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Ken ga Kimi sketches from the limited edition booklet! Not sure if anyone scanned these yet but I thought it would be useful for those wanted to make fanart or just something nice to look at. stares at saneaki If you want the full size just send me a message because Tumblr is bound to resize these. orz

Some background info about Gas Town and Bullet Farm.

Fury Road and Laughing Gas

okay guys I prompted my spouse (a chemist) again! You’ll find below some more thoughts on the resources and industry of the Citadel, Gas Town and the Bullet Farm. I’m tagging a few of you guys since you asked questions that will be answered below: rockatanskyandfriends, polecat-flyer, icarus-suraki. Also tagging bonehandledknife since I remember you were interested in the Citadel’s food production.


I want to talk a little bit about nitrous oxide (NOS, laughing gas, nitro). We all know in the movie they are using NOS in their cars in nitrous gas engines to get a quick boost of speed. Since using it dramatically increases the pressure in the engine, it shouldn’t be uncommon, if the engine just kind of explodes when using nitro because I don’t think they can afford to switch and repair their cylinders all the time.

Ok, but the interesting part is, what you can do with NOS and how you get it. We are already using it in our cars, but we also can use it because of its “medical” effects. So last time I already had some thoughts about the Valhalla make-up spray. So it seems they can fill the bottles on their own, because if they can use nitrous gas engines, they are able to fill high pressure tanks. And they fill it with the chrome color spray (probably aluminum particles), a volatile liquid (used to transport the particles, probably some hydrocarbons, which they can get out of the gas production), and NOS because it can be used as propellant. With these three compounds, the spray works and since it is sprayed right in the mouth, a load of it is inhaled.

It was used as narcotic back in the past and is also used as drug. The effects are described as followed: Loss of sense of time, influences perception (optic, acoustic), reduced pain, relaxation and euphoria.

The effects appear a few seconds after consumption and are lasting from 30 seconds up to about 4 minutes. Well if this isn’t exactly what we want for our little warboys! (It also kind of freezes the skin and damages it, so I thought Nux scarred lips are because he tried to get to Valhalla a few times and used the spray too often. But the scars are to even and also only the lips are scarred so I now go with the ritual scar thesis ^^)

The problem is, we need a lot of it, especially it we want to use it in nitrous gas engines. If we take our resources out of a secret mall, I think they would run out of it pretty fast, (I’m not even sure if you can buy big amounts of NOS in a mall) so they must produce it by themselves. That’s where the interesting part begins.

You can get NOS by heating ammonium nitrate. The funny thing is: piss on ammonium nitrate and you have a very good and simple fertilizer, so the Citadel also would like to have a lot of it. Also you can use ammonium nitrate to produce explosives. Ok so how do we get ammonium nitrate? For this we just need ammonia and nitric acid.

Nitric acid can be produced in high temperatures if you for example burn fuel and kind of dissolve the forming nitrogen oxide in water. Ammonia can be found in the mall, where it was sold as cleaning agent. But it’s also a side product of the distillation of coal, which produces hydrogen and methane. This was the main procedure in the 19th century.

So that’s how they get and fill their sprays. Because they can fabricate bullets, we know that they can melt iron, so they have a blast furnace and high enough temperatures. Also they must have some kind of mining, because they need iron ore and coal. Also they need coal and sulfur (which can be extracted from ores) to produce gunpowder. With this it should be no problem to create NOS.
Everything is fine and adds up pretty nice, but the big question still is: where do they get their coal and ore from? There must be a mining place somewhere near the three cities. Otherwise they should run out of resources really fast.

Ted Cruz is a bigger threat than Donald Trump

While you were laughing at/worrying about Trump, a much worse man is gaining power.

On Google, I found many of his personal quotes which, after the nice icing of political words are removed, are actually quite disturbing. 

On immigration:

As President, I will stop illegal immigration, build a wall that works, triple border security, and put in place the surveillance and biometric tracking to secure the border. Border security is national security. We need to stop Obama’s amnesty and enforce the rule of law. And we need to reform legal immigration to protect American workers.

