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After all this time, I Just wanted to tell you something important. You should play "With Those We Love Alive" it's a simple text game, and all I ask, is for you to upload your adventure. And remember to design all your marks by yourself. See you at the Empress Throne!

Well, this was the longest request i’ve ever gotten. But you know, for you sweetheart, anything.

First, here are my sigils.

And now, story.

Warning: “With those we love alive” spoilers.

Bold: my commentaries during the game.

<: Option i selected when there’s a choice to make

—-: Whenever the day ends

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Haunted House - Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: fluff, tiny bit of accidental violence, mentions of nazis, no romance (is that a warning??)

Summary: You wanted to do everything at the carnival with your two best friends, Steve and Bucky.

Word Count:1642

The dates Bucky and Steve had ditched them. Why? You weren’t sure, but what mattered was that all three of you were together once more.

“We have to do everything,” you insisted.

“We really don’t,” Steve said.

You laughed and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “Come on, Stevey, it’s our last time at a festival before, well, you know.” You glared at him and Bucky. “You just had to become soldiers, didn’t ‘cha?”

Bucky laughed and ruffled your hair. “You’re too adorable, (Y/n).”

I poked his chest. “Call me adorable again, Buck. I swear to-”

Before you could properly threaten your best friend, Bucky pointed at another attraction. “Hey, what about that?”

You followed Bucky’s sight, and you could feel your blood drain. Bucky was concentrated on the haunted house. You weren’t that much of a scaredy cat, but haunted houses in that time were all about the war. With two best friends walking right into it, you really didn’t want any reminders of it. “I’m good,” you squeaked.

“Come on, (Y/n)-y,” Bucky whined.

“That doesn’t even work, putting a y at the end of my name,” you pointed out. “Only works with Steve’s name, Bucky-ey.” You looked back to the haunted house. When you heard someone scream on the inside, you jumped a little. “And I am not a fan of haunted houses. Not happening.”

Steve smirked. “You did say we have to do everything.”

Your eyes widened. “Steve!” you scolded. You punched his shoulder. “You are supposed to be on my side.” Another scream struck the air, and you jumped and grabbed Steve’s arm. Both of the future soldiers chuckled at your reaction, while your cheeks and ears grew hot.

Bucky put his hand on your shoulder. “Don’t worry, (Y/n). I’ll protect you.”

“I can protect myself,” you snapped.

Steve sighed and smiled. “What if I protect you?”

You nodded. “Actually, I’m good with that.” Even though Steve was shorter than you were, you held onto his arm and crouched behind him.

Bucky’s jaw dropped. “You trust him more than me?”

“Of course I do,” you said. “Stevey’s nicer.”

The blonde laughed. “Looks like I make the better soldier.”

Bucky shook his head. “Let’s see who can protect her better, then.”

“Are you serious?” You let go of Steve’s arm. “I bet I can protect myself better than both of you combined!”

“I thought I was the nicer one?” Steve said with a small pout.

You glared at him. “I changed my mind. You both suck.”

“We’ll see about that, (Y/n).” Bucky pulled you to his side by your waist. “I’ll win.”

“Then, let’s stop talking,” you suggested. You pushed Bucky’s chest, but he was too strong and tall and muscular. Your other best friend flicked his ear, effectively distracting Bucky enough to let you escape his tight grip. “Race you there!” you screamed, partly because the surroundings were loud and partly because you weren’t looking forward to the haunted house.

The entrance loomed over you and sent shivers down your spine. You were not looking forward to the haunted house. Your best friends caught up with you and stared at the attraction. You already spotted a shredded nazi flag and guns propped up on the porch. War-themed.

Bucky laughed and pulled both you and Steve up the steps. “Slow-pokes,” he muttered with a shake of his head. “See!” He let go of you. “Not bad at all.”

In front of you, the hallways stretched into darkness. Screams played on repeat. It would’ve been creepy, but the record scratched too many times as if yelling, “I’m fake!” Stretched out cotton acted as webs and prevented you from seeing a few things.

You sighed. “Not too bad.” Still, you stayed close to Steve and Bucky. The three of you stepped through the hall. Darker and Darker, and when you turned-

Nothing. Just another hallway.

You blinked. Something wasn’t right.

Then, a high-pitched voice greeted with long vowels, “Heh-loh-oh.”

