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Extremely Dirty Harry Imagine

This imagine is EXTREMELY dirty read at your own risk, contains strong language, blowjobs, riding, eating out, and rough sex, fingering, and explicit language

You have been warned


Today was the day. You finally decided to break down and buy a new car. Yours has about had it with all the flat tires, engine problems, gas pedal getting stuck, paint chipping, it’s a sight as well as a death trap. You pulled into the Range Rover Dealership wanting to look at a nice, luxury, smooth riding car/SUV you know you can’t afford, you park your P.O.S car and get out, you begin to walk down a row of 2014 Evoque, when you glance up through your aviators seeing a man with curly brown hair wearing black slacks, a white button up dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black loafers and black Ray Bans, quickly approaching you, waving as he walked
“Hi, my name is Harry, how are you today” he asks in a deep British accent as he stops in front of you, smiling from ear to ear showing off his perfect teeth and dimples
“Hello, I’m y/n, and great how are you” you ask politely
“Fantastic thank you for asking, is there anything I could help you with today” he asks cheerfully, you bite your lip and look around at all the cars
“I’m looking for a new car and I love Range Rovers, but I know I can’t afford one so I just wanted to look around” you explain and he nods glancing around
“Come with me and I’ll show you some cars, we will start with the Evoque” he says gesturing to the Evoques behind you, after looking at cars for hours, test driving them, sitting in them, now it’s time to talk numbers, you walk into the office seeing all the lights were off except for one
“I can come back later if you would like to go home” you say and Harry shakes his head walking into his office
“I’m not leaving until my client is left with no more questions” he says sitting down at his desk, oh my god he is sexy, the way his biceps flexed in the clingy white fabric of his shirt, the way his tight black slacks outlined his long dick when he would sit next to you in the cars, how big his hands were, everything about him made you sexually frustrated, you sit in the chair in front of his desk as he typed at the computer
“Ok so the 2014 black Evoque is $60,000, the insurance to cover the vehicle would be…” he explains getting cut off by the phone ringing
“Excuse me, i have to get that” he says leaving the room, you look out of the windows and peaked around the door not seeing Harry anywhere, you slip off your flip flops, and unbutton your shorts shimmying out of them, leaving them in a heap on the carpeted floor, you tear your shirt off desperate to quickly get off before he came back, you sit back down in the chair, running your hand down the front of your body, slipping it into your underwear, feeling a pool of wetness between your legs, you flutter your eyes closed as you dip your fingers into your little hole, moaning Harry’s name as you pumped your fingers in and out of your tight heat, you continued to quickly move your fingers, arching your back and quietly moaning out Harry’s name as your orgasm builds up
“If you wanted me babe all you had to do was ask” Harry’s deep raspy voice says stopping your movements you open your eyes seeing Harry’s tall frame leaning against the doorway, his green eyes never leaving where your fingers and core met
“Harry please finger me, I’m so close to cumming” you say confidently, moving your fingers slowly, he groaned never breaking eye contact with your fingers
“Why would I finger you, if I could use my tongue” he says quickly kneeling in front of you draping one leg over his shoulder, you remove your fingers and push your pussy towards his face, he chuckles and grabs your butt and pulls you out of the chair and stands up, pushing your upper back against the wall draping your other leg over his other shoulder he pulls your panties to the side gaining easy access, he kisses your clit earning a shaky breath from you, he glances up at you and smirks before taking a long slow lick between your folds, you moan fisting his curly hair in your hands as he sucks on your clit he teeth lightly grazing it, he then plunges his tongue deep into your core
“Oh my god” you moan tilting you head back against the wall, he chuckles sending vibrations through your body, causing your orgasm to quickly build up, you cross your ankles behind his upper back pulling him closer to you by his hair
“Now baby, no need for that” he says grabbing both of your hands in his, pushing them against the wall, he pushes his face deeper sending his tongue inside you deeper then before
