gas proof

Gillian calls David Chewie !

@mulderscullyinthetardis and I are 100% sure about that!

Proof #1 - GA is extactic with Chewbacca notebook on the Nerdist podcast

Proof #2 - She finally got the notebook, and unconsciouly pet it while talking about her boo.

Proof #3 - David & Chewie are her BFF

Proof #4 - She knows Chewbacca, even if “he hasn’t proposed yet”, but she’s expecting a “big ring” (x)

Proof #5 - She drew a vagina on the notebook, wrote “Star wars cockpit” on it, and David signed it!

Proof #6 - She would marry Chewbacca !!!

Proof #7: She was in love before Chewie, but now, she loves him.

Proof #8 - Chewie is her fav thing ever

allisticstevenstone-deactivated  asked:

THIS JUST IN! Breathing diatomic oxygen causes autism! Our air is polluted with it so NO ONE is safe! Y'all must stop breathing or you'll get hte autizmz!

*capitalists are seen distantly huddling and whisper, “yes, yes, good.” they say amongst themselves.*

“Now selling autism-proof gas masks for only $500 each” They announce to the public. 

The public looks confused and objects at the amount of money and how unnecessary it is. 

“Think of the children” The capitalists add. “Don’t you want the children to be happy? And what about your marriage? Autism will ruin your marriage. Autism poisoned our water supply, burned down our crops, and delivered a plague unto our house!” 

But autism does not ruin marriages, and autism most certainly did not poison the water supply or burn down the crops or deliver a plague. 

But these facts did not matter anymore. The public grew frantic. After all these particular capitalists under the name, Autism Speaks, know more about autism than they do. The word “autism” is right in the title so why wouldn’t they know about it? 

“These masks will protect you” Autism Speaks declared. But these masks would not protect them (mainly because there was no real threat.)