The three of you whipped around. No one was there. Bucky looked around frantically. “That was weird,” he said, still searching for the voice.

“Creepy,” you corrected him.

The three of you slowly searched for the voice until you faced the end of the dark hallways once more. However, the shadows were different. The fog crawled in, and you spotted a mop of blonde hair peeking out of the mist.

Fear gripped your throat. “Uh, guys,” you muttered. You gulped and took a deep breath. “What is that?”

Steve stepped in front of you and waved his hand through the smoke. A small boy, no older than ten, stood staring at all of you with empty eyes. There was red stuff in his hair. His cheeks were sunken in. And he was holding something you couldn’t make out. He reached out with one hand. “Help me,” he said in an airy voice. “We must get rid of them.” He looked at each of you as you three started to back away slowly. “Wait,” the boy said, “we must get rid of you.”

Bucky pushed you and Steve away from the creepy child. “Let’s go!”

“Where?” you asked.

“There’s a door here!” Steve opened the door and slammed it behind the three of you.

As you and your friend breathed heavily, you heaved, “Steve, this isn’t the exit, isn’t it?”

“No,” he breathed, “I don’t think so.”

“So what else is there?” Bucky wondered aloud.

Suddenly, darkness fell upon you. You grabbed the nearest hand you could find. “Guys, it’s dark,” you stated.

“I never would’ve noticed,” Bucky commented.

You slapped his shoulder. “Shut up!”

“You shut up!”

You blinked. You didn’t feel anything. Wasn’t he supposed to slap you? “Bucky, did you just slap Steve?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“He didn’t slap me,” Steve said. “I thought he slapped you!”

“But, he didn’t!” You shuddered. “I didn’t feel anything.”

There was a silent pause. Then, Bucky stuttered, “W-Wait, if I didn’t slap you or (Y/n), then who…”

Light flooded the room. A gas mask stared right at you. You screamed and backed away from the thing you were just holding hands with.

Bucky screamed as well as he came face to face with a gas mask. He punched the soldier before scooting away from him. Steve huffed and pulled the two of you away from the masked people. “This is messed up,” you muttered.

“Tell me about it,” Bucky said.

The two soldiers stepped towards you as smoke began to cover the floor once more.

“What are we supposed to do now?” Steve asked.

You looked behind you. “Well, seeing as we’re being backed up towards that hallway, I’d say there.” You gulped. “Come on.” You raced to the doorway. After Bucky and Steve made it out, you peeked back inside the room. They were gone.

You sighed as relief took over you. “That’s better.”

“Yeah that is,” boomed a stern voice.

The fog disappeared, and the lights switched back on. A very angry-looking woman stood in front of the three of you with a clipboard in her hand. “You just injured one of my employees,” she sneered. The lady was maybe in her thirties, and she was not dressed for the festive holiday. Pencil skirt, button-up blouse, and thin glasses. It looked odd considering she was standing in a hallway with peeling paint, cracked floorboards, and fake spiderwebs.

“What are you talking about?” you asked.

The lady lowered her glasses and stared at you. “Come on out here, Soldier number 4!”

Feeling a presence behind you, you whirled around. Bucky was about to scream again, but Steve stood in front of him so he wouldn’t injure the poor actor again. A burly man with a gas mask around his neck was holding his probably swollen eye. “My name’s Shaun, and it’s not that bad. I swear!”

The woman wrote something on her clipboard. “Show them your eye, Seymour.”

“Shaun,” the actor corrected. Shaun sighed and dropped his hand from his eye.

All three of you cringed at the sight of the swollen eye. The skin around the eye was already growing blue and black. Bucky inhaled through his teeth. “Sorry about that,” he said. “I guess I don’t know my own strength.” Bucky laughed awkwardly and pursed his lips.

Shaun waved it off. “No worries. Honestly, I’ve been through worse.”

The woman groaned. “You three, just get out. You’ve ruined business enough. Seth, get yourself some peas or something.”

“Ma’am, his name is Shaun,” Steve told her politely.

She waved him off. “Get out, please. Ruining business.”

Steve patted Shaun on the back and gave him a few bucks. Bucky apologized again before laughing awkwardly and exiting the haunted house. You thanked Shaun for his performance then turned to the lady. “You were the one who put it all together?”

She perked up. “Yes! Brilliant, isn’t it?”

“Eh.” You looked around with a smile and followed your friends.