“FUCK, IM CUMMING” you scream, arching your back, Harry continues to lick and suck pushing you over the edge releasing on to his tongue, rolling your hips against his mouth softly moaning, he lets go of your arms bringing two fingers between the two of you, running them up your dripping folds before holding them up to you, you take them in your mouth swirling your tongue around and between them sure to get every drop
“So sweet baby, sweetest cum I’ve ever tasted” he says cleaning you up
“Harry I want to suck your cock” you say breathlessly above him, he removes your legs from his shoulder letting you down, you automatically drop to your knees, unbuckling his belt as he unbuttons his shirt revealing all of his tattoos, he drops his shirt to the floor, as you push his pants and briefs down to his ankles, he steps out of loafers and discards his slacks, briefs and socks, you stare at his dick, long and thick the way you liked it, you lightly grab his length starting to slowly pump
“Don’t tease me baby, I want to see how good you are with that pretty little mouth” he says leaning over, running his thumb over your bottom lip, before connecting his lips with yours, he shoves his tongue between your lips exploring every inch of your mouth, you continue to pump his shaft causing his eyebrows to furrow with pleasure, you pull away and take his dick in your mouth, he moans fisting your hair into a makeshift ponytail so he could get a better view of you, you looked up at him and hollowed your cheeks, swirled your tongue around his thick length, and massage what you can’t fit in your mouth and his balls all at the same time, making him groan
“You’re so sexy sucking my dick baby, giving me the best blowjob I’ve ever had” he says as you deep throat his length, you close your eyes and focus on taking all of his dick but it was impossible for you, you gag pulling him completely out of your mouth to catch your breath, you quickly pump his shaft
“Do you like it when I suck your dick Harry, do you like my mouth around you sucking you off” you ask and he nods
“Oh fuck yes y/n, your so good with your mouth” he says making you smirk
“Do you want to fuck my mouth baby, you want to take control” you ask, he nods fisting your hair tighter
“Open wide” Harry says, you smirk and open your mouth as wide as you could, staring up at him, he places one foot up on the chair and thrust into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat making you gag, he continues to thrust into your mouth moaning every time you would gag on him, he pulls out of your mouth letting you catch your breath, you take one breath and take him back in your mouth
“Oh you’re a little cock slut huh, you like having my cock in your mouth” he asks and you nod, he leans over your body unclasping your bra letting it fall loosely off your chest, you remove your hands and remove your bra throwing it across the office
“Fuck baby, you’re gonna make me cum” he says causing you to pick up the speed and take him deeper, he roughly pulls you up by your hair bringing you to your feet
“If I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in that tight little cunt of yours” he says making you moan, he spins around sitting in the chair
“Ride me” he says, you happily straddle him his long cock rubbing your clit, you reach down gripping his dick, lining it up with your entrance, you sink down onto him, your walls stretching around his big dick, you both let out moans as you sink all the way down, his cock filling you up better then any of the other guys you’ve had sex with, his lips pressing to your neck sucking on the skin leaving many love bites
“Oh god you’re tight” he says against your skin as you slowly begin to bounce
“You’re so big, feel you stretching my little cunt” you say starting to bounce faster, his hands fall to your waist gripping your hips tightly sure to leave bruises, you grip his shoulders digging your nails into his skin as he thrusts into you as you bounced making his dick pound into your G-spot
“Right there baby, oh god fuck me hard” you moan as he grabs your hips helping you bounce, faster and harder, his grunts were like music to your ears as were your moans to his, you feel yourself clinching around his length making him smirk
“Is daddy going to make you cum again (y/n), you gonna cum around daddy’s cock” Harry asks staring at your pleasure stricken face, your eyes were clamped shut, your mouth forming an ‘O’as moans and profanities slipped from your lips
“Fuck yes daddy I’m going to cum around your huge cock” you say grinding your hips into his making him moan
“Come on baby, cum for daddy, look at me when you cum baby doll” he says grabbing your breast playfully squeezing them, he massages them peppering kisses all over the tops of them as you continue to move your hips focusing on reaching your second climax to please Harry, you were right there, but needed a little something to push you over the edge