(This sounds a lot like Trump, except instead of JUST a wall, he wants expensive, fancy technology and keep them darn Mexicans out because they are terrorists who threaten social security and steal our jobs.)

On gun control:

The right to self-defense is an essential component of the liberty we enjoy as Americans and is embodied in the Second Amendment. From successfully protecting law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights at the Supreme Court, to defeating legislation that sought to take away this right, I have always championed the right to keep and bear arms.

(This sounds very republican. Keep reading.)

On foreign policy:

As Commander-in-Chief, I would adopt a foreign policy strategy that follows three principles; Restore leadership on the global stage, rather than withdrawing from it; Fiercely defend our allies and interests; Judge each challenge through the simple test of what is best for America, because what is best for America is best for the world.

(Yes, you heard that right. What’s best for America is best for the world.)

On healthcare: 

If I am elected President, I will repeal Obamacare and propose commonsense reform that makes health care personal, portable, and affordable. I will expand competition in the marketplace, empower consumers and patients to make healthcare decisions with their doctors, and disempower the government from getting in between doctors and their patients.

(Expand competition in the marketplace? In other words, health is a business?)

On law enforcement:

I’m proud to stand with law enforcement, to stand with the police and firefighters and first responders. They are American heroes. And they need a President who doesn’t vilify them and who doesn’t seek to tear us apart along racial lines and inflame racial divisions. Instead, we need a President who works to unify us behind shared American values.

(Yes, he did just defend the police by saying all the recent issues were not race based.)

On environment:

The federal government has imposed far too many regulations that stifle growth, and often protect special interests more than the environment. As president, I will end regulations such as the EPA’s Waters of the U.S. rule and foster economic growth by restoring authority to the states. I will end the backlog of maintenance of our national parks.

(In other words, the government should NOT help the environment.) 

On national security;

We need a Commander-in-Chief who will prioritize U.S. national security interests. That starts by calling the enemy - radical Islamic terrorism - by its name, defeating ISIS, rebuilding the military, and securing the border. Border security is national security. And on day one, I will rip to shreds the catastrophic Iran deal.

(I don’t believe this needs a caption.)

On energy: 

I will embrace an energy policy that utilizes the bountiful resources in this land - from oil to natural gas to ethanol - producing abundant and affordable gas and electricity resources. We are on the verge of an American energy renaissance, and I will lift the regulations that are prohibiting exploration, the Keystone pipeline, and job creation.

(He just said that non renewable resources are ABUNDANT and AFFORDABLE. We are on the verge of an ENERGY RENAISSANCE. THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE.)

On top of these, he is extremely homophobic and says only four states actually have to follow the supreme court ruling from last year. He wants to completely abolish abortion and destroy the IRS.

This man is disgusting. Spread this around.

“My undergrad was in mathematics and computer science. I didn’t like sitting for days in front of the computer not seeing progress so I decided to do my Masters in Geophysics. Oil and Gas is the main resource in Trinidad and Tobago, where I’m from. I know that when I return that I have a job.”

princess-unipeg  asked:

If you were to make a Harvey Beaks movie, what stories would you tell? What major plot can you establish?

There would be a giant earthquake and The Rock would save everyone in Littlebark. But after the earthquake, society crumbles and water and gas become precious resources. The characters race each other across the barren wasteland in a desperate fight for freedom. Then the Avengers show up. It’s gonna be great!


Big Oil Is Forcing Argentina’s Native People Off Land

Vaca Muerta is the world’s second largest shale oil and gas reserve. Its resources have attracted Chevron, Exxon, Shell and other foreign companies to Neuquén. But these lands are also home to 34 Mapuche communities who have been fighting to defend their land from the water, land, and air pollution caused by drilling, fracking, and mining.

A Dixon in the oven - fluffy one shot

Anon requested Beth finding out she pregnant and Daryl gets a little upset but apologizes later.

Beth stared at the box before her, she had confided in Maggie that she was late and to get her a test when she went on the run, she a least hoped Daryl didn’t see or suspect anything.