You caught up with your guys and slung your arm around Steve’s shoulder. “So, I think I did the best job of protecting me.”

“Hey, I was the one who found the door,” Steve argued.

“Yeah, that led us to gas masked people!” Bucky laughed. He puffed out his chest. “I even punched a nazi in the face.”

You snickered. “I was the one who got us into the hallway. So, I win!” You playfully punched both of their arms. “Here, I’ll make you two a deal. If one of you can punch Hitler in the face for me, then you might get the privilege of protecting me.”

The two stared at each other. “Deal!”

You smiled softly. “Come on. There’s a great carnival ahead of us!” You pulled your two friends away towards the rest of the carnival. You did say everything, after all.

It’s been a while! Sorry it’s short, but I’m bad at writing fluff. Hopefully, it turned out ok! Hope you all pass your APs, finals, and other stuff. Have an awesome day!

Lucas x dyslexic!reader 6

You weren’t sure that you were overly fond of what you were doing right now, but there didn’t seem to be any other way to go about things. After you were found by those people with the gas masks and they made sure that you weren’t infected with the mold that was everywhere, they told you that they wanted to stop what was happening here, but there was only one way to do so. There needed to be a serum made, much like the one that Zoe told you about, but this one was much more powerful and able to weaken Eveline, the person that was responsible for all that had happened here. The one that said his name was Redfield said that the serum would have to be made from part of Evelin, or someone similar. That made you immediately think of the head and the arm that you and Zoe were looking for. “That might actually work. Even if it isn’t as strong as having a sample from Evelin, it still should be able to weaken her enough for us to actually be able to do damage on her.” Redfield mused after he thought for a minute or two. There was one problem though. The items that you needed to make the serum were taken by Lucas, and there was no telling where he put them, or even where he was. Sure, the people that had found you had a lot of military grade equipment, but there were still ways around it, especially for someone that seemed to be as tech savvy as Lucas Baker. After much deliberation, you were “asked” to go see if you could lure Lucas out because Lucas would probably run for it if he saw someone else, and he knew his way around this area more than anyone else here. It wasn’t something that you especially wanted to do, but you needed to find where the arm and the head were if you wanted this whole mess to end. So, after you were given a knife to defend yourself and had a tracking device put on your person, you were sent to go find the man that you were just running away from.

You had decided that he probably wouldn’t be back in the mines. You knew for yourself that there wasn’t really anywhere to hide there, so he probably went somewhere else on the property. Using the very easy to read gps that the people had given you, you found your way back to the main house, and thankfully without one molded attacking you. Looking around the back yard, you weighed your options for where he could have gone. Realization hit you like a truck, and you felt stupid for not thinking of the obvious option right away. Lucas was probably in the barn. That seemed to be his strong hold, besides the mines, anyway, and he probably had time to get there and start setting up his beloved traps while you and the people that found you were talking. Going there was probably going to be even more dangerous than the first time you went, but at least you had someone else than knew where you were and had a way of keeping track of you.

Not wanting to be in this area longer than you already were, you made your way up the steps and into the door of the barn. The first room still looked pretty much like it had, but you still didn’t let your guard down. There still had to be the trip wires that you had to avoid in the other rooms before. Not to mention, he had probably added even more. That theory ended up being correct, but somehow you still managed to weave your way through. You wanted to let the team of people that were going to come get you when you made contact with Lucas know about they wires, but you didn’t have a way to reach them. All they gave you was the tracking device, and the only way that you could communicate with them was the button that you were supposed to press when you saw Lucas. There wasn’t much use getting distracted by it, though. Those people seemed to have training of some sort. They would probably be alright. You on the other hand, were not going to be alright if you didn’t keep a close eye on your surroundings.

After awhile of slow going so you didn’t blow yourself up, you reached the room that was directly in front of the puzzle area. You had no idea if Lucas had set up more death traps and rearranged the room from the last time that you saw it, but you knew that whatever was on the other side of that door was not going to be good. The door wouldn’t budge when you tried to pull on it, so you must have needed to get another code like you did before. “Well, hey there, sweet thing!” You heard the person you were looking for flirt over the speakers. You weren’t exactly glad to hear him, but at least you knew that he was here. The thought of going ahead and alerting the others that you had found him crossed your mind, but you decided against doing so right now. He might be here right now, but leave as soon as he was done talking to you. Come to think of it, he might not actually be in the barn at all. He could be watching you from a computer somewhere else entirely. “So, ya came all the way back here to see little ol’ me?” Lucas asked teasingly over the speakers bring you out of your thoughtful state.

Honestly, you wanted to tell him to go die in a hole somewhere, but were suddenly given an idea. If you could play along with whatever game it was that he had going on, then you might be able to get closer to where he was. “Well,” you start in a playful tone, “I was going to, but it looks like your door’s locked. I guess I’ll be on my way.” You shrugged as you turned to walk out the other door. “Now, just wait a minute there! You can’t just waltz on up here and just up ‘n leave before I even open the door!” Lucas huffed over the speakers in a with a very annoyed tone before the door buzzed, signaling that it was unlocked. At this point you just stared at the door with amusement for a moment before asking, “And, what, pray tell, would convince me to actually go through that door?” A noise that sounded like a mixture of a growl and a chuckle came over the speakers, letting you know that Lucas was both amused and annoyed at your antics, quickly followed by him demanding. “You get your ass in here before I decide to do somethin’ nasty to ya!”

You decided that you should probably go in. Knowing the things that Lucas was capable of, you didn’t really want to know what he would do if you stayed in this room. Before entering, however, you reached inside your pocket and pressed the button on the small machine inside of it. With the homing beacon set off, those other people should be here sometime soon. The door slammed behind you and locked again as it had the first time. All of the mouse traps that were there the other day were all gone now, and the room was actually lit up this time. You looked around everywhere to see if there was a way out that you missed when everything was dark, but there was nothing. There were only solid walls in all the rooms that you went into. Eventually, you made your way into the room in the back of the area that you had been purposely avoiding because that’s where Lucas knocked you out the last time you were here. When there, you noticed something that you didn’t see before. There was a large hole in one if the walls. You started to head towards it to get a better look, but Lucas started to talk to you again.

“Well, if you’re done lookin’ at the scenery, then I have somethin’ for you to do.” Lucas snarked over the speakers. You responded by turning in the direction of the closet speaker and sticking your tongue out. Sure, it wasn’t the best idea to egg him on, but you were stalling for time right now. “None of that, now.” He playfully scolded before continuing with his directions. “This puzzle’s gonna be an easy one. I didn’t have much time to do any of my fancy stuff. Lucky for you, this one just happens to be right up your alley.” He said mischievously, and you decided that whatever it was, it was going to be awful. You looked over to the table that was sitting right in front of the door way that lead to the room and noticed that there was a piece of paper and a pencil on it. When you picked up the paper you noticed that on the top there were a bunch of lines numbered one through four and on the bottom there were jumbled looking letter groups that were also numbered one through four. “Oh, great! A word scramble!” You huff under your breath. “What? Not a fan, are we?” Lucas teased, and you swore that if he were here in person right now, you would punch him again. “These are the worst!” You spat out at him, not even trying to hide that frustration in your voice. “Lemme guess: you hate them because that’s how ya see words anyways?” He said before bursting into laughter. “Oh, shut up!” You grumbled before going to work on the puzzle, and trying not to let him know that his reasoning was closer than you would like to admit.

Looking over the letters at the bottom, there was one that you did right away. Blank number three was literally the letter a, and nothing else. Number one wasn’t that hard either. All that was there was the word you. Pretty easy since it. Was only three letters. You took a bit on number two. After looking at it for a bit you got two different words: ear and Ned. This was something that threw you off a little bit because you had no idea what purpose ear would serve in this sentence, and wondered who Ned was. Maybe this was a recycled puzzle that Lucas used for some guy name Ned or something- wait. Ear, Ned. Ear-ned. Earned. It was the word earned. Now you felt stupid for not realizing that at first. You forcefully sat the pencil down on the table out of frustration and gave a huff. This seemed to amuse Lucas, because he chuckled over the speaker, “Look at you poutin’ over there! Come on! You’re almost done. Keep 'er goin’!” You gave another huff and started to work on the last word that was there. It was way longer than the other words, and just looking at it made you want to jump off a cliff. Maybe if you were lucky the gas mask people would get here before you had to finish this. Come to think of it; why hadn’t they gotten here yet? Maybe they were here, and just waiting for the right moment to come out or something? That’s at least what you told yourself to keep your anxiety at bey.

After an agonizing while, you were finally able to solve the last word. It was surprise. You looked at the top of the page to see the finished sentence. “You earned a surprise.” You read aloud. “Surprise!” Lucas giggled into your ear right before his arms wrapped around you from behind, and held you so tightly that you couldn’t move your arms to grab the knife that was on your side. He was more than happy to reach one of his hands down, grab it, and toss it across the room. “Gotta be careful with that thing. You could hurt yourself.” He whispered darkly, knowing that he took your weapon away from you. You went to say something to Lucas, but one of his hands shot up to cover your mouth. “Ssshhhh, let’s just enjoy the moment. No talkin’ or nuthin’.” He said as he went back to his giggling mood and placed a little kiss on your neck. This made a shiver run down your spine which cased him to laugh even more. The hand that was wrapped around your waist started to wander down your leg. It stopped suddenly when it got over the area where your pocket was. Lucas felt around area for a moment before going up and actually going into the pocket. “What’s this, now?” He asked as he pulled the tracking device from your pocket. “Hm, well I’m not positive on what this is, but I got some ideas.” He mused as he tossed it into the other room. After that, Lucas looked you in the eyes, and darkly asked in a low voice, “How’s about we go somewhere a little more private?”


sometimes…You create stuff and you just know….this is a billion dollar idea…then you remember..fuck it’s a meth gas mask and some people frown upon such…

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Moffat is callous now. Ruthless, I don't think so. Everyone dies but never doesn't truly dies. And its annoying as hell. River died-nope she is coming back. Clara died-nope she is going back. Like gah! He just keeps going for the shock factor but right now it doesn't even do that. I didn't feel any ounce of emotion when I watched the series premier

The problem with Moffat is that he doesn’t have a good writing range. He writes actions and explosions and B-Rated sci-fi storylines perfectly fine, but emotions and consequences are way out of his reach.

And we saw that right in the beginning, honestly. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances were good episodes, but there were absolutely no consequences. The Doctor just hit a reset button and all the gas mask people were magically cured and everybody lived. And you know what? Back in series one, that was fine. It was new and different, not something we’d ever experienced before in New Who. And it was nice to see Nine, who was so weighed down by the consequences of his actions during the Time War, so happy and joyous and celebrating.

But now we’re going into our fifth season (dear god) of Moffat as the head writer, and he’s reused all of his silly little tropes (reset button, meeting the Doctor as a child and becoming obsessed with him, bringing everyone back from the dead) over and over and over and it’s boring. Those tropes are good as once offs (and even then not always – I thought the Doctor meeting Reinette as a child and her falling in love with him was creepy right from the get go so the fact that it keeps happening is just disturbing), but when they’re the only thing keeping your show going it gets old fast.

And there is absolutely no emotion in Moffat’s writing. It’s like he’s telling us we’re supposed to be sad, this is how we should feel about this scene, but we never do, because the writing lacks the depth to make us feel that way. Moffat is the ultimate example of telling rather than showing – he tells us we’re supposed to be sad about certain scenes rather than showing us why we should feel sad.

And that’s in part because we know his tropes. River’s introduction was her dying, but then we got two and a half seasons with her, an episode with her ghost, and now she’s coming back somehow in series 9 (and also she’s going to meet the Eighth Doctor which fuck that). So…yeah this character died but so what? First of all she died before we had any emotional connection to her anyways, and second Moffat’s just bringing her back from the dead so whatever.

I was suspicious when I heard Clara was going to die – because honestly, Moffat wouldn’t kill his precious snowflake companion. So that right there made it predictable – he was going to pretend to kill Clara and then bring her back. Which is honestly a stale move. I’ll admit I fell for that in series one when RTD “killed” Rose, but he’d spent an entire season killing off side characters (Jabe (among others in that episode), Gwyneth, multiple people in Dalek, Pete Tyler, Katrina (? I think that was her name?) in The Long Game), so yeah, of course I thought RTD was ruthless enough to kill Rose.

But we know Moffat won’t kill Clara because he won’t kill anyone. So his shock factor falls flat. And also that’s a horrible rip off of Rose “dying” in Bad Wolf, but at this point I’m used to that. He wants so desperately to make Clara his Rose, he can’t be bothered to write anything original for her that isn’t totally insulting. But that’s a story for another time.

Wow I went way off the rail. My apologies Nonnie.