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I have a feeling Gillian broke what ever was going on with them because David carried on sleeping with other girls. Maybe she wanted something more than he could give, and now she's moved on. I always remember that tweet, Becky with the bad hair. That's a Beyoncé song about the girl Jay'z cheated with. Maybe she was insinuating the same thing? Now all this stuff with PM is a show to say, look I can move on?

I strongly disagree with that feeling!!!!

I do not understand the need to make DD into the villain in all of this mess made by GA (and everything else) and most important, I do not understand the need to make him into Hank. DD is not Hank, it was a role he played. What has he done wrong, since he is constantly being blamed for being the cause of GA’s mistakes and bad behavior? For the last few years the man has behaved exemplarily, been there for his children, for Tea, supported feminist purposes, shown a personal part of himself, which in every way shows a man who rests in himself. In addition, whenever he has been with GA, he has shown care, respect and supported her. In reality, we do not know anything about what happens, but all this is GA’s responsibility and her who must be responsible ultimately. It’s her mistakes and her who can be blamed, nobody else (Partly PM, but in my eyes that man is completely indifferent and non existent to me)

Finally, I do not understand why all tweets from GA must be interpreted and analyzed down to the smallest detail. GA does not send hidden messages to us through her tweets (Or more correctly through her PR people’s tweets on her social media)  She is “completely” indifferent to us. We are the ones who “buy” the work she does through cinema tickets, merchandise, ratings, support her charity stuff and so on. We are not her friends and in principle, mean nothing to her!

.and attachment isn't love

We were made for young love
Nights spent dancing in gas station parking lots
Making out to bob dylan and woody guthrie
We were made for each other
Not for forever, but for a little while
And for a little while that was enough
You were enough
With your grey eyes and needy hands
Body to body
Mind to mind
Spending nights arguing just to tell me that I was right and you were wrong even though you hardly ever were
We were made for youth that killed and nights the burnt our days out
Mindlessly running fingertips over collarbones and tongues over lips
Talking on the phone until 2am just to be near but not close
We were made for backwater summers
Drowning out what we needed for what we wanted
Which was enough for me because you were all I wanted, but never quite what I needed
I wanted you in that naive sense
That lustful, maybe-love, has-to-be-god sense
You moved me and I adored you
Leg to leg
Cheek to cheek
Lip to lip
I adored you
I wanted you
I loved you
But I never needed you



“Just ten days after her daughter disappeared.. Inside the garbage bag that she threw out were a pair of knit mittens.”

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prompt: an Angel falls to earth and they land in bumfuck America and the first place they go is a diner, bloodstained and singed, to have a shitty cup of coffee

five conversations between a waitress named maria and an angel, recently fallen

1. Maria hadn’t said anything when the woman came in, blood in her teeth and a purpling bruise on her cheekbone. She’d been dressed too warmly for the mild spring, a puffy overcoat that hid her arms, her whole body, all the way down to her knees. But Maria hadn’t said anything, not when the woman ducked into the diner’s bathroom, coming back with everything washed away but the dirt under her nails, not when when she wanted the table by the window, and a cup of coffee, just coffee. (Cream and sugar? Maria had asked, but the question seemed to confuse her.) Maria hadn’t said a word as the woman sat there, coffee untouched for hours, until it was almost closing.

She was still staring fixedly out the dark window, as though the coming and going of the truckers at the gas station next door were some code in need of deciphering.

Maria cleared her throat, making the woman startle. “We’re about to close the kitchen, did you want a fresh cup?”

“A fresh–oh. No, I don’t–don’t like the way it tastes.”

“Did you want to order something else?”

“No, no, it’s just–people are always ordering coffee. I thought it must taste…not like this.”

Maria was startled into laughing, and was gratified to see a tentative smile cross the strange woman’s face. “That might just be Jenny’s day-old roast. You probably ought to try Starbucks or something before handing down the final verdict,” Maria told her, smiling.

The woman had kind eyes. “I will.”

Maria looked at her for a second, then set the coffee pot down on the table. She slid into the booth across from her, and folded her hands together. “Look, it’s none of my business, but–if you’re in some trouble, I got a friend who works in Family Services, I’d be happy to call her for you.”

There was a flash of panic across the stranger’s face. “No, I–I don’t have any family,” she said carefully, looking at some point over Maria’s shoulder.

“Whoever gave you those bruises–”

“I fell.”

Maria’s heart ached. “Look…”

The woman frowned, her dark eyes searching Maria’s face as though trying to read the thoughts behind it. “No, I really did fall,” she insisted.

“Okay. Okay, just–I’m putting it out there. You should know there are options, you don’t have to stay.  Look,  I’ve got to get the dishwasher running, so…don’t go anywhere, okay? I’ll walk out with you.”

When Maria came back to the table, the untouched coffee was still there. Underneath was a twenty dollar bill, the edges very slightly singed.

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“We know each other. She’s a friend from work!” Thor laughed as you walked into the arena.

“Oh no way dude! What are you doing here at the contest of champions?!” You yelled, dropping your weapons and fist bumping him the way you taught him. He chuckles at you as he also drops his own weapon.

“Well you know, my hammer got destroyed and Asgard’s in ruins but that doesn’t matter. How are doing on this fine day?” He asked, chuckling as he gave you a bear hug.

“Uh well, maybe trying to signal aliens on Stark towers roof wasn’t such a bright idea. But these people are so easy to beat like, with my badass powers of toxic gas either they die from suffocation or get poisoned,” You shrugged grinning, before your face fell for a moment in thought, “Although I did have to fight this one guy who was a fish man with a tank around his head, I had to use my fighting skills then!”

“OH FOR ODIN’S SAKE, FIGHT HER YOU IMBICILE,” Loki called down from his VIP seat.

“We are joyous enough to just speak thank you very much,” Thor called back, slapping a hand to your shoulder. You snapped your fingers as an idea came to you.

“Why don’t we do a two on two, we’ll team up and you can send in two of your other champions,” You suggested, Thor just shook his head with a small smile on his face. You just loved fighting too much sometimes.

“Well, that would be more entertaining,” The Collector mumbled as Loki pouted like a child.

“Fine, but send out the best,” Loki complained, getting annoyed that his brother was having such a good day. The doors lifted as the next champions headed out.

“He’s another friend from work!” Thor yelled as the hulk came running out. Your face fell and lost all it’s colour as you gripped your sword tighter.

“Thor I regret my decision, please help me beat him,” You stressed as you saw another competitor walk out. A ringing suddenly went out across the stadium it was-

“JOHN CENA!” The crowd cheered as his theme music came on and you watched as the living legend walked out. Thank god you hadn’t been the only one taken from Earth.