“Talk dirty to me daddy” you moan still moving your hips against his, his dick deeply inside you pushing into your G-spot with every thrust of your hips
“You have the tightest cunt I’ve ever felt around my dick baby, you’re so hot riding me (y/n) with you’re little clit on display just begging to be played with, oh baby you’re so close I can feel it, cum on me (y/n) make daddy happy” he says in your ear, that was the little jolt you needed to push you over the edge
“DADDYYYYY” you scream opening your eyes to stare into his as you released, your cum running down his shaft, you whimper falling against his chest, starting to leave love bites on his chest, and neck as you slowly grind your hips into his
“We aren’t done yet (y/n)” he says slapping your ass signaling for you to get up, you stand up whimpering at the empty feeling inside you, you’re legs trembled, knees weak making you grab the edge of his desk for support
“Let’s see, how do I want to fuck you on my desk” he says pumping his shaft, looking at his desk in wonder, you moan at the sight, he smirks and pushes everything off his desk before bending you over it, pushing you down by your hair, he spreads you legs slightly before thrusting into you as hard as he possibly could
“AHHH” you scream looking back at him, seeing him smirking because of your reaction
“Ohhhh fuckkkk” you moan gripping the edge of the desk dogging your nails into the wood
“I love your pussy y/n, so tight and warm around my throbbing cock” he says pounding into you without mercy
“Yeah fuck that tight little pussy baby” you moan lifting one leg on to his desk giving him more access
“Oh god y/n” he says grabbing your ass cheeks in his large hands kneading them and slapping them not so playfully, your ass now stung from his assault
“Y/n baby I’m going to cum” Harry says closing his eyes trying to steady his breathing
“No no baby, I want to see your face when you cum inside me” you plea, he smirks and pulls out of you pumping his shaft again
“Lay down of the desk” he demands smirking deviously, you scurry onto the desk looking over at him, he places his dick at you lips
“Give me a few good pumps with that mouth” he says m, you take him in your mouth bobbing your head a few times just to have him pull out and climb on top of you placing you on your side, he grabs your leg placing it over his shoulder and he stands on his knees and lines up with your entrance
“Ready love” he asks and you smirk nodding, bringing your hand up to push the curls out of his face, he thrust deep into you making you tightly grab the back of his neck moaning as you kept eye contact
“Scream for me baby, tell me what you want” he says reaching up to grab your breast
“OH GOD HARRY FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, CUM IN MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY DADDY I WANT TO FEEL YOU SHOOT YOUR CUM INSIDE ME” you scream your breaths becoming short, he thrust at top speed making your vision go blurry, you knew your thighs would be bruised in the morning from his intense fucking, your third orgasm build up quickly this time with more pressure, you knew this was going to be the best orgasm of the night, Harry’s thrust begin to get sloppy, and he reached down with the hand that wasn’t grabbing your breast to rub your swollen clit fiercely, you arched your back throwing your head back in pleasure
“I’m cumming” you say weakly playing with the curls at the nape of his neck
“DONT. YOU. EVEN, WAIT” he demands, you cower at his tone of voice trying your best hold it in
“Harry I can’t hold it much longer” you say, he moans
“Ok baby on three” he says
“1….2….3!” He shouts, you cum.. Hard, screaming his name as your orgasm washed through your body, Harry cums deep inside you from the intensity of your orgasm moaning your name, he waits a few minutes before pulling out of you and laying next to you of the small desk, you turn around to face him and smile
“That was amazing, best orgasm I’ve ever had” you state, him nodding in agreement
“You’re just amazing” he says cupping your cheek before pressing his lips to your starting an intense makeout session
“I wish I would’ve asked you on a proper date first” he says making you giggle
“Oh really” you question eyeing the love bites you left on his chest and neck
“Yes, will you (y/n) go on a date with me” he asks and you giggle nodding your head quickly, he smiles and leans in kissing you softly and tenderly on the lips
“You know what the good side to fucking before the first date is” you ask, he hums waiting for your answer
“Now I know you’re a god in bed” you say making you both laugh
“Hey I have a Range Rover, maybe after that date we can test out the backseat” Harry suggest making you moan
“I’m counting down the seconds” you say kissing him softly as he grins

OMFG this is the dirtiest imagine I’ve ever written! I hope you guys like it! ~P