She took out the directions and the test, two lines meant she was pregnant one line meant she wasn’t. She took a deep breath as she walked over to the toilet.

After she was done just barely doing her business because she was so nervous, she set the stick on the sink and leaned against the wall her heart pounding.

“Beth!” Daryl called through the door.

Beth gasped and grabbed the test shoving it into her back pocket and throwing away the box that the test came in.

“Beth what’re you doin?”

“Uh.” Beth panicked.“ Doing my hair hold on.”

She heard him walk away and took a sigh of relief, the test took three minutes and she knew if she didnt walk out there soon he was going to come back.

She grabbed the test as looked at it, still no results. She grunted under her breath. She watched it waiting until it told her.

“C’mon.” She whispered.

She looked back towards the door and then back to the test and gasped, it had changed in that second she looked away. It was two lines.

She was pregnant.

Beth had gone to tell Maggie the news leaving Daryl behind, she had thrown her hair into a high ponytale and braiding a piece just to make it seem like that’s what she was really doing. She left Daryl without a goodbye just simple wave.

He was reading a book on making gas with various natural resources when Beth up and left, he was left confused but was happy he could take a bath like a man.

He hurried into the bathroom and walked over to the tub, he went to turn on the faucet when he saw the trash lid was up some. He opened it half way and saw the words clear blue, it didnt take a genius to figure it out. He picked up the box and something dropped on the floor.

“What the hell?” He mumbled as he kneeled down. He picked up the stick and his heart pounded.

He quickly looked at the directions that were shoved in the box and almost fell flat on his face, she was pregnant? How? They were using protection.

He threw the box and the test in the trash and stormed out of the bathroom, he walked down the hallway and ran into Beth. She squeaked.


“Why is there a pregnancy test in the Trash?” He demanded. She stared at him wide eyed and shocked.


He snorted.”Don’t be dumb. I saw the test.”

Beth’s eyes welled up with tears and she took a deep breath.

“I-Im pregnant Daryl.”

“I know.” He said before storming out of the house leaving Beth behind in tears.

Daryl needed time to think, maybe leaving her the way he did wasnt the ideal thing or the best thing to do, but he had to. He couldn’t bear to see those eyes well up with tears any longer.

As he walked around the perimeter of the safe haven they called home he thought for a while, he thought about having to protect a baby that he didnt even want, he was certain Beth didnt either. Or maybe she did? He kicked the dirt hard with his boot.

He looked up from the ground and saw some flowers, they were roses that Mrs. Adams grew she always said if you needed one to feel free to pick it.

He knew he was an ass to Beth so he needed one.

He walked over and searched for the scissors so he could cut the flower he wanted, he had to do it before she saw him or else she’d have the longest conversation with him and he wasn’t in the mood for any conversation.

He found the prettiest most reddest rose and clipped it, he put the scissors back and began walking towards the house.

He had some apologizing to do. He didnt say much about the subject but his actions did. And called her dumb.

He walked into the front door and inside and saw Beth was laying on the couch asleep with the big comforter wrapped around her, he shrugged off his crossbow laying it against the wall.

He walked over and sat down on the coffee table and shook her gently, she slowly turned over her eyes red and puffy. When she saw the rose a small smile tugged at her lips.

“M’sorry I was an ass, I shouldn’t of walked out…. I just I dunno how I’m gonna do this, but I’m gonna try.”

Beth sat up a little and touched his cheek, she leaned forwards and pressed a small kiss to his lips.

“Your a great guy Daryl.” She smiled.

“Nah I’m not. But I’m gonna change I swear to you.”

She shook her head.” No don’t change. I like you not being sure of yourself, as soon as you become sure of yourself you mess up.”

He blushed and looked down. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips.

“So were gonna have a baby huh?”

Beth giggled with a nod.” Yeah a little Dixon in the oven.”

“That’s clever.” He leaned in for another kiss.

Beth pulled him on top of her, he was shocked at her sudden strength but liked it as well. She pulled the comforter over the both of them and they made love all night long..