations are rising globally with increasing industrial output, heavier land use and wealthier societies in countries like China, India and Brazil. Elevated ozone levels are estimated to increase global mortality by 152,000 people per year.

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Few regions of nebulosity show the variety of color and detail that this small region around NGC 6559 does.

At the left of this image wispy dark clouds hang delicately in the foreground of diffuse glowing hydrogen gas. These lead further toward a very bright, red arc of gas that seems to shield luminous and hot stars beneath it.

Presumably the birth and subsequent energetic radiative output of these stars causes the gas to glow very brightly.

Even though these stars have strived to push away all of the gas and dust near them, thicker portions remain (the mountains of dark nebulosity) and continue to scatter light which color the area with hints of blue and purple. NGC 6559 can be found in most wide-field images of the Lagoon Nebula